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									                                                                      First Baptist Church
                                                                     Goldsboro, North Carolina

  “Sharing the Heart of Christ from the Heart of the City”
Volume LV                                              October 20, 2009                                               Number 36

            -to be dependent on God’s leadership;
            -to grow in faith in Jesus Christ through worship, Bible study, prayer, and fellowship;
            to witness and minister to each other and to the larger community.

             Please pray for the work of CBF. From its beginning it has been committed to ministry among the most neglected
             and marginalized people in our communities and around the world. Rather than owning and controlling
             institutions it seeks to partner with them to accomplish joint missions. In NC CBF partners with three historic NC
             social service ministry agencies: Baptist Children’s Home, Baptist Hospital of Pastoral Care and Baptist Retirement

                               Church Budget Process
                                                         Following the church vote on
                                                         October 14th, the presentation
                                                         of the proposed 2010 church
                                                         budget has been postponed for
                                                         one month. Please be in prayer
                                                         for this process. Make note that
                                                         the November 3rd church
                                                         newsletter will contain the
                                                         proposed 2010 church budget.
Glenn’s Pen
                                                                 Five reasons why Bible study on Sunday
   I don’t watch a lot of baseball on TV. However, being         mornings is important …
the sports nut I am, I watch it a lot in October. The last
two games between the Phillies and the Dodgers
                                                                     Sunday school provides a basic, systematic
impressed on me a spiritual point. The first game in
Philadelphia, the Phillies routed the Dodgers. The score
                                                                        study of the scriptures
was 8-0 before the game had hardly begun. I found myself
uninterested and clicking away at the remote. But, the               Sunday school allows an opportunity for its
game Monday night was totally different. While the                      members to talk and share about their
Phillies jumped out to an early lead, the Dodgers fought                needs with others in similar life
back and tied the game. One moment, the Phillies were                   situations.
one out from defeat, and a moment later, Jimmy Rollins
put them within one win of the World Series. Rollins lined           Sunday school provides an opportunity for
a two-run double with two outs in the ninth inning off All-             personal application of the scriptures
Star closer Jonathan Broxton, and the Phillies had won in
exciting fashion. I watched it all and yearned for more!
                                                                     Sunday school provides for fellowship and
   These two games reminded me of growing in faith.                     a sense of belonging for each member
Sometimes worship, Bible study, or even our prayer life,                of the class.
can seem mundane or ordinary. While other times, there is
an expectancy, an excitement and a “victory,” that leaves            Sunday school provides a platform for
us astounded, invigorated and full! But you know, in the                people to serve the Lord through
baseball series, the game won easily, which seemed to be                teaching
nothing special, counts as much as Monday’s incredible
win. It may have even prepared them for the “mountain
top” experience of the miraculous victory!
                                                                 Are you a part of a Bible study class? Come
                                                                 and join us on Sunday mornings at 9:45.
    So it is with our relationship with God and our growth       There is a place for you at First Baptist!
in faith. Every spiritual experience will not be “mountain
top,” but regular, consistent worship, study, and prayer
will mean just as much and perhaps even prepare us, for
the wonder of God’s presence in our lives in a special way.
This week is not Advent or Easter. We do not have a
“special” ministry planned or a highlighted event to          “Wise stewards joyfully choose to support God’s work and
promote at church. There will, however, be worship,           to do God’s will.” As eager and joyful stewards, we can
study, and fellowship. And God will be “in the game.”         simply say, “Lord, here am I, use me as your servant, and
And who knows if there might be a big play in store for       guide me as your steward.”
our lives. Choose to be at church. You’re on the roster.
God believes you’re in the lineup, and you might be this                               Stewardship Committee
week’s real hero.

                                     Sunday, October 25 - 9:45 AM
                                       In the Hooks Fellowship Hall
                                    “Sabbatical Report and Reflection”
The church family is invited to a joint gathering during the Sunday School hour to reflect and celebrate
the sabbatical experience we provided our Pastor. Make every effort to be present.
“I look forward to sharing the experiences, the joy and spirit of this experience. I think you will find it
enjoyable, meaningful and spiritual. I hope to see all of you.” - Glenn
                           A light breakfast of biscuits, doughnuts and fruit will be provided.
                              All Youth-Adult Sunday School Classes will meet together.
                                           Everyone is encouraged to attend!
THE CHURCH FAMILY                                                IN HONOR OF NANCY AND KENNETH
                                                                 Elevator Fund
EXTENSION MEMBER OF THE WEEK                                      Eudelle & Ed Jernigan
Judy Jessee
Goldsboro Assisted Living                            IN MEMORY OF BILL SUTTON
2201 Royal Avenue                                    Elevator Fund
Goldsboro, NC 27534                                   Marjorie Anne West
                                                      Janice Scott
                                                      Betty & Jim Ussary
                   HAPPY BIRTHDAY                     Jean & Robert Wilson
                    OCTOBER 25-31                     Janet & Milton McKeel
                                                      Norma F. McDonough
                                                      Patricia & S. John Hadded
                                                      Connie & Charlie Spaduzzi
25   Linda Lowery                                     Betty & J.C. Davis
26   Suzanne Allen                                    Tina & Patrick Lewis
27   William F. Tilley, III                           Dr. E. Lee Adams, Sr.
     Chace Barfield                                   Ms. Renee Bell
     Amanda Liles                                     Guy “Mac” Lewis & Octavia Lewis
28   Jeremy Howell                                           Andrew & Andrea Lewis
29   Warren Johnson                                   Annie Earl Burris
     John Lowery                                      Shirley & Edward Holland
30   Edward Reeves                                    Anna & Roy Parker
     Deb Tillman                                      Elizabeth & Floyd Wingfield
                                                      Betty & Harry Overby
                                                      Linda & John Lowery
                                                      Marjorie & Bill Moss
          Congratulations to Gloria and Arnold        Ann & Ray Patterson
          Flowers on the birth of a granddaughter,   General Budget
          Mackenzie Kate, on October 14th.            Shirley & Frank Kirkland

                                                                        Legacy Fund
                                                     In Memory of Howard Caudill by Carol Caudill
                                                     In Memory of Doris Pate (Mother of Tommy Pate) by Gail
                                                     & Richard Askins
                                                     In Memory of Bill Sutton by Beverly & Gene Summerlin,
                                                     Pam Stackhouse, Gail & Richard Askins

                                                                      October 28
                                                                     Chef’s Choice
                                                           Virginia Henderson Class Serving
September Receipts                   YTD Receipts                         August Expenses              YTD Expenses            Overage/Shortage
$54,131                              $464,230                             $42,743                      $450,583                      +$13,647
“At the September 16 meeting, the Finance Committee agreed to give 6% of our August receipts to missions. Each
month through December, the Committee will review the status of our budget and decide the possibility of that month’s
gifts to missions. Our giving for the months of April through July will be reconsidered at the end of the year.”
Donations 10/18/09
2009 Operating Fund $6,479                                                                             Other Designated Funds $995
Legacy Fund Donations $100                                                                             Prior Year’s Deficit Balance $114,593.87

THE SCHEDULE                                                                                 “COME, GROW WITH US”
                                                                                             Sunday School Enrollment                             372
Sun., Oct. 25/Joshua 2:9-14                                                                  Members Present                                      139
 9:00 Early Worship                                                                          Visitors                                               4
 9:45 Sunday School in Fellowship Hall to reflect &                                          Frances Greene at the Pines                           12
        celebrate Glenn’s sabbatical experience                                              Total Attendance                                     155
11:00 Morning Worship
 4:00 Middle School Youth Group                                                              THE CHURCH STAFF
 5:00-5:45 Youth Choir Gr. 6-12, Children’s Bells Gr. 1-5                                    Glenn Phillips                          Senior Minister
 5:45-6:30 Youth Bells Gr. 6-12, Children’s Choir Gr. 1-5                                    Scott Thrailkill       Associate Minister Ed. & Youth
 6:30 Sr. High Youth Group                                                                   Fred Kelly                   Associate Minister-Music
                                                                                             Gayle Justice Associate Minister-Children & Preschool
Mon., Oct. 26/John 15:1-5                                                                    Sara Sasser               Volunteer Outreach Director
                                                                                             Carol Gray                                     Organist
Tues., Oct. 27/2 Peter 1:8-13                                                                Margaret Pleasants                    Church Secretary
10:00 Virginia Henderson Bible Study                                                         Linda Sellers                         Church Secretary
                                                                                             Laura Guthrie                       Financial Secretary
Wed., Oct. 28/Proverbs 27:1-6                                                                Diane Coutts                    Food Services Manager
3:00 Silver Bells                                                                            Church Phone Number                           735-2516
4:00 Silver Singers                                                                          Fax Number                                    735-2993
5:00 Fellowship Meal                                                                         E-mail Address         
5:30 Preschool Music Ages 4 & 5                                                              Web Address                 
6:00 Christian Life Age 4 - Gr. 5, Sanctuary Bells                                           Sonya Strouse             Child Development Director
7:15 Sanctuary Choir                                                                         Child Development Phone Number                735-8464

Thurs., Oct. 29/Genesis 16:6-13
 7:30 Prayer Breakfast
10:00 Staff Meeting

Fri., Oct. 30/Psalm 124: 1-8

Sat., Oct. 31/Hebrews 6:17-20

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25 and every other week in the summer by First Baptist Church, 125 S. John St., Goldsboro,
NC 27530. Periodicals Postage paid at Goldsboro, NC 27533.
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