The camp will be held at BSC Striplin Field located on the
       Medical & Insurance Form                             BSC campus. For directions go to the BSC Athletics web-
                                                            site www.bscsports.net under CAMPS icon on
                                                                                                                             Best of Southeast
I hereby authorize BSC Baseball Schools and the di-
rectors of this baseball camp to act for me according
                                                            baseball page for directions and hotel information.
                                                                                                                               Fall Showcase
to their best judgment in any situation requiring medi-
cal attention for my son, daughter, or ward. I waive                                                                                And
and release the camp from any and all liability for any
injuries or illnesses incurred while in attendance and
participating at camp.
                                                                                                                            Instructional Camp
I fully understand that the BSC Baseball Schools’
insurance policy will only cover costs over and above
my medical insurance coverage on my son or ward.

I certify that my dependant has had a physical in the
last year. I further accept responsibility that my de-
pendant is physically able to participate in the activity
of baseball.

Signature of parent / guardian                 Date

Camper’s Name:

Physical Limitations:                                                    Registration Options
                                                            Register Online
Medical Insurance Company:                                  For your convenience, online registration and credit card
                                                            payment are available by registering on our website at
Policy #                                                    www.bscsports.net under the CAMPS heading.
                                                                                                                                   Hosted by
Parent/Guardian:                                            Register By Mail                                              Birmingham-Southern College
Emergency Phone Numbers (parent / guardian):                You can register offline by mailing in a completed copy of
                                                            this brochure. Make checks payable to BSC Baseball
                                                            School. Mail to:
                                                                                                                            Saturday, October 24th
Name               Bus Phone         Cell Phone
                                                            BSC Baseball School
                                                            900 Arkadelphia Road                                              10:00 am– 5:30 pm
                                                            Birmingham, AL 35254
Name               Bus Phone         Cell Phone

                                                            For more information, please contact Jan Weisberg at
                                                                                                                         High School Players Grades 10-12
                                                            205-835-4797 or by email at jweisber@bsc.edu.                     (Rain Date October 25)
                                                            Thank you for your interest in BSC Baseball !
                                                              Showcase your talent in front of the BSC staff and                      Please enroll me for the camp
  We would like to invite you to our 2009 Fall Showcase       many other college coaches of different levels.
  and Instructional Camp. Just as our winter Pitcher—                                                                      Name                                 Grad Yr
  Catcher camp was last December, this will be the most
                                                              Each participant will go through a pro-style work-
  professionally run camp that you attend. We look for-       out for skills evaluation, receive instruction, and
  ward to a great day of baseball. It will be a day to de-    be placed on teams to play in live game situations
  velop your game and showcase your talent in front of        for the coaches in attendance.                               City/State/Zip
  many college coaches.
                                                              To ensure quality evaluation, this one-day camp              Home Phone
  We hope that this camp can help you reach your goals
  that you may have on the field. We hope to see you here!    will be limited to 60 participants. To ensure that           School
                                                              you have a space we encourage you to pre-register.
                                                              Last year our winter camp filled quickly.                    T-Shirt Size:     L   XL       2XL
                            Jan Weisberg
                            Head Baseball Coach                                                                            E-mail Address:
                            Birmingham-Southern College                        CAMP COST
                                                                       $80.00 Per Camper                                   Primary Position:
                                                                                                                           Secondary Position (if any):
                                                                       $50.00 - Pitchers not wishing to be
               Showcase Schedule                                       evaluated at a secondary position                   GPA:             ACT / SAT Score:

9:30 am          Registration at Striplin Field               “Pitcher only” participants will be charged a lesser         PAYMENT INFORMATION
10:00 am         Stretch / Form Run / Arm Care                amount and pitch in games only while not partici-
10:35 am         Defensive Evaluation                         pating in workout. Instruction times for these par-                      Full Payment of $80.00
11:25 am         Batting Evaluation                           ticipants will be in bullpen prior to and following
                 Secondary Pitchers Bullpen                   their game outing. Pitcher only participants regis-                      $50 Pitcher Only
                 Defensive Evaluation batted balls            tration is from 12:30—1:00 pm.
                 Core Strength Presentation
                                                              Position players who would like to pitch will have           To reserve your spot, just return this application
12:35 pm         Lunch                                        that opportunity, either in a game setting or in a           along with the medical form on the opposite side.
                                                              bullpen setting evaluated by coaches in attendance.          Please make all checks payable to BSC Baseball
1:00 pm          Game One (Teams 1 & 2)                                                                                    Schools and return to:
                 Hitting Drills / Pitching Drills             A tentative list of colleges attending are:                                   BSC Baseball School
                 60 Yard dash times                                                                                                         Birmingham-Southern College
                 Recruiting Seminar                           Univ..of Alabama       UAB                                                    Box 549041
                                                              Univ. of Montevallo    Samford University                                     Birmingham, AL 35254
3:15 pm          Game Two (Teams 3 & 4)                       Auburn Univ.           Berry College
                                                                                                                           Upon receipt of your application, a confirmation
                 Same secondary stations as Game 1            U. West Alabama
                                                              Other 4-year colleges who plan to attend will be up-         will be emailed to you with further details.
                                                              dated on our website at bscsports.net as they confirm.
⇒ Each camper will receive a T-Shirt                                                                        ____________   Online Registration, Additional brochures,
⇒ LUNCH is provided for All Day Campers                                                                                    and info can be downloaded from our base-
⇒ A list of all colleges attending will be given to campers
                                                                Log on to our website at www.bscsports.net
                                                                to get more detailed information on the Fall                 ball website at www.bscsports.net or by
                                                                Showcase Camp                                                         calling 205-835-4797

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