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					402 North Willow Haven Avenue Lehi, UT 84043 November 18, 2009 «Law_Firm» Dear Sir or Madame: Please consider my application for an associate position with «Law_Firm» in «City», «State». I will complete a JD/MBA at the University of Alabama in December 2009. Along with my law degree I have experience working in various fields of law from extern and research assistant positions, volunteer opportunities, and past employment positions. While in law school, I completed an externship with Alabama State Circuit Court Judge, Scott Donaldson, at the Tuscaloosa County Courthouse. As an extern, I had the opportunity to do research and consult with the judge on cases he was deciding and observe court proceedings. I also worked for a year as a research assistant at the Alabama Law Institute where I updated state legal handbooks, edited legislative bills, and conducted research on a number of legal issues. Prior to law school, I volunteered with Utah Legal Services, where I assisted the attorneys in providing legal assistance to low income families in need of public benefits, protection orders, or help with housing. Along with preparing legal documents and running them to the court, I conducted research on housing laws and did in-house visits to many clients with disabilities to help them fill out the necessary legal paperwork in preparation for trial. In my professional career I worked in the Regulatory Affairs Department of Neways International, Inc., where I ensured that Neways’ products complied with FDA regulations and other food, composition, and labeling laws. Since I speak Russian, I was also responsible for ensuring that Neways’ products complied with the Russian Ministry of Health regulations, and that the products could pass through customs into Russia and other Eastern European countries. Along with these duties, I did market and regulatory research for all of Neways’ products in various countries where Neways was operating. Finally, I worked for a private international trade consulting firm, JBC International, in Washington, DC, where my responsibilities included researching customs import and export laws and practices for private businesses and foreign governments. I also attended senate subcommittee meetings on international trade and searched the news and the federal register each day for any updates regarding international trade laws. Thank you for considering my application for a position with «Law_Firm». You may contact me anytime by email at, or by telephone at 801-610-9529. Sincerely, Peter Jay

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