Review for Mid-Term Exam.pptx by hcj


									                  Review for Final Exam
•   Basic knowledge of vector & index notation, matrix-tensor theory, coordinate
    transformation, principal value problems, vector calculus
•   Use of strain-displacement & rotation-displacement relations; determine
    strains/rotations given the displacements, integrate strains to find displacements
•   Use of strain compatibility equations
•   Traction vector & stress tensor definitions and relations
•   Use of equilibrium equations
•   Use of general and isotropic forms of Hooke’s law; both stress in terms of strain, and
    strain in terms of stress
•   General elasticity boundary-value problem formulation
•   Boundary condition specifications
•   Displacement formulation – Navier’s equations
•   Stress formulation – Beltrami-Michell compatibility + equilibrium equations
•   Strain energy – basic forms
•   Plane strain and plane stress formulation
•   Plane strain and plane stress problem solution in Cartesian and polar coordinates
    using Airy stress function and displacement formulation
•   Torsion formulation and problem solution using stress function and displacement

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