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									Stanley Jolet Announces Release of 'Paranormal Investigations: The Cajun Ghost Hunter

New book takes readers into the world of the paranormal and shows them how they can
become part of it.

Schriever, Louisiana, United States., March 10, 2014 - - With the hope of contacting his
mother on the other side, author Stanley Jolet embarked on a paranormal journey that
found him contacting the deceased in Louisiana, Las Vegas, Europe and the Caribbean.
"Paranormal Investigations: The Cajun Ghost Hunter Chronicles" (published by Trafford
Publishing) is a collection of stories about his trip across the globe to investigate
paranormal activity and what happened once contact had been made. This book is unique
because you can visit his website,, and listen to the EVP
overlaid videos described in each chapter as the story unfolds.

"In my quest to contact my mother, I decided to visit historical, haunted sites around the
globe," Jolet says. "Join me, my wife, our son and my wife's brother as we take you
through the world of the unknown."

Readers follow Jolet as he and his companions use instrumental telecommunication (ITC)
and electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) to listen to the voices of the deceased. With
bone-chilling description, the author takes readers deep behind the veil and shows them
that, if they are just willing to listen, they might be able to speak with the spirits around
them. "I want readers to know that anyone, anywhere, anytime can use the same
equipment and software that I use and communicate with the spirits of their loved ones,"
he says.

"Readers can also venture to historical sites such as battlefields and old forts and get a
glimpse of history by recording the residual voices of spirits still haunting the areas."

An excerpt from "Paranormal Investigations": "Maybe that is why people think that
miracles occur – because our loved ones are keeping a watchful eye over us and
helping us in our daily lives. They could be the angels that have been recorded
throughout history as helping people and nations in their hours of need. For example,
maybe Joan of Arc had the gift of hearing spirit voices without using an EVP recorder
and these spirits gave her intelligent advice on how to defeat the English at Patay so that
Charles VI could be crowned king of France. Was this really a case of divine intervention
or spirit manipulation? Maybe it's a little of both happening at the same time!"

"Paranormal Investigations: The Cajun Ghost Hunter Chronicles" By Stanley Jolet

Hardcover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 226 pages | ISBN 9 781466961333 Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 226
pages | ISBN 9781466961319 E-Book | 226 pages | ISBN 9781466961326 Available at
Amazon and Barnes & Noble
About the Author: Stanley Jolet has a bachelor's degree in chemistry from LSU and has
been a professional chemist for 34 years. He specializes in the analysis of trace metals
using atomic absorption and inductively coupled argon plasmas, which utilize the
properties of light. He lives with his wife, Barbara, their son, Philip, a disabled Iraqi
Freedom War Veteran and their "ghost dog" Froo Froo in Schriever, La.

For more information, please visit:

Contact: Stanley JoletStanley Jolet 209 Patrick Drive Schiever, LA 70395 985-635-2461

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