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					                            Intrunet SPC 4000
                            The Intruder detection
                            system you can rely on

 Residential and Light Commercial Security Applications

 Siemens SPC 4000 Intrusion & Access system provides a flexible and cost effective solution to meet
 the needs of residential and light commercial businesses

Answers for infrastructure.
Security investment protection at all levels
   Personal Safety                     Keypad                  Access Control            Comfort Control               Fire Detection
User Benefits                   User Benefits               User Benefits              User Benefits               User Benefits
• PA can be programmed          • Back illuminated blue     • Single fob / card with   • Control different         • Smoke detection
  as silent (when required)       display - easy to read      dual functionality         electrical devices from   • Integrated into SPC so
• Keypad and PA devices         • Easy to use menu          • Control from a single      home such as lighting,      only one system to use
  are dual action reducing        structure                   system for door            garage doors              • Works 24 / 7 without
  false alarms                  • Keypad layout as mobile     management               • Direct control via the      any user intervention
• Wired and Wireless              phone for data entry      • Control of when users      keypad                    • Events logged the same
  devices supported as            and operation               can gain access          • Wireless key fob for        as Intrusion, giving
  standard                                                    through nominated          setting / unsetting         traceability of events
• External communication                                      doors                    • Encrypted wireless        • Additional sounders not
  for home monitoring                                                                    transmission                required

                                                                               Intrusion devices                    Intrusion devices
                                       Fire Detection                              (wireless)                            (Wired)

         Access Control


                              Control System by text
                              (or IP using a
                              Smart phone)
                                                                                               Alarm status /
                                                                                               events delivered
         keeping you connected
         Text message notifies you
         of system alarms and status
   Wired Security             Wireless Security                  Monitoring               Setting Flexibility            Communications
User Benefits               User Benefits                   User Benefits                User Benefits                 User Benefits
• SPC supports standard     • Devices can be placed         • By communicating           • Part-set options to suite   • IP, GPRS, PSTN and GSM
  wired detection devices     where its difficult and         via inputs from other        day and night protection      available
• Existing wired devices      or costly to install wiring     systems, SPC can             requirements                • Compatible with
  can be used, minimising   • Wide range of                   monitor and report         • Part-set communication        industry standard
  the amount of re-wiring     aesthetically pleasing          different types of           options                       protocols
• Wide range of intrusion     intrusion devices               events / alarms            • SMS notification when       • Text delivers Alarm/
  devices from Siemens      • Long battery life             • Reduce the number and        system is unset by a user     System info directly to
  and the open market       • Communication to                cost of multiple systems     (can also Set / Unset         your mobile phone
• Meets EN standard           device is fully supervised    • Full communication           via IP)                       (can also control via
  Grade 2                                                     capability embedded                                        SMS or IP)

       Comfort Control


                                                                                   Future-oriented and scalable systems

                                                                                   Reliable and cost-effective wireless integration
                                         Monitoring                                Supports 3rd party communication devices

                                                                                   Compatible with Intrunet wireless detectors
                                                                                   and peripheral devices

                                                                                   Intuitive system control with only a few
                                                                                   operation steps

                                                                                   Range of keypads with/without card reader,
                                                                                   wireless receiver or voice assistance

                                                                                   Advanced door management functionality
                                Setting Flexibility
                                                                                   Comprehensive communications

                                                                                   Local or remote system control

                                                                                   Zone-specific alarm activation and
                                                                                   transmission types

                                                                                   Separate intrusion and access event logs

                                                                                   Log of alarm responses and procedure
                                                                                   Optional IP (embedded), PSTN and GSM plug-in
                                                                                   modules for versatile communication
                                                   - IP
                                                                                   Compliant with EN Standards (independently
                                                   - PSTN                          validated)
                                                   - GSM
                                                   - GPRS

 Security Monitoring
SPC 4000 Capabilities
Controller                          8 zones (expandable to 32 zones) + 6 Outputs (expandable to 30)
Areas                               4 - Allow the system to be divided up so parts of the system can be set independently
Keypads	           	      	         4	-	Keypads	can	be	common	to	a	number	of	areas	or	assigned	specifically	to	one	area
Users                               32
EN50131                             Grade 2
Interoperability                    Allows existing wired detection to be used when upgrading to a Siemens SPC system

Access Control
Doors                               4 (4 with entry readers only or 2 with entry and exit readers)
Cards/Fobs                          32
Calendars					     	      	         4	(Offers	flexible	time	control	for	specific	processes)
Access Event Log                    1000
Door Groups                         2

Passive Infrared Detection          Standard PIR, Quad PIR with Pet Tolerance , Ceiling mount PIR
Door / Window Contacts              White Magnetic Contact
Safety Devices                      Flood Detector, Smoke Detector, Wireless Panic Alarm
Control                             Remote Control

PSTN                                56kbaud
GSM/GPRS                            9600kbaud
Ethernet Connection                 10Mbs
Signalling                          SIA/CID & Fast Format
SMS (Outgoing)                      First 4 users can have 5 SMS numbers
SMS (Incoming)                      Control panel using SMS commands (controlled by prior authentication)

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I BT Security Products
Suite 7, Castlegate Business Park
South Wales
NP26 5AD
Main: +44 (0) 1291 437920
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