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									Engineering . Machining . Punching . Bending . Precision Cutting
                Assembly . Finishing . Packaging
                          ...and More
Pennex Fabricated Products:
               Your Partner in Success
With the recent strong increase in demand for solar power, a start-up alternative energy
company needed to reduce the cost of their solar panels without sacrificing performance:
they chose Pennex. A boat trailer manufacturer turned to Pennex to provide their
components and sub-assemblies so they can focus on their core business. A leading
manufacturer of pop-up trailers needed our help improving the appearance and
performance of their folding ramp, while reducing cost. Pennex supplies a major fleet and
rental truck manufacturer with critical components Just-In-Time – via implementation of a
Kanban pull system.

Why do all these companies keep coming back to Pennex? They know that Pennex
Fabricated Products goes the extra mile to help them successfully face today’s critical
business challenges. Since 1983 we have consistently provided the highest quality
aluminum products for customers in a variety of industries.

What Outsourcing Can Do for You
Leading OEMs have turned to Pennex Fabricated Products to take the fabrication of
components and sub-assemblies “off their plate,” so they can focus on their core

Outsourcing to Pennex Fabricated Products brings your business key benefits. Our custom
stocking program will likely reduce your inventory costs, while freeing up valuable shop
floor and warehouse space. You will enjoy more flexibility in your manufacturing schedules
so you can better respond to your own customers’ ever more demanding delivery
requirements. With these time, space and cost savings, you can re-allocate resources to
work on new product development and other key areas of your business.

Helping You Tackle Your Fabrication and Assembly Challenges
When you choose Pennex Fabricated Products, you will benefit from our vertically-
integrated company organization. We have control over the purchase of scrap metal via our
parent company Metal Exchange Corporation, one of the largest suppliers, processors, and
purchasers of non ferrous metals in the world. Based in St. Louis, MO, MEC currently
operates globally in 19 countries.

Our nearby sister division Pennex Aluminum remelts MEC scrap aluminum to cast billet,
and then uses the billet to produce extrusions. Pennex Fabricated Products then adds
value to this extruded aluminum by creating finished fabricated products for our customers.
This close relationship between our company’s divisions gives us unmatched control over
raw material quality, availability, and delivery turnaround times. As part of this substantial
organization, Pennex is able to maintain stringent quality control, and to offer customers
expert engineering support and world-class customer service.

Pennex Fabricated Products runs a lean, nimble operation, staffed by the most customer-
focused team in the industry.
                       Working to Shape Your Future
The competitive advantages we can offer your business include:
 . We can adjust our lead times to suit customers’ needs; with our custom stocking program
   based on Kanban principles, you tell us when to deliver your finished parts. This enables you
   to reduce inventory space requirements, free up shop floor space, and better utilize
   manufacturing resources.
 . Our consistent quality control program has resulted in an industry-leading customer return rate
   of less than 0.1%.                                                                                “Thanks for helping us
 . Our design engineering team of problem solvers is ready with the technical skills and
   experience you need to help reduce the cost and improve the performance of your most
                                                                                                     get out of a very tough
   challenging application.                                                                          situation…we were
 . We are a leader in recycled content; all Pennex products contain over 80% recycled material,
   and the U.S. DOE recently recognized Pennex with an ‘Energy Champion’ award for energy            completely out of one
   conservation efforts. Pennex was employing environmentally sound practices in our business
   – reduction, recovery and re-use of materials - long before “green” was fashionable! Our
                                                                                                     of our biggest moving
   customers count on us to help them do the same.                                                   models. I placed a
A Wide Range of Aluminum Fabrication Capabilities for                                                call to Pennex
Your Demanding Needs                                                                                 yesterday and by this
Pennex Fabrication specializes in working with OEMs to help streamline their assembly and            morning, you have the
fabrication processes, developing and producing products that are better…less
costly….completed and delivered faster! Pennex, along with our trusted supplier/partners, can
                                                                                                     order ready for pick
provide you with the following wide range of fabrication resources:                                  up today which will
         . precision cutting & sawing          . welding
         . punching & notching                 . anodizing                                           help us to continue to
         . bending & forming
         . machining & drilling
                                               . painting and other finishes
                                               . assembly
                                                                                                     meet our customers’
When your part or sub-assembly is complete, Pennex will deliver your order via our company
                                                                                                     needs. Pennex has
owned and operated transportation fleet. This enables us to maintain our extremely high              gone above and
percentage of on-time deliveries, and to respond quickly should you need an emergency delivery.
                                                                                                     beyond to help us and
Why Select Pennex Fabricated Products for Your Next Project?                                         prove that you truly
Because we will partner with you to produce the highest quality fabricated product at a fair price   are a valued partner."
with lead times customized to your schedule. Some of the world's largest OEMs depend on                      Christa Larsen, Buyer,
Pennex Fabricated Products to meet their goals, so you can too. When you have an                       Construction Specialties, Inc.
emergency or an unexpected spike in demand, count on us to back you up.

When your fabricated aluminum product needs:
. The right engineering design support
. Precision fabrication and assembly
. Responsive customer service
. Dependable, on-time delivery
…why not consider Pennex Fabricated Products?

Contact Us Today!
Pennex would like to become your preferred supplier and partner for all your fabricated
aluminum products.
Pennex Aluminum Company, Fabricated Products Division
          2205 Pennsylvania Ave . * York, PA 17404
          Phone: 717-854-4116 * Fax: 717-699-2062


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