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How to Prepare For Jaw Surgery


Surgery can be a scary no matter what it is. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your jaw surgery.

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									How to Prepare for Corrective Jaw Surgery
Jaw Surgery is a relatively common procedure that has been performed many times by extremely
talented surgeons. As you prepare for your own jaw surgery, you should remember that it is a routine
procedure but that it will affect your life dramatically as you recover. If you keep this in mind, you will
have an easier time readying yourself for the surgery and making it through the recovery after.

Things to Consider
The first thing you should do if you are considering jaw surgery is to research the procedure so you can
accurately measure the pros and cons and decide if this is a viable option for you. This research will also
help you to become familiar with the risks of the procedure, the recovery time, and the benefits it can
                                         have in your life after you are fully recovered. With this
                                         information in mind, you can make an educated decision.

                                         One of the most important things that you should remember is
                                         that you will need to eat only soft and perhaps even blended
                                         foods for the first while after your surgery. Keeping that in
                                         mind, it may be a good idea to go grocery shopping for the food
                                         you will be able to eat before your surgery so that you have
                                         plenty of soft foods on hand when you get home from the
                                         hospital and begin your at-home recovery phase.

                                          Because you will likely be tired and sore especially for the first
                                          little while after surgery, you will probably have a friend or
                                          family member prepare your food for you in that time. Because
of this, it may be a good idea to have a few recipes written out and to talk to them and explain your
needs thoroughly before you go in to the hospital for your surgery. Your family and friends will be glad
to help but because communication may be difficult immediately after surgery, it is a good idea to have
these conversations before you go into the operation room.

Preparing for the Hospital
You should also prepare a bag for the hospital. This could include deodorant, button up pajamas, a
book, movies, a laptop, and anything else that could make you
feel more at home and more comfortable after surgery. Some
of these things may not be useful for a little while but soon
after surgery you will want something to keep you occupied
and these items are a great start.

You also may want to prepare yourself for what you will feel
like immediately after surgery. Odds are that you will wake up
from surgery feeling a little confused about your surroundings,
and you will be quite swollen. To keep the swelling down, the nurses will keep you iced, and this is a
step you should continue to take when you return home from the hospital and go home.

If you are considering jaw surgery, remember to consult with your Cherry Hill dentist so you can insure
the best surgeon and procedure for your jaw. Start researching today so you can make the best decision
for your jaw and your bite!

Photo Credit: Ale_Paiva, mazwebs

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