Expert Tips for Using Microsoft PowerPoint

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					Microsoft PowerPoint Tips
So, you have the Microsoft Office Suite. Perhaps you’re very familiar with Word
and a little familiar with Excel, but you’ve never learned PowerPoint and therefore
don’t use it. Understanding how to use Microsoft PowerPoint can be a great
benefit to you. It is unparalleled in terms of software programs that produce
presentations. Its tools, capabilities and user-friendliness are outstanding. So,
let’s say you want to create a professional and impactful presentation…how do
you get started? First of all, Microsoft training will be critical, as you must
understand the capabilities of the program before you can start utilizing them.
Taking Microsoft courses is the perfect way to learn the program and become
proficient with it. Additionally, here are a few things to consider and some expert
tips to guide you through the process of creating the ideal presentation.

The purpose of your presentation

Before starting the design and putting
together the content of your Microsoft
PowerPoint presentation, you must really
understand your purpose. Perhaps it’s to
persuade your superiors to make an
investment that you think would help the
company. Maybe it’s to demonstrate the way
a certain product is operated. There are
countless reasons to create a PowerPoint
presentation. It’s vital that you understand
the purpose of your presentation, as it will
guide you throughout the creation process.

The Audience

To really create a meaningful and persuasive presentation, you must really know
your audience. Understanding who they are, what they are drawn to, and any
other details about their behavior will be critical to you designing a presentation
that will appeal to them. This knowledge will help you know what type of
language to use, what types of graphics to include, etc.

The Venue

Where will you be showing your presentation? Will you have a projector with a
large screen? Will you have audio capabilities? Knowing your venue will help
you determine how to set up your presentation. Perhaps you’ll just have the
presentation printed out, so you don’t worry about sound and animated graphic.
Conversely, maybe you’ll have full audio-video equipment and will be able to do
a lot of things to enhance your PowerPoint presentation. Understanding the
details of your presentation venue before you create your presentation will help
you save a lot of time and will make the whole experience more effective.

Presentation Length

Another key tip is to know how much time you’ll be allotted to deliver your
presentation. Understanding this will help you determine how many slides and
how much information to include in your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.
                            You’ll know the extent of discussion questions you
                            should include, and how much time you’ll have to
                            drive your key messages home. Tailoring your
                            presentation design to the length of time you’ll have
                            will be a key factor.

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