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					                                                      Loeb-Sullivan School of

MAINE                                                 International Business
Academy                                                          & Logistics
                                                                                             Masters Degree Program
                                                                         in Global Logistics & Maritime Management

The Master of Science degree program at the Loeb-Sullivan School        a supply chain management philosophy in addition to the set of op-
of International Business & Logistics has refocused the gradu-          erational processes that can optimize the international supply chain.
ate degree into a single degree – a Master of Science in Global
Logistics and Maritime Management (GLMM). All courses have              Graduates of the program are grounded in general management
a supply chain, logistics, and/or maritime management focus in          capability and are prepared to contribute strategic and organiza-
addition to the base discipline for the course. The program fea-        tional efforts toward effective supply chain management. This will
tures enhanced writing opportunities as part of course work. We         enable them to effectively lead logistics and maritime organizations
begin with four Orientation Courses during the last two weeks of        involved in operations and customer satisfaction.

                                                                        4 + 1 Alumni Advantage
August, and end with two intensive wrap-up courses for the six
weeks, from May to mid-June.

The GLMM program prepares students for the challenges of man-           MMA’s new graduate curriculum enhances our 4+1 IBL Alumni
aging the logistics of global supply chains and strategic, as well as   Advantage Program by keeping pace with the changing demands
operational, management in the maritime sector. The curriculum          of the global workforce, and building on the maritime-based his-
integrates managerial disciplines within the logistics and maritime     tory of the college. The current graduate class has 4+1 alumni from
professions. There is an emphasis on new concepts and theories          the MEO, MTO, VOT, MET, and IBL programs at MMA. Many
for global marketing and sourcing, inventory, distribution, and         of these 4+1 students return to graduate studies after professional
transportation management, as well as on supporting economics           experience in the field or at sea. They are complemented by recent
and finance/accounting. Students study logistics in the context of      graduates from MMA and by life-long learners from throughout
                                                                        the United States of America and abroad.
Advancing Your Career                             complete the M.S. degree and includes two
                                                  course offerings sure to increase student     Logistics Career Profiles
A dynamic career in international business        involvement in real-life work experience.     The Council of Supply Chain Management
and logistics rests on a foundation of            Research and writing on current case          Professionals (CSCMP), a leading
excellent communication, interpersonal            studies, and interaction with prominent       professional association of logisticians,
and critical thinking skills, understanding       professionals, consultants, and academics     defines logistics management as a component
of world cultures, and familiarity with           in the field, will sharpen our graduate       of supply chain management that is, “. . .a
international economics. A masters degree in      students’ sought-after career skills.         systematic and coordinated set of activities
                                                                                                required to provide the physical movement
Global Logistics and Maritime Management
                                                                                                and storage (raw materials, parts, finished
will propel your career to the next level                                                       goods) from vendor/supply services through
and beyond. The program is intended                                                             company facilities to the customer (market)

                                                  Career Choices
for individuals with experience in the                                                          and the associated activities… such as
transportation and logistics sector as well                                                     information, financial transactions, and
as for recent college graduates seeking                                                         customer service in order to meet customers’
challenging opportunities in the rapidly          Maine Maritime Academy graduates enjoy        requirements.” CSCMP website, March 24,
growing supply chain logistics and related        a respected reputation in today’s business    2011,
sectors.                                          and transportation industries. Selected
                                                  employers of Loeb-Sullivan School of          Dr. William DeWitt, MMA Associate Dean,
Typical applicants for the program include        International Business & Logistics masters    Director of Graduate Studies, and Professor
                                                  degree graduates include:                     of Logistics, points out that, “The logistics
entry-and middle-level managers, sea-
                                                                                                profession needs talented and committed new
going professionals, and those who wish to                                                      professionals who can respond to and reshape
enhance their management capabilities and         Hannaford Brothers, Maine                     the dynamics of world trade in Maine, New
advancement opportunities in international        Ingram Barge Lines, Nashville, Tennessee      England, the USA, and the global economy.
business logistics. Admission requirements                                                      For those who want to participate in the new
                                                  Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine
include an accredited baccalaureate degree                                                      global economy, there are many ways to get
or its equivalent.                                Hapag-Lloyd, Tampa, Florida                   a start or advance a career through the IBL
                                                  Cianbro Corporation, Maine                    program here at MMA and the Loeb-Sullivan
Graduate students pursue their studies at a       Target                                        School.”
level that requires a significant investment of   International Paper, Memphis
energy, thought and preparation, to complete                                                    Outbound Operations Manager
                                                  Walgreen                                      • Handles all order-filling activities
program requirements in 10 months.
                                                  Federal Marine Terminals, nationwide          • Responsible for stock replenishment
This will lead to personal growth in their                                                      • Ships all finished goods
managerial and leadership skills. Students        C.H. Robinson
                                                                                                • Monitors tracking and claims
will demonstrate their ability to gather,         Wal-Mart retail, private fleet, procurement   • Selects transportation
apply, analyze, synthesize, and critically        Boeing, Seattle, Washington                   • Manages details of preferred routing
evaluate current theories and knowledge           Kraft Foods                                   • Functions in domestic and international
claims by addressing specific real-world                                                          settings
                                                  NASSCO/General Dynamics, San Diego,
                                                    California                                  Inbound Operations Manager
GLMM program curriculum integrates                Sears                                         • Oversees receiving, processing, and visual
managerial disciplines within the logistics       Exxon-Mobil Operations, Washington,             inspection of production materials
                                                    D.C.                                        • Responsible for deliveries to stocking
and maritime professions. It encompasses
                                                                                                  locations within the company
the ability to study, analyze, and evaluate the   Sherwin-Williams
flow of goods, customer services, finances,       L.L. Bean                                     Inventory Planning Manager
and information from the supplier’s suppliers     Family Business                               • Responsible for production materials and
to the ultimate consumer.                                                                         availability
                                                                                                • Understands and controls overall
                                                                                                  production schedule

Practical Experience                              Helpful Links
Experiential learning is the fundamental          To learn more about the job functions,
                                                                                                Learn More
ethos of a Maine Maritime Academy                 salary ranges, and career prospects and       Our Web Site -
education. All IBL undergraduate students         trends for logistics professionals, visit     and Catalog - are filled
must pursue a co-operative work experience        the websites of The Wall Street Journal’s     with helpful information that may assist you
with a professional company (lasting a            Career Journal or The Council of Supply       as you consider attendance more seriously.
minimum of twelve normal work weeks)              Chain Management Professionals, located       We welcome your inquiry and are always
at the end of their junior year. Similarly,       at and           available to speak with you. Contact us at
our masters degree program includes a six-, respectively.           207-326-2212 or email
week session after the Spring semester to                                                       Apply at

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