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									Benefits offered by SMEs to the country’s economy
Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have to play a big role in the stability of
any economy. Their roles assumes much higher importance if the economy
is in a phase of transition or that which belongs to an emerging country.
There are several benefits which a SME can offer to the country’s economy.

SMEs benefits to the economy

One of the most important benefits offered by any SME to the country’s
economy is the freedom which the SME owner gets for experimenting and
devising new strategies for their business and also taking new risks. It thus
helps in building entrepreneurial zeal and an eagerness to strive for personal
achievement which helps in motivating small and growing investors as well
as professionals.

The benefits offered by SMEs are not just restricted to the emerging
countries but are also much visible in western, developed countries. Small as
well as medium sized businesses form the backbone of several economies.
In the European Union itself, there are over 23 million small and medium
sized businesses and these represent 99 percent of the undertakings in
Europe and are also responsible for a staggering 60 percent of the GDP of
Europe. These SMEs are also primary job creators in Europe as they provide
employment to more than 100 million people.

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