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Clayoquot Wilderness Resort
The Outpost at Bedwell River
Come stay, come play,

go wild with us






Leave the keys behind. Good old-fashioned

the favourite mode of transportation.




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Time stands still in a vignette outside Chef May's cookhouse door; and a mighty big door it is.


Rusticating Luxury
Inspired by late 19th century Great Camps, the Wilderness Outpost at Bedwell River promises a delicious irony of indulgent luxury, and remote, untamed wilderness. The quintessential marriage of soft adventure and soft beds— of childhood wishes and grown-up dreams come true. An enclave of 20 great white canvas guest and family suite tents, plus dining tents, spa tents, and lounge tents offers visitors a taste of how the fortunate spent their summers ‘roughing it' some one hundred years ago. At a glance— a remote outpost, but up close—an ultra-luxurious, 21st-century-safari style wilderness playground. The heart of the outpost is the new ranch-style log cookhouse, with its towering double-sided fieldstone fireplace, outdoor lounge, and showpiece open-kitchen. Five-star food and beverage service, world-class amenities, sumptuous interiors, and super natural adventure, leave nothing wanting, no detail undone. National Geographic Traveler magazine calls the resort "rusticating luxury". We call it home, and we know you will too.
Where in the world can you share happy hour with a red-tail hawk named Hannah, or retire to your very own penthouse suite tent?

Soft adventure and soft beds...


A typical family suite tent promises every creature comfort. The outdoor fireplace-lounge is a hub of gentle activity all day long.


Under Canopy of the Rainforest
A typical Outpost day begins with the call of the wild. A loon or an eagle welcomes the sun, inviting its dance of sunlight and leafy shadow against white canvas. Soon, the percussive quiet is broken again by the gentle footfall of morning coffee en-route from the cookhouse. With a click of a button, a remote-controlled propane woodstove delivers toasty warmth, and the camp comes to life. Guest and lounge tents rest on discreetly-situated raised wooden platforms, connected by cedar boardwalks under canopy of the rainforest. Guest tents boast one or two Adirondack-style queen beds with down duvets, and all tents are furnished with gorgeous antiques, opulent rugs, oil lamps and heirloom accessories. Off-site generators send hot water to private showers and washrooms, and provide power for essential comforts like electric light, hairdryers and wireless internet. A gourmet breakfast featuring coastal specialties like smoked-salmon eggs benedict and organic fruit salad unfolds at leisure, and rolls gently into muriad activities and spa treatments à la carte. These in turn roll seamlessly into afternoon hors d'oeuvres and cocktails in the cookhouse. With the calming of the balmy summer breeze, dinner service begins in the intimate bistro or family dining tents, in the cookhouse dining room, or at Chef May's open-kitchen bar. Aprés dinner and aprés fabulous dessert, guests convene around the outdoor lounge to recount the day's adventures. A few opt for snooker in the games room; still others partake of brandy and a good read in the library tent. Newlyweds are and newly-in-loves are often found soaking in one of three steamy wood-fired hot tubs, gazing out at the moonlit velvet night. And always, the millions of stars in the ebony Clayoquot sky bid a brilliant good night to the truly wild at heart.

Bid goodnight to the wild at heart…
Guest, lounge and spa tents as individual as the guests that grace them; a



suite tent overlooks Bedwell Sound; abandoned, in favour of a nap.


The new 'choose-your-own protein' counter allows guests to take part in the resorts' f&b program. "Real foodies often end up behind the counter or in front of the grill," says Chef, "It's great, we exchange

Antique silver sparkles with the nightly lighting of dozens of candles and

heirloom oil lamps.


Scenes like these add visual subtext to the

story of Chef's
modern natural cuisine.

Modern Natural Cuisine
Chef Tim May's easy-going way with people belies a take noprisoners approach to preparing his critically-acclaimed, trademark, modern natural cuisine. Each dish starts with the same three ingredients; fresh, local and honest. A granola at heart, Chef tempers classical training and sophisticated technique with a firm belief in letting ingredients speak for themselves.

He insists on supporting the local economy through buying fresh. “What I might lose in the bargain I more than make up for in freshness and taste," says Chef. “A Ucluelet dairy supplies cheese, 'Oyster Jim' grows the best oysters, and a natural healer living nearby in a floating art studio/organic garden supplies produce in exchange for the occasional long-distance phone call.” The very nature of the region inspires exploration of a more natural method of preparation, but that inspiration is anything but stoneground. “We work with the soul of the food, and of this place, and the season… we favour organic over conventional, reduction sauces over cream-based, vernacular themes over trends. It just happens." Tim considers the outpost's small size a definite plus. "With only 20 guest and family suite tents, there is plenty of time and resources to do something special every day." And special it is.

Freshness takes on a whole new meaning…



exterior and interior spaces provide an

experience unlike any other.


Zen in the Wilderness
By day, the spa-like Healing Grounds offers bliss and quiet refuge. Secluded wrap-around sundecks and private lounge areas offer quiet sanctuary in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful natural settings in the world. By night, oil lamps and torches gently light up the foreshore, inviting couples to return for a moonlight walk to the woodfired sauna or secluded hot tubs. Four spa-treatment tents promise sensory pleasures like hot stone, Swedish and relaxation massage, plus therapeutic saltwater baths, facials, spa manicures and pedicures, and the ultimate indulgence for gentlemen—straight razor shaves. Treatment tents and massage platforms cantilever out over ever-changing scenes of the Bedwell River estuary, and its intertidal exchange of migratory birds, black bear, spawning salmon, and otters at play. Gentle pursuits like morning stretch or yoga classes are custom-made to order. Guests move lazily from amenity to amenity, or while away an entire afternoon dozing in a chaise or a hammock. Resort staff check-in regularly to stock ultra-soft towels, stoke fires, top-off herbal ice tea, or pour another glass of something more adventurous. Inside, under a blanket of warmth and layers of indulgent comfort, there it little to detract from complete and total surrender. The healing is complete.

Gentle pursuits custom-made to order...
Aromatherapeutic oils and essences

trail-weary muscles.


old-growth temperate rainforest is a virtual zoo, dense with wildlife at, and below ground-level. About 6,500

humpbacks migrate annually from tropic to polar regions. They reach up to 52' in length and weigh up to 50 tons.


The Edge of the Wild
On the western-most edge of Canada, in the ancient, exotic temperate rainforest of the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve, our wild is virgin. Untouched by the last glacial slide, the environment is intoxicatingly pure, fragile, and dense with wildlife. Indigenous people believe the Clayoquot rainforest vibrates with the energy of the ages—a living, breathing chronicle of evolution. The Clayoquot Sound Biosphere is the best and largest intact example of a temperate rainforest left on the planet. Its stewardship is an immense responsibility, and an even greater privilege. The natural environment was what attracted the resorts to the area in 1997, and what inspired the creation of an Environmental Legacy Program. The $3 million, five-year program is funded solely by resort revenues, and identifies five key areas of research, conservation and rehabilitation. Guest participation in each of the five stewardships—salmon-habitat rehabilitation, bear mapping, whale feeding and migration study, marine habitat inventory, and raptor rehabilitation and release—is growing alongside our understanding of the nature of things. And, thanks to our guests, the nature of things is growing alongside us.

The web of life in exotic technicolour; tropical


of volcanic

landscapes; resident orca (killer) whales; world's largest wild steelhead population.

Creating an environmental legacy…


Unguided Activities
Paddling the sound is a great way to get to know the

The Bedwell River Valley is a nature lover's paradise. A typical day might begin, picnic in-hand with a leisurely stroll or mountain bike ride up alder alley to a vast valley meadow. With snowcapped mountains and glaciers as a backdrop, and pristine wilderness all around, there is no more perfect place to picnic. Hike along the endless riverbed, stopping for lunch or a snack along the way. Or instead, choose one of several scenic trails that meander through old-growth, new growth and re-forested wilderness, watching for wildlife en-route. Explore Bedwell waterways by single or double kayak or canoe, and don't be surprised if a curious seal or otter plays along. More than one sated guest has been found asleep in a hammock under cover of late afternoon.

Whale, porpoise, bear, seal and eagle

A nature lover's paradise...

sightings are

A natural habitat so important to the biodiversity of the planet that the world community (UNESCO) designated it a Biosphere Reserve.


Guided Activities
On Horseback Ride one of 20 endurance horses through the many stunning trails in and around the Outpost, through old-growth forest, across streams and rivers, to the edge of Strathcona Provincial Park. Visit the Bedwell's own "Jurassic Park", a remote area of deep old-growth forest where ancient cedars reach 40-ft in circumference and ferns and other undergrowth grow to gigantic proportions. Little wranglers love Outpost ponies and the gentle instructive pace set for children just getting aquainted with horses.
Experienced guides go where few have gone before.

On Foot Variations on equestrian adventures, plus others for all skill levels and areas of interest, can be enjoyed on foot as well. Experienced guides lead the way. By Sea The Bedwell estuary is a marine playground for beginner and expert kayakers. Intertidal play makes for ever-changing landscapes and prolific wildlife viewing. Favourite activities include whale, porpoise and bear watching excursions, and the day-trek to Flores Island's Wild Side First Nations Interpretive Trail. Take Aim Skeet has become an unexpected Outpost favourite, seducing experienced and inexperienced guests to the shutes at the edge of the meadow. Rod in-Hand Clayoquot Sound grows more than big trees; she grows big fish too. In the heat of the summer, giant tyee reign supreme. Deep sea halibut is remarkable from March through September, and river systems percolate with winter and spring steelhead and sea-run cutthroat trout. Fly-ins to pristine alpine lakes promise creels-full of cutthroat and rainbow trout. Experienced guides ensure productive half and full-day outings for 'catch & release' or catch and cold-pack for processing and shipping worldwide.


The legacy of the original floating resort lives in the collective

memory of
resort guests.


A Wild Ride
Canada’s call of the wild whispers softly at the Outpost at Bedwell River. The soul of that wild grew from its original roots at Quait Bay, some five miles as the eagle flies from the Outpost. Today, the tiny floating resort at Quait Bay lives only in the collective memory of resort guests, but her spirit and intentions thrive at the Outpost where the wild knows no end and the possibilities go on forever. Unbridled by the challenges imposed by anchored space and conformity, conservancy-based resort programs thrive at the Outpost. Surrounded only by the energy of the ages and thousands of acres of temperate rainforest, the resort lives in harmony with nature. Like the emerald waters of the Bedwell River that pulse through her veins, the soul of the resort now flows at will to wherever the need is greatest. And that need —for complete and total immersion into one of the last great wilderness frontiers—is growing year by year. Now, a decade after the seeds of an ambitious idea grew into one of the world’s most unique and respected immersion travel experiences for couples and families, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort Limited enters a new and exciting phase of operation. The Outpost has reached the ideal size and intimate proportion and a renewed commitment to conservancy and environmental education drives all guest services, adventures and Environmental Legacy Programs.



Come stay, come play, go wild with us...


Clayoquot Wilderness Resort Limited owns and operates the Outpost at Bedwell River in the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere, near the village of Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Accessible on the boat or floatplane, the resort comprises thousands of pristine acres and a 21st century-safari style enclave of lavishly appointed guest, dining, social and spa service tents set on the Bedwell River estuary bordering Strathcona Provincial Park. The Outpost is open May through September and offers three, four and seven day all-inclusive luxury outpost adventures.






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Clayoquot Sound, Tofino, British Columbia

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