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This is the official newsletter for the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, located in British Columbia, Canada. The resort is a luxury wilderness campground in a UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve.

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									SPRING 2008



Healing Ground Spa Opens


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Ten Years and Still Evolving

Striving to renew our lands.

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Going green, global warming, too much carbon, yes we’ve all heard it. And everyone is trying to either cash in

on it, or run away from it. But what do we think? Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is a step back in the past. We certainly

are not your heavy carbon vacation. And al-though we live in the past, we know what has to be done for the future. Clayoquot Wilderness Resort believes in sustainability and we truly believe in the root of the word, not just some new definition that someone else has coined. If something is sustainable, it can go on forever. And with that knowledge we want to be more than sustainable. We strive for the next step and repair what has been damaged in the past, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort seeks to renew the lands. It’s hard to believe that a vacation destination can be a statement about who you are and what you believe in. But we at the Outpost live it, and all of you who have met us and joined our family know it. There is a good life to be had. ❏

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10 thClayoquot Anniversary of
Wilderness Resort
‘The Catons look back, only to look forward’
Much has been achieved in the last ten years of Clayoquot Wilderness Resort. All has been achieved with a vision of family, relationships, and a lasting legacy. John Caton, who we all know as the cowboy, has forged a life for his entire family at the Outpost. Living in the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, it is a dream life for most. Where else could you raise your grandchildren? Staff who have worked at the resort have ended up as uncles, aunts, fathers, mothers, husbands, and wives. The outpost is a dream come true. A few quiet moments...
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10TH ANNIVERSARY - continued from page 1

The 10th year of Clayoquot Wilderness Resort marks a new beginning. The Catons are pushing forward in their plans of creating a legacy for not only their children, but for the aboriginal First Nations in Clayoquot Sound. This year a protocol agreement between the resort and the Ahousaht First Nation is being drawn up, which will outline the general principles to improve their community, and their future. The first step is a proposed $5 Million Holistic Center retreat which will function as a traditional holistic retreat throughout the winter, and provide an economic source throughout the summer as an educational tourist destination coupled with a rainforest canopy walkway, all built on Ahousaht land.

Look forward to adding such experiences to the Outposts list of activities in 2010. Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is not solely focused on the bottom line and instead understands the triple

bottom line approach to sustainability as a necessary approach to business. ‘We can no longer focus solely on profit’, with the issue of climate change, and the improvement of community, profit is only one leg of the stool. Without all three legs supporting a business you

will find yourself unsustainable. This is why Clayoquot Wilderness Resort joined with five other companies to form the British Columbia Sustainable Tourism Collective. This collective is comprised of Clayoquot WIlderness Resort, Nimmo Bay Resort, Fairmont Hotels West, Whistler Blackcomb, Rocky Mountaineer Vacations, and Canadian Mountain Holidays. This collective has decided that their own efforts of sustainability must be focused outward to lead the tourism industry and provide a positive future for our grandchildren, and our grandchildren’s grandchildren. If we do not do something now, there will be no lush forests in the future to play in, no staff to run them, and barely a memory of what ‘used to be’. ❏ • • • • •

Sustainability and the Environment
2008 is a new year for many things at the Outpost. One you might have noticed is the new sustainability fee. 3% has been added to your package rate in order to provide for the sustainability of not only Clayoquot WIlderness Resort, but the sustainability of all wilderness adventure tourism in the province of

Work with the BCSTC will ensure the sustained viability of not only Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, but of all tourism operators in British Columbia, ensuring the legacy. Work with the BCSTC in 2007 has pushed Clayoquot Wilderness Resort into a new level of awareness. CWR has been involved in: • the ‘Green Tourism Forum’—a joint effort of provincial government and tourism operators to set and meet targets for a sustainable certification program. • Met with the Global Reporting Initiative and are considering sustainability reporting. • And the BCSTC has been chosen to co-host the Eco-tourism and Sustainability Conference in 2008.

We Can All Help Protect Our Wilderness
British Columbia. One third of this fee will go directly to the Wilderness Tourism Association ( in order to provide for the long term viability of adventure tourism in BC. The remainder will go towards various projects in 2008 and 2009. These slated projects include adaptation of wildlife monitoring systems, expanding Elk winter feeding grounds, and continued Salmon habitat restoration, just to name a few. Waterproof animal viewing cameras will be set up throughout the forest to monitor and count wildlife levels and provide these figures to various organizations. A sample camera has been set up and we are very happy with the results. Guests will be able to join in on the experience by accompanying us on hikes to these remote sites to gather the digital photos, and share in the viewing of wildlife hidden from the human eye. Maybe we will even get a photo of the infamous Clayoquot Sasquatch. Just ask Chad Caton, he swears its out here. ❏

Local Flavour
Pan Seared Wild Pacific Sockeye Salmon, Roasted Yam Mash, Pecan Celery Broth, Fresh Thyme
PECAN CELERY BROTH: Sauté shallots and garlic over medium heat until transparent. Add the celery and continue to sweat the celery. Add sea salt, black pepper and deglaze the pan with fish stock. (Vegetable stock is a good substitute). Bring to simmer and season to taste. Add chopped pecans and fresh thyme. Keep warm. YAM MASH: Bake whole yams at 425 degrees until soft. Peel the skin and mash with a potato masher. Keep yam mash warm and season with sea salt and black pepper. Place the yam mash in the middle of the warm soup plate. Place the salmon on top of the yam mash. Spoon the warm celery broth over top of the cooked salmon and serve. Garnish with fresh thyme sprig. Serves four. 4- 5 oz Salmon fillets 5 medium yams 3 stalks celery, small dice 4 shallots, peeled & diced 6 cloves garlic minced 1 oz fresh chives, small dice 2 tbsp chopped pecans, toasted 1/4 cup scallions, sliced thin 1/4 liter fish stock fresh thyme, chopped & sprigs sea salt, to taste cracked black peppercorn, to taste olive oil 4 warmed soup plates


Timothy May—Executive Chef Modern Natural Cuisine

SALMON FILLET: Season the salmon fillet with cracked black peppercorn & a pinch of sea salt. Place olive oil in a hot pan over medium heat; sear the salmon skin side up until golden brown. Turn the salmon over and cook in the oven for approx. 5 minutes. At 3500 F. Set aside and keep warm.

Broadening Our Selections
providing the best product we can find. Our compass just had to open up a little further than the Okanagan; we had to cross the border to get the quality this year. BC will still be the foundation of our selection with complements of small production wines from the west coast farther south of the Outpost. 2008 also seems to be shaping up as a year of celebrations, and so our champagne and sparkling selections will have to match. Expect to have a broad range in choices to complement your evening, or morning if you are so inclined, as any time of day is a good time for champagne! ❏

2008 will be an expanding year for the Outpost wine list. While local wines will be the predominant selection of our all inclusive list, BC wines will not be the only selections available. Our list is expanding to offer guests a better selection of wines from the Pacific North West including wine from British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and California. This move will still hold our belief that we should be selecting local products, local foods, and local wines for guests while

“I only drink champagne when I’m happy, and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company, I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I am not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise I never touch it—unless I’m thirsty.” —Madame Lily Bollinger


Cast of Characters

with him his favorite minutes, and calls the eagle to come alongside the pastime which shines in his boat and fetch the fresh catch. It’s a sight you would guiding ability. From hiking not believe. Who knew you could play fetch with an miles and miles into eagle? secluded lakes, to horseback New Fishing Gear—2007 marked a new year riding up into the Bedwell for fly fishing at the Outpost. Dino Bucciol joined us Valley to catch mysterious and brought his enthusiasm for the sport. CWR met rainbow trout among the with the Northwest representatives of “Hardy” and a old growth forest, Dino is new friendship was born. Over a few glasses of scotch the guide to be with. His in front of the outdoor fire we decided there was no enthusiasm truly makes the other company that could match the Outpost so well. trip exciting. Dino is best We are dedicating a new building in camp just for known for tying his own Dino to show off his fly tyeing abilities and to showcase flies which he can sense the a new retail section just for “Hardy” gear. Thought you Dino Bucciol—Fly-fishing to a new level at the Outpost. ‘fish want to snack on could only buy a Hardy rod in the UK, well you can buy Dino comes to us after caretaking our old today’, ‘they can’t resist this one’. one in the rain forest and use it that day! floating lodge for two years. While he was excellent Dino is also a favorite for the ‘eagle show’ in Next time you are casting a hand tied floating as a man of all trades, he was hard to pull away from which he takes guests out for a boat drive admiring brook fly on a lightweight “Hardy” rod in the middle fishing the local lakes everyday. From a hobby the scenery of the sound, stops to find an eagles nest, of the rain forest in Clayoquot Sound, you will know spawns his new trade at the Outpost. Dino brought takes a rod and catches a rock fish in a matter of what heaven truly is. ❏ Visit Hardy’s website at

They’re Back...

Newly Added Activity for 2008!

The thrills never end...

Bringing the Wildlife back to the Outpost.

In our new fields, where the horses love to play and graze, we are now feeding grounds for a family of Elk. Yes the elk have returned to the Bedwell valley. It was an odd site to look out on the field and see ‘the really big horse!’ Wait a minute, that’s an elk grazing with the horses. If you know the cowboy it won’t be long before he’ll be riding one of those elk.

In 2008 we are offering an add-on to our line-up of extra-ordinary adventures you can take while visiting Clayoquot WIlderness Resort. How about River Rafting! The outpost has teamed up with Destiny River Adventures. While not part of the all-inclusive package, this is an activity that should not be missed. You will travel by float plane, 40 minutes through scenic glaciated mountains before arriving at Destiny River Adventures. As this is not one of our regular all-inclusive activities, river rafting must be booked 30 days in advance of your stay at the Outpost. ❏ Visit Destiny River Adventures’s website at

Healing Grounds Spa Opens
2007 marked a new effort in the Healing Grounds at the Outpost. Opening softly in August of 2007, the Healing grounds will be opening in its full force this summer, 2008. The Healing Grounds will help lift your spirits, nourish your soul, and rejuvenate your body. Dedicated to only the highest quality products, the Healing Grounds brings you Yonka Paris, Sea Flora, and Truefitt and Hill. Using the purest botanicals, Yonka is an aromatherapy and phytotherapy based line with essential oils and marine, fruit and plant extracts. It is 100% customizable for each client, enabling our therapists to provide a unique experience with each treatment. Hand-harvested from the cold clean Canadian Pacific Ocean, our all natural wild seaweed skincare products are nutrient rich with vitamins, minerals, and trace elements creating the most nourishing, healthy and vital seaweed skincare products on the market today. Grooming Men for greatness since 1805, Truefitt and Hill is steeped in history and tradition. For over two centuries, Truefitt & Hill has provided discerning gentlemen with only the finest in grooming products and services. If you are looking for the finest in men's grooming, we are confident you will find Truefitt & Hill's unmatched product quality and prestigious tradition extremely compelling. Dominique, our Healing Grounds Manager, has made sure your tired bones will not go unnoticed after a long day of Eco-Adventure. The Healing Grounds has added a new list of à la carte treatments available during your stay at the Outpost. The Outpost now has everything from the “Bliss in the Wilderness Facial Experience” to our locally harvested “Westcoast Seaweed Body Wrap.” All treatments are completely customizable to your skin type and individual needs, just let Dominique take charge and your skin will thank you for it.


Zen in the Wilderness

Dominique Gibson has come to us as the better half of Ron Gibson, our General Manager. Her passion for health and wellness is obvious from the care she shows for each individual, customizing each experience and fostering a connection with the surroundings here at the Bedwell River. Dominique’s goal is to prompt you to slow down, enjoy your visit, and partake in these unique and individualized treatments; to Dominique Gibson relax and heal from a day’s adventuring in the lush rain forest that is the Clayoquot Wilderness experience. Her skills in skin therapy should not be missed while at the resort. Bringing with her the Men’s Morning Groom, gentlemen have the ability to enjoy an old fashioned straight razor shave on the bank of the Bedwell River. It doesn’t get better than this.

A Passion for Health and Wellness

Body Mind and Spirit
Dino’s better half Antonella will mold you into completely new shapes in 2008. Antonella returns to the Outpost with her favorite pastime in mind— Yoga. After practicing Yoga stringently for years Antonella decided to complement this experience with a yoga training program in 2007. Expect ‘Anto’ to take you on a journey which will cleanse your spirit, and what a better place to do so, than in the middle of the rain forest. ❏



Family Album
New Arrivals!
BANDIT THE II—the reincarnation of Bandit. Cosy couldn’t believe her eyes. When she decided to scour the internet to find a new puppy for John, she found a doozy. When John first looked at a photo of this young pup he could not believe the resemblance to his long loved friend Bandit. John immediately jumped on the phone and had to see this dog for himself. Coming all the way from Indiana, Bandit arrived and is just as, if not more poor mannered and selfish as Bandit the 1st. You’ll know Bandit from the rest, he’ll be the one running away when someone is calling him. Heeerrrreee, heeeerrrrrreeee! Will be the call sign of Bandit in 2008. RAYDEN—Rayden is the new son of Chuck, our head fishing guide, and Camille, your favorite wrangler. Yes, Chuck is a father now! Can you believe it! So who will Rayden take after? Will he be the next lead wrangler or the next head fishing guide in 2008, in the least he will be getting the gear ready for Chuck while you are out in the deep seas fishing for big Salmon, but mom will have him breaking horses by June!

“Kind Words”



“ It is difficult to express in words the truly unique & magical nature of this place. The natural beauty is surpassed only by the genuine warmth of the staff. Experience here is unrivaled!” —Ashley, Mike & Morgan

“ It is hard to say what was our favorite part- everything was simply top notch from the service, the variety of activities, the lodging, and of course the meals!” —Suzy & Steve “ What an amazing adventure. I was inspired to do all kinds of things and enjoyed it all. The staff were incredible- everyone was so real and professional.” — Marcelle “ Another truly memorable visit. Absolutely the most unique place I've been. Best scenery, wildlife, white water & food, but the people here all make it truly a fabulous experience.” —Alan

He will be missed.
The dog most likely to be chasing off a bear in the morning and leading the pack, Bandit, has passed on. As one of the original bear dogs, and the dog with more time posing for photographs than any other, Bandit will be missed. Bandit enjoyed his popularity when featured on the cover of Air Canada’s En Route magazine for millions of travelers coming in and out of Canada in 2007.

Ten Years And Still Evolving


Floating Lodge at Quait Bay.

Outpost camp at Bedwell River.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is turning 10 this year. Much has been accomplished in the last 10 years. From it's humble beginnings at the Floating Lodge in Quait Bay, to the opening of the Outpost Camp with

only 5 tents, to its continual expansion of 10, to 16, and finally 20 guest tents. Then in 2005, the eventual closing of Quait Bay due to the shift of guest traffic to the Outpost. Quait Bay was almost a training

ground for what was to come to the Outpost. We have built something new every year. It has been a growing, changing, learning experience. The Outpost started out as a dream for John Caton, and that dream is now a

reality. What's coming up you ask? Caton is now looking for new and exciting pastures in faraway places. You never know where your next stay may be, but believe me it will be another 'cowboy' special. ❏

We believe Happy Staffers, make for Happy Campers
For 2008 we have built a new staff lounge and movie theater. Offering our staff a more enjoyable ‘town feel’ to the Outpost. With big screen tv and sound system able to add that monstrous touch to any action movie, to a games room with pool table, air hockey, and even shuffleboard. Now there will be no reason to ever leave! Our staff have been with us for many years. A large handful from our humble beginnings in 1998. This building is one more step in a long range plan of creating a happy, healthy lifestyle full of activities and experiences for our staff at the Outpost Camp. ❏

Ron Gibson Returns
Ron Gibson has returned as the new General Manager of the Outpost. Ron spent the last two years finishing a business degree and is glad to be back. John is pleased as punch to have the ability to get out of the office now and spend more time one-on-one with guests. ❏

Getting to know us...
We have created a book full of staff biographies for guests to read in the evenings. You can learn all about your guides and the individuals that make up the outpost team; including their nicknames and favorite pastimes. Get to know the family and see who you recognize from years past. ❏

Ron Gibson—GM


What to expect in 2008!

• Expanding archery—new archery stands will be added to the archery course as well as new targets to add to your enjoyment of the sport. Everyone from youth to grandparent enjoyed our new archery area in 2007, now in 2008 we are going to make it a full event. With the use of handmade Martin Bows and competition size targets, the Bedwell is the place to learn the art of archery. • Expanding sporting clays course—we will accommodate more shooters and increase the whole family competitions we enjoyed in 2007. In 2008, lets see

who the best shot truly is. We’ll add your name to the hall of fame. • Adding rock climbing—Our rock climbing wall is almost complete. Soon guests will be able to take an introductory rock climbing course at the Outpost. You won’t find a more serene space to learn a new hobby. Just strap yourself in, and let our guides teach you the ropes. ❏ Visit Martin’s traditional hand crafted bows at:

The Mokai is Here!

Visiting Friends Incentive
All past friends are like family to us. Once you have spent a stay at the Outpost you join families with the Catons, and are never forgotten. We love to hear about what you have been up to for the rest of the year. We have received vacation photo albums from some, Christmas cards from others, and have partaken in the hospitality of others in their own homes. Our family is growing, and we want to let you know that we welcome you. Pick up the phone, send a letter, or send an email, we’ll take care of you by providing an incentive to return and spend a few more weeks at our Outpost. ❏

What is a Mokai do you ask? viewing opportunities like never We had to ask as well. It’s a new before. Watch the whales as breed of kayak, a motorized kayak. though you were right in the water The cowboy was unlikely to step with them, but able to keep up into one of these, but once he did with them as well. We are equiping there was no turning back. With a these Mokais with two way jet propulsion system speeding you headsets so you can talk to the rest at 15 knots on a completely stable of the group no matter how far kayak. You will enjoy wildlife apart you are. ❏ Visit Mokai’s website at:

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is adding a 3% fee to all bookings in order to provide 1% to the Wilderness Tourism Association to protect the long term viability of wilderness tourism in British Columbia, and 2% to our own Environmental Legacy Program which is aimed at providing funds to projects which repair damaged wildlife habitats such as Salmon spawning and rearing channels.



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