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									Contractor Recognition
  September 2011
Date of Recognition:9/27/2011
Company: Brand
Workers Name (s): Victor Contreras, Ruth Castillo, Jorge Ochoa, Jaime Estrella, Ruben Haro, Alfredo 
Guevara, Eddy Hernandez, Gustavo Montecillo, & Omar Lara
Work Location: A-3610 PMDI
Description of Recognition: I wanted to let you know that Victor Contreras and crew are doing a great 
  job here at PMDI.  They are willing to help out in a safe and timely manner with everything that is put 
  on their plate.  Yesterday we had a safety audit with 3 maintenance leaders auditing our safe work 
  permits, life critical guard, housekeeping etc. and they were visited and I heard very positive feedback 
  this morning in our production meeting.  They said that they all were very willing to explain their job, 
  all paperwork (which is, now days a lot) was very organized and so on and so forth.  I just took the 
  names of the entire crew to enter a positive QSPP.  Just wanted to send you a thank-you and to please 
  commend these guys for a job well done. 
Recognized By: Tim Sparkman
é Date of Recognition:8/30/2011
é Company: Brand
é Workers Name (s): Rene Pruneda, Jose Diez,  Terry Grubbs, Delfino Leyva, & Juan Acevedo
é Work Location: B-3900, B-6200, & B-5600
é Description of Recognition: I like to commend Rene Pruneda (Crew leader) B-6200, Terry Grubbs (Crew leader) B-
  3900, Delfino Leyva/ Jose Diaz, ( Crew leaders) B-5600, & Juan Acevedo (Safety) for communicating early this 
  morning to me on some jobs that were scheduled for today that had some safety concerns. B-6200 unit had a 46lbs 6” 
  line that was leaking steam within the insulation and sheet metal. Safety, Pruneda, and Dow safety went to look at job 
  and concluded that this job will be cancelled since the job has a high potential for a steam burn and should be done 
  when the line is not in service. Block agreed and will  push back for future work. Grubbs also called early that 
  morning that he had 2 jobs that needed insulation removed that had low portable water leaking within the insulation 
  and metal. Safety concluded that this job was safe to strip. Delfino  and Diaz also called Safety department about a 
  24” steam line that was leaking steam within the insulation and metal. Brand and operations went to look at the job 
  and concluded that this 105 F line should also be worked on when not in service due to high pressure and steam burns. 
  By planning and getting the key personnel’s involved on this type of task we will prevent our EE’s from getting hurt 
  and  giving them a safe environment to work around. Thank you gentlemen.
é Recognized By: Brand Management
é Date of Recognition:9/27/2011
é Company: Brand
é Workers Name (s): Zeferino Maya
é Work Location: OC-708
é Description of Recognition: A positive intervention took place with Zeferino Maya, the asbestos 
  removal lead men for Brand. Mr. Maya had all the proper documentation for himself and each member 
  of his crew for the asbestos removal. All the documentation was organized in a way that could be found 
  and accounted for easily and illustrated that his crew was knowledgeable of the job scope and dangers 
  of the job. The respirators that were used while removing the insulation had all the proper 
  documentation to show that they had been inspected on a continuous basis. Mr. Maya's high level of 
  ownership of his craft and focus on safety is highly regarded.
é Recognized By: James Parr (Dow)
é Date of Recognition:9/8/2011
é Company: Brand
é Workers Name (s): Sylvia Smith, Cherri Music, Jessica Symonds, & Marisol Mata
é Work Location: Plant B SPOI Locations
é Description of Recognition: I would like to recognize the RCRA crew for setting a 4 year milestone 
  with no incidents. Their duties consist of walking 7 days a week throughout the year including all 
  major holidays, unless life threatening.  There has only been one time since Brand was unable to 
  inspect the lines, which was during a mandatory evacuation of a hurricane, and have done without 
  any incidents since day one.  The inspectors are also responsible for keeping all regulated 
  documentation in compliance with the associated piping that is inspected.
é Recognized By: Brand Management and Greg Benn.
é Date of Recognition: 8/23/11
é Company: Enduro Composites, Inc.
é Workers Name (s): Saul Hernandez & Crew
é Work Location: OC-5 (-T404)
é Description of Recognition: Foreman and Crew were commended for their work ethic and
  progressing the job safely and in a timely manner. They went the extra mile to complete the
  job on time.

Recognized By: Carlos Garza/Bill Savage MTS
é Date of Recognition: 9-13-11
é Company: Miken Specialties, ltd
é Workers Name (s): John Lindley, David Garcia, Chris Smith, Bryan Adkins, Michael Solomon,
  Ronaldo Sanchez, Jose Sanchez and Leonardo Garcia
é Work Location: A-3200
é Description of Recognition: A-3200 would like to thank Miken Specialties for an excellent job
  when it came to safety and time to execute all phases of the scaffold support required. Foremen
  and crew leaders went out of their way to communicate and update job status to the Dow contact
  during shift change.
é Recognized By: Bruce York
é Date of Recognition: 9-15-11
é Company: Miken Specialties, ltd
é Workers Name (s): Jeremy Lewis, Martin Pulido & William Nunez
é Work Location: A-820
é Description of Recognition: A Miken Specialties crew found a potential overhead hazard in
  major ally way of the block and yellow taped the area and had a crew member guard barricade
  until operations was notified.
é Recognized By: Keith Peralta
é Date of Recognition: 9-16-11
é Company: Miken Specialties, ltd
é Workers Name (s): Ronnie Dunn, Eric Dye & Leland Speed and their Crews
é Work Location: OC-602
é Description of Recognition: A special thanks to Miken Specialties Hard Dollar Group for their
  hard work and the quality of work they have done. They did the work at the very hottest time of
  the year in a very safe professional manner. The scaffolds they built were very good and they
  never had a single revise unless we caused it. Thanks to your entire crew for their hard and safe
  work during this outage.
é Recognized By: Tony George
é Date of Recognition: 9-16-11
é Company: Miken Specialties, ltd
é Workers Name (s): Richardo Sanchez, Marvin Roberts & Osvaldo DelVillar
é Work Location: B-4600
é Description of Recognition: Special Thanks to Miken Specialties for their outstanding
  performance during our recent CPP pit stop at B-4600
é Recognized By: Javier Mosqueda
é Date of Recognition: 9-23-11
é Company: Miken Specialties, ltd
é Workers Name (s): Speedy, Leon Reyes, Chris Simmons and their Crews
é Work Location: B-2904
é Description of Recognition: I would like to thank Miken Specialties for the safe and great job
  they did on the Poly 4 TA. Their crews were always able to complete any task given to them.
  Thank you from Poly 4 TA Group.
é Recognized By: Cecil Adamcik

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