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COLLEGE ACCOMMODATION 2010                                                                                                          Information
The next most important decision you will make after selecting what course to study at MCKL, is choosing a place to live. The College
accommodation is considered an extension of the MCKL campus. Just as excellence is expected in academic performance and co-curricular
activity involvement, excellence is also expected among the accommodation residents in terms of respect for people and property, safety and

                                             Room types                         App.distance from MCKL          App. walking time
Scott Villa (Male)          Triple, twin, single medium and single small                0.5 km                      5-8 min.
Scott Sentral (Female)            Triple, twin and single medium                        0.7 km                      8-10 min.

1. Accommodation address
   a. Unit No D 33-21-15      b. Unit No D 33-16-13          c. Unit No B 33-15-6
   Villa Scott Condominium, Jalan Scott, Brickfields, 50470 KUALA LUMPUR

  d. Unit No. 08-06           e. Unit No. 09-03             f. Unit No. 10-05                      g. Unit No. 15-03
  Scott Sentral Service Suites, No. 28, Jalan Scott, 50470 KUALA LUMPUR

2. You can enjoy all the facilities provided by the management such as the swimming pool, gymnasium, etc.
3. Every apartment is furnished with the following.
   Sofa set, Coffee table, Dining table & chairs, Stand/ ceiling fans, Washing machine, Laundry hanger/Towel racks, Refrigerator, Rice cooker,
   Wok & spatula, Pot & ladle, Electric kettle, Knives/ cutting board, Kitchen cabinet, Broom/ Dust pan, Rubbish bins, Mop/ Bucket, Floor mats,
   Kitchen rags, Gas cooker & gas supply, Lockers (excluding padlock).
4. You will have your own:
   Bed, Single mattress, 1 Pillow (new), Wardrobe, Stand fan (for non air-conditioned rooms only), Work table, Table lamp, Chair, Extension cable
5. You need to supply their own:
   Bed sheet, Pillow case, Blanket, Fork and spoon, Cup/ mug, Plate, Dish wash liquid, Laundry detergent, Clothes pegs, Bin liners/ Plastic bags,
   Clothes hanger, Toilet paper, Toiletries, Padlock for locker
6. Some apartments may have cabinets, water heaters and air-conditioners installed by the owner. The College is not obliged to provide these
   facilities in all apartments.
7. You are not allowed to install your own water heaters or air conditioners.
8. You are responsible for the care and maintenance of fittings, equipment and property provided to you at the time of admission. You are required
   to present these in good condition on checkout.
9. The College does not provide transport services to or from the apartments.

                     Deposit (refundable*)      Triple sharing      Twin sharing      Single (medium)    Single (small)

Scott Villa               RM 1500                    n/a               RM 550             RM 750           RM 300
Scott Sentral             RM 1500                 RM 500               RM 550             RM 750              n/a

*For terms and conditions of refund see TERMINATION & CHECK OUT

1. Prices quoted are for each student in Malaysian Ringgit.
2. Rates are inclusive of electricity, water, gas and cleaning services . For rooms with air conditioners, add RM 50 extra per month.
3. The College reserves the right to assign rooms and room mates to the students. A request may be made as to the choice of apartments and
   room type but this is subject to availability.
4. Some apartment management may require students to purchase their own security passes. This will be at the student’s expense.

1. You are committed to rent the room for a minimum of 12 months once you sign the College Accommodation form and pay the deposit.

1. 6 months rent is collected in advance and is to be paid before the beginning of each semester (June, December), i.e. the same time you pay
   your fees.
2. Payment can be made by cash, check or deposited into WESLEYAN EDUCATION SERVICES SDN BHD, HSBC 305-427403-101.
3. If payment is by bank deposit, please write student’s name and class (e.g. Michael Lee, A0907) on the pay in slip and fax it to 03-22736102,
   attention Theresa. The pay in slip can also be scanned and emailed to as a JPG or PDF file. Remember to
   write the student’s name and class before scanning.

1. The student apartment representative is to forward the electricity, water or gas bill to the Director of Student Services the next working day after
   receiving the bill. Delays in doing so may result in a disruption of such services. You will be charged the fines or reconnection fees imposed by
   the various utility companies if the bills are not submitted on time.

1. If you wish to leave the accommodation after the first year, written notice of one month must be given. Otherwise, you will be billed for rental
   until the end of your course.
2. Your final check out date is two days after your last exam paper. You may apply for an extension of stay in writing to the Director of Student
   Services but this is subject to approval. No refund will be given for the remaining days of the month.
3. Vacate your room of personal belongings, sweep and mop the floor especially under the tables and bed, dispose garbage and return all keys on
   or before the check out date to the Director of Student Services.

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4. Should there be damages caused by negligence or the room has not been satisfactorily cleaned, the amount for repairs, replacement and
   cleaning will be deducted from the deposit according to the following rates:
   a. RM 10 for every sticker/ poster/ tape left on the walls.
   b. RM 50 for every lost or damaged key.
   c. If the keys (and access card) are not returned on or before your check out date, RM 20 per day would be charged for the next seven
   calendar days. After seven days, RM 500 will be deducted whether the keys are returned or not.
   d. RM 50 for removal of personal items from the rooms or apartment after the check out date.
   e. RM 50 for cleaning and garbage disposal.
   f. Damaged furniture, equipment or fittings will be billed according to the cost of replacement of the item.
5. The deposit or balance will be returned after deductions, if any, are made for repairs, unpaid rent, lost keys, garbage disposal, etc, within 30
   days of the check out date. The deposit cannot be used to offset the final rent payment.
6. If you are asked to leave the accommodation for disciplinary reasons OR you shorten the first year of stay to less than 12 months, the deposit
   and the balance of the rent is forfeited.

1. You are expected to abide by all Rules given by the Apartment Management as well as the College.
2. Do not bring in cigarettes, alcohol, pornographic materials, illegal drugs, pork and beef products into the apartment.
3. Do not keep pets.
4. Report any breakages or malfunctioning of fittings, equipment or property to the Student Services Unit in MCKL on the same day or latest on
    the next working day. You will be billed for cost of damages caused by negligence e.g. clogged sinks, etc. Payment will be on a cash basis.
5. Each room has its own set of fittings, equipment and furniture. Do not transfer these from one location to another.
6. Do not drill any holes, knock nails into the walls or use any kind of tape or glue that may damage the paint or wall.
7. Bathrooms cannot be reserved for exclusive use. The attached bathroom in a room must be made available to other students in the apartment
    if needed.
8. Do not deprive your room mate of sleep. If you need to study in the room, switch off the main light and use the table lamp. Otherwise, study in
    the living room.
9. Conduct discussions in the living room, not in the bedroom.
10. Switch off all lights and fans in your room and in the common areas when not in use or when you leave the apartment. A fine of RM 10 will be
    imposed on all residents if lights, air conditioners or fans are left on in an empty apartment or room. Payment will be on a cash basis.

1. Keys to the apartment cannot be held by anyone except by you. There will be a fine of RM 50.00 for the loss of each key.
2. You are responsible for all of your belongings. The College will not be responsible for any loss incurred. Put your cash, passports and other
    valuable items in the lockers provided in the living room. You will need to supply your own padlock.
3. Lock the apartment main door, padlock and grill gate at all times.
4. Only immediate relatives are allowed into the apartment and not stay longer than necessary. However, they must never be left
    unaccompanied in the apartment. Overnight stay is not permitted.
5. Non-resident MCKL students are not permitted to enter the apartment or use the apartment facilities.
6. Always ask who the person is before opening the door. If the caller identifies him/herself as a relative of one of the students who is not in at
    the moment, do not allow entry. Telephone the student. If he/she is not reachable, then request that the caller return at a time when the
    student is in. If the caller persists, call security immediately. Better safe than sorry.
7. Report any non-working lights around your apartment to the management office in the respective apartments.
8. Unannounced visits at any time by staff authorized by the CEO of MCKL may be done for the purpose of checking for cleanliness,
    maintenance or responding to a complaint/report. However, staff are never to enter the apartment/ rooms without announcing their presence
    e.g. sounding the doorbell several times, calling out, knocking on the door, identifying themselves.

1. You are required to keep your room and the common areas of the apartment tidy. This means
    a. storing your personal property neatly in your room. Reserve your work table for writing, not for storage.
    b. folding and storing clean laundry in the wardrobes and placing all laundry to be washed in a separate place.
    c. footwear neatly arranged in pairs in one place.
2. Cleanliness of the apartment is to be corporately kept by the residents. This means sweeping and mopping/ vacuuming the floor, garbage
    disposal, etc according to a roster agreed on between the residents and the Director of Student Services.
3. Wash the utensils and crockery as soon as you are finished with them. Do not leave them overnight or for somebody else to wash.
4. The College provides a weekly cleaning service but only for the common areas. The cleanliness of your room is your responsibility.
5. The College reserves the right to close the apartment for a maximum for two weeks during semester holidays for cleaning and maintenance.
    You are not allowed to stay in the apartment on those dates. You will be given notice of this in advance. No refund will be given for the dates
    the apartment is closed.

1. Residents who persistently ignore these rules will be asked to leave the apartment.
2. You must be present for meetings called by the Director of Student Services. These meetings are opportunities for residents to receive
    instruction in self care, housekeeping, cooking, time management, etc or to air grievances and work out solutions to tensions that may arise as
    a result of living with other people.
3. The College reserves the right to amend these rules at any time.

     SEIRI            Sort             Organize         Separate the necessary items. Throw away the unnecessary items.
    SEITON             Set              Arrange         Arrange the necessary items orderly and label for better visibility.
    SEISO             Shine              Clean          Clean the work place and tidy at all times. Identify and eliminate the source of dirt.
  SEIKETSU        Standardize          Maintain         Always maintain a high level of cleanliness and emphasize personal hygiene.
  SHITSUKE         Self Values    Discipline & Habits   Discipline , punctuality, good habits, learning attitude.

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