; Pure Biomed, LLC: Ultrasound 'Off the Chart' Pain Relief Using Reunion AI
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Pure Biomed, LLC: Ultrasound 'Off the Chart' Pain Relief Using Reunion AI


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									Pure Biomed, LLC: Ultrasound 'Off the Chart' Pain Relief Using Reunion AI

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Reunion AI contains 11 therapeutic essential oils for maximum pain and
anti-inflammation benefits.

Reunion Anti-Inflammation + Ultrasound = Extraordinary success for pain sufferers.

Online PR News – 10-March-2014 – Ultrasound technology using very high frequency sound waves has
been used in pain clinics, physical therapy, chiropractic offices and even home use for many years. It has
brought moderate pain relief to millions of people due to its ability to excite tissue, deliver topical products and
reduce inflammation in neck, back and joints.

Ultrasound has used various analgesic gels, generally menthol-based, providing a cold blast during the 8-10
minute treatment. But menthol is not a long lasting or even pain reduction salve. Pain quickly returns. Pain
Relief typically lasts from 4 to 24 hours using Reunion AI.

Recently, Pure Biomed announced a new product, Reunion AI with high concentrations of potent
anti-inflammatory, anti-nociceptive essential oils as additions to the original Reunion ISR pain relief formula.
Early adopters using Reunion AI in their clinics report benefits to patients never before achieved using
Ultrasound and its phonophoresis ability to “drive” Reunion AI pain relief and anti-inflammation ingredients
into pores opened by the treatment.

Doctors are reporting enhanced patient benefits:

• Instant pain relief allowing attention to be paid to underlying causes of the discomfort.
 • Greatly improved range of motion in joints with the reduced pain and inflammation
 • Inflammation reduction where nerves are being pressed or pinched by herniated disks
 • Reduction in radiculopathy (inflamed nerves)
 • Musculoskeletal muscle relaxation
 • Long lasting relief of 4 to 24 hours
 • With reduced pain, patients sleep better … the optimum time for natural healing
 • Reunion AI therapy is becoming the “last resort” for patients who have been disappointed or
non-responsive to conventional allotropic drug and narcotic treatments (Rx.)

The Journal of Pain has validated spinal manipulation therapy as a technique to lessen pain sensitivity. This
comes as no surprise to thousands of pain professionals using the physical, manual and mechanical therapy
they provide daily including Ultrasound.

Reunion AI consists of eleven all-natural therapeutic essential oils. The anti-inflammatory ingredients block
cytokines and enzymes, including cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) Reunion AI contains no menthol, capsaicin,
salicylates, drugs or narcotics. Reunion AI and the original Reunion ISR also work well as standalone topical
applications applied by patients at home.

Half of all adults experience acute or chronic pain from arthritis, lower back problems, pinched nerves and
other pain/inflammation problems. Reunion AI is bringing relief to thousands while giving practitioners a new
tool to serve patients. Reunion AI and all Reunion products including oils, lotions, creams and cleansers can
be ordered at www.ReunionPN.com.

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