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									                1 Biggest Mistake Internet Marketers Make

                                                                       by Matt Bacak

I talk a lot about most internet marketers versus me. The reason I do this is
because 99% of internet marketers are not on the same level. I’m not trying to
boast, I want to make a point. 1% of internet marketers make A LOT of money
and the rest might make a little money or none. There are several reasons for
this, like not treating your internet marketing ventures as a business. Yet, there is
one that I see consistently that I feel is the #1 mistake that people make that is
hindering their chance at being at the top of the list.

The #1 mistake that people make is that they are NOT TESTING before launching
or releasing an offer to affiliates. If you’ve ever listened to me at an event, on a
webinar or read some of my articles, you may have had a feeling that this was
coming. Not testing before launching or releasing an offer is completely
detrimental to your success. Even if you make some money on your launch or
offer, you are missing out on more money. This is a vital step that you should be
doing EVERY DAY for EVERY aspect of your business. It’s truly that important.

As a kid, I used to play with G. I. Joe. I played war all the time. The reason I
bring that up is because I still play war today but in a different sense. I battle in
internet marketing. If you’ve got an army of affiliates, your goal is for them to go
out there and make you money while you sit back on your butt and relax, right?
The only way to do this is by supplying your affiliates with the best possible
weapons, the best possible tools that they could possibly have. That’s why you
test the emails, test the subject lines, test the body, and test the opens and
clicks. That’s why you test the sales copy. Your goal is to get them the best
possible weapons so they can get one shot, one kill.

Test, test, test. Test EVERYTHING. Not only do you test the emails, the subject
lines, the body, the opens and clicks but test radicals. I’ve said this before so this
shouldn’t be a new concept to you if you’re a follower of mine. A slight
variation is not radically different. A variation isn’t going to give you clear results
that show you which direction you should take. When you split test radically
different things, you get radically different results. For example, if you’re testing
your sales copy, two radically different pages would be a sales copy that is long
and a sales copy that is short. Two radically different things. Just to reiterate, it’s
not enough to test one portion of your launch or offer, you must test everything
to ensure you’re getting the maximum results possible.
If you are not getting the results you want or if you want to play with big dogs
and make a lot of money, you need to invest your time in split testing everything
your consumers or list sees. It may seem time-consuming at first but in the long
run, it is worth it. You will feel confident that you are making the most money
you can and also, you will gain knowledge. After years of split testing, I have a
better idea of what works and what doesn’t work. With that knowledge, I can
make better decisions before I split test and rake in even more cash. If that’s not
enough incentive to split test, I don’t know what is.

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