Six 90s Fashion Trends that are Back for 2014

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					Six 90s Fashion Trends that are Back for 2014

Dust off your Saved By The Bell VHS tapes and put on your Spice Girls albums, because 90s fashion is
back! Fashion has always been that way; every few decades the revolving door comes back around
and buried trends from years gone by begin making their way back on to the catwalks and in to the
fashion stores. While there are certain things from the Rugrat generation that should never be seen
in public again – popper pants, platform sneakers and backwards clothing spring to mind – there are
some 90s styles that look right at home in 2014. Here is our top 6:

1. Bucket hats

Think of Liam Gallagher, Ocean Colour Scene, and any number of other bands from the Brit Pop era
and you’ll probably be able to guess what the number one choice of hat for the summer is. Yes,
that’s right; it’s the bucket hat. However, it’s not just the guy’s that will be sporting these hats during
this year’s festival season; it’s the girls too. Any colour, any pattern, peak up or peak down – just
make sure you’re wearing a bucket hat to keep the sun off.

2. Cropped jackets

What would 90s fashion revisited be without some Fresh Prince of Bel Air inspired designs? Picking
up where boyfriend blazer left off in 2013, the cropped jacket is the perfect item to keep you warm

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in the spring shade and on those chilly summer evenings. As per the nineties, the boxier the jacket,
the trendier it will be.

3. Bermuda shorts

The summer item of choice during the mid-nineties, Bermuda women’s shorts will be everywhere
this year and the more shocking the design and colour, the better. Bermuda’s in 2014 can be worn to
the beach or dressed up with a blouse for more formal occasions – though you might want to tone
down the colour a little.

4. Logos

You know those baggy logo-emblazoned t-shirts that you wear for bed? Good news; you can start
wearing them in public again. Logos and slogans are big business again and, printed on oversized t-
shirts and sweaters, can be worn to complete the perfect relaxed, slouchy look. Cool band logos are
really where it’s at if you want to be loved, so think Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and The Cranberries.

5. Crop tops

Popularised in the 90s by the Spice Girls and the female cast of Friends, crop tops are not an
exclusively new trend for 2014, but they will remain popular throughout the year. Looking as trendy
for everyday wear as they do at a night out on the town, crops are available in a wide range of styles,
from long sleeves to tank tops and low cut to turtlenecks.

6. 90s shoes

Whatever shoes you were wearing in the 90s, start wearing them again because they are hot
property on the streets this year. Dr Marten’s, platforms, jelly shoes and pretty much any type of
shoe in white are fair game and will have you looking bang on trendy.

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