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									Why Learning Microsoft Office is Important

Microsoft Office is a suite of software productivity applications that have been in existence for
many years. The software has gone through many iterations since it’s original creation.
Microsoft Office is the most popular productivity suite in use today and is used in countless
homes and office throughout the United States and many other parts of the world, including
Kuwait. If you are unfamiliar with MS Office, you can obtain a Microsoft certification in Kuwait.

Microsoft Office Applications

If you are new to Microsoft Office, it is important that you learn how to use all of the applications in the
suite. One of the most popular is Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is a word processing application. It is
used to document creation and offers a comprehensive set of options for formatting, fonts, and styles.
You can even insert tables and charts to a Word document.

Excel might be the most frequently used
software application in the world. Excel allows
for the compilation of data into spreadsheets.
Here the information can be manipulated to
produce information for statistical purposes.

Powerpoint is another important application in
the Microsoft Office suite. Powerpoint is used
to create presentations. Students as well as
working professionals can create presentations
where they can present information to their
colleagues or classmates in creative and easy-to-read ways.

Outlook is an email application that is also a part of the Office suite. Outlook allows you to access and
manage multiple inboxes through the same interface. You can send and receive emails from each
account, view attachments and interact with links.
Reasons to Learn to Use Microsoft Office

There are a lot of reasons why you should learn to use Microsoft Office. First, it will increase your
productivity in your work day. The applications are designed to interact with each other seamlessly,
allowing you to move from one to the next without complaint. Microsoft Office is available for Mac as
well as Windows, so you will be able to use it no matter where you are working and no matter what type
of computer your employer uses.

                                                    If you are looking for a job, being proficient in all
                                                    the applications of Microsoft Office and having a
                                                    Microsoft certification in Kuwait can be extremely
                                                    important. Employers often look for prospective
                                                    employees who already possess the knowledge to
                                                    operate these applications successfully. This way,
                                                    precious time and resources do not have to be
                                                    spent on training the employee in their use and
                                                    they can instead focus on teaching the skills
                                                    necessary to perform the specific functions of their

Having these skills and certifications on your resume also show your employer that you take your work
seriously and seek to better yourself independent of employment. This kind of proactive effort will not
go unnoticed. Some employers may even require you to have these certifications before your
application can even be considered. Others may be willing to give raises to employees who complete
these certifications if they believe it will increase the employees productivity.

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