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					    Girl Scouts Wagon Wheel Council                                                                                            Volunteer
    Assist after-school programs with
    Spanish speaking students and their
                                                                    E SL                                  E SL                Opportunities
    families. Training provided.
    Contact Bertha Koch at 719-597-8603,                                                                                      Bijou Community
    X41 or email:                               Come to the Center for Service & Learning                                     Practice your Spanish every Monday                      and find great opportunities to help.                                      night with Spanish-speaking adults, 6-                                                                                            8:00 pm each Monday. Within walking
                                                        Worner Center, Room 205                                               distance from CC.
    Grant Elementary – District 11                                                                                            Contact Mary Lynn Sheetz at 205-9080.
    Need bilingual volunteers in the
    classroom to assist with Spanish-                                                                                         Catholic Community Charities, Family
    speaking kindergarteners. Days and              Email:
                                                                                                                              Literacy Project
    times are flexible. This opportunity is                                                                                   Teachers, child care assistants and
    not limited to fluent Spanish-speakers--                    Visit us at                                                   office assistants with ability to speak
    even if your Spanish is limited to "Hasta                                  Spanish are needed.
    luego" and "Adios amigo", your help is
    welcome. Bilingual volunteers
                                                                                               Tips and tricks for            Contact Margaret Cordova at 632-8093.
    (Spanish/English) are preferred;                                                                                          olunteer.htm
    everyone welcome. Contact Ms. Romens                                                           English as a
    at 328-5700 or email:                                                                                      Centro De La Familia                                                     Second Language                Assist Spanish-speaking, Native
    ends/d11.html                                                                                                             American and recent immigrant parents

El Paso County Health & Safety                                                                      volunteers                and children of Hispanic and Latino
Assist with Immunization clinics, speaking
                                                                                                                              Call 227-9170 or email
with Spanish patients, answering phones.
Contact Vickie Elliott at 578-3113 or                                                            Center for Service &
email:                                                                                                 Learning
                                                                                                                              Community Partnership for Child
                                                                                                    Colorado College          Translate for Spanish speaking students
Roosevelt Edison Charter Elementary
                                                                                                                              and parents as they adjust to the
School — District 11                                   Volunteering for                  classroom and school system, or be a
Help translate books, worksheets as well
                                                                                                                              Virtual Translator - help translate
as translating at various events. Would             someone else may end                                                      documents like the newsletter and
also welcome help in our ESL classrooms.
Contact Claire Matchett at 637-0311 x177            up impacting you even                                                     forms from English to Spanish.
                                                                                                                              Contact Delberta Uvalle at 635-1536.
                                                         more than the                                              
                                                                                                Tele (719) 389-6846
                                                                                                          ≈ Keeping your session useful

                                                                                                          Stay on task:

         ESL Vo
                                                                                                          • Learners who feel like their specific needs are
                                                                                                              being met will stay interested and engaged in their
                                                                                                              learning, so find out their needs and try to work to
                                                                                                              meet them
                                                  ≈ Your     job as a tutor                               •   Try to focus on small tasks bit by bit, then take a
                                                  It is your responsibility as a tutor of an                  few minutes to reflect on how these pieces are         ≈ Educate yourself
Pikes Peak Library District                                                                                   building into a language
                                                  ESL learner to:
LitSource is an adult literacy and basic skills                                                                                                                      Cultural learning differences:
program sponsored by the Pikes Peak Library                                                               Make learning interesting:                                 • Different cultures value academics differently
                                                  •   Above all, be patient, maintain a sense of
District. LitSource provides individual and                                                               • Games are fun, different, easy, interesting, and             and therefore have varying attitudes toward
                                                      humor and try to remember how strange
small group tutoring and informal English                                                                     amazingly effective way to learn                           study, teachers, etc.; research the ethnicity
                                                      English and America can be
conversation groups for adults who want to                                                                •   Get creative: make word/picture cards and play             you are working with and their values
                                                  •   Keep in mind two things: a person that speaks
improve basic skills in reading, writing, and                                                                 everything from Go Fish to Concentration, or use       •   Be aware of cultural differences in the
                                                      broken English speaks at least one other
spoken English.                                                                                               flash cards                                                “proper” way to argue, write, show respect, etc
                                                      language fluently, and the English skills of a
Contact Sherrill Wyeth at 531-6333, x2223                                                                 •   Use pictures from magazines to illustrate              •   Make yourself aware of other cultural norms
                                                      second language learner do not correlate with
or x2224                                                                                                      everything from nouns to verbs to colors and even          for personal space, appropriate topics, etc.
                                                      their intellectual level at all                                                                                      grammar
                                                  •   Be consistent and reliable in your meetings                                                                    If you don’t know, find out:
                                                                                                                                                                     • If you have English questions, ask a professor
T·E·S·S·A: A Community Without Domes-                                                                                                                                    or a friend for the right answer.
                                                  What if I speak their native language?                  ≈ Building a relationship
tic Violence & Sexual Assault                                                                                                                                        •   If you have a concern about an outside factor,
Spanish speaking volunteers to help in                                                                    •   You must develop an atmosphere of mutual trust in          bring it to the responsible party’s attention
                                                  •   Having to communicate solely in English will help
advocacy and on the crisis line.                                                                              your sessions, where it is acceptable and safe to          (teacher, social worker, organizer) Know your
                                                      the student learn survival skills faster
Contact Angela Schillaci @ 719-785-6809                                                                       take risks in a new language                               resources; come to the Center or talk to the
                                                  •   If you can explain a concept or definition in                                                                                           •   Encourage ESL learners, especially adults, to take         person in charge where you tutor.
                                                      their native language that they can’t
                                                      understand in English, go for it, then revert as        the responsibility for and “own” their own learning
Wasson High School – District 11                                                                              and progress as an investment in themselves
                                                      soon as possible to English
ESL classes in sheltered beginning                                                                        •   Ensure when conversing or correcting that the
                                                  •   Every successful communication in English
English, intermediate English, advanced                                                                       original thought and meaning is protected; allow
                                                      builds both skills and confidence, if you let
English, mainstream math (team-                                                                               the learner to maintain their own personal voice
                                                      them slide into the comfort zone of their
teaching), sheltered U.S. History, and                                                                    •   Set goals that are both reasonable and achievable,
                                                      native language, they may not learn as much.
sheltered U.S. Government. Volunteers                                                                         as well as worth the investment and check back on
needed to assist in tutoring and                                                                              them and celebrate progress
translating.                                                                                              •   Consider keeping a portfolio of work, goals, and
Contact Greg Hawkins at 328-2133 or                                                                           accomplishment for motivation and also to remind                                                                                              the learner how far they’ve come                                                                     •   Make time for some fun learning activities that
                                                                                                              involve use of everyday English and/or reading: go          Please contact the Center for Service &
                                                                                                              to a movie, practice skills by ordering coffee, play
                                                                                                              board games in small groups, exchange card games           Learning if you hear about any other ESL
                                                                                                              (you’d be amazed how much you have to say about
                                                                                                              rules, etc., and conversation too!), or talk about          Opportunities and we’ll add them to this
                                                                                                              cultural games—go watch or play a fun sport