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									Heredity and Genetics
     Review Game
Gregor Mendel made an important
 discovery while working with pea
       plants. What was it?

  Each trait had two sets of instructions, one from
   each parent.
    When there is incomplete
  dominance, what happens with
          the alleles?

 Each allele has its own degree of influence.
Body cells have twice the number
      of chromosomes of

 sex cells
What did the model of DNA built
by Watson and Crick resemble?

 a long, twisted ladder
   When replicating, DNA splits

 down the middle
 One example of __________ is in
   the production of insulin for
    diabetics. Scientists create
recombinant DNA using a normal
 human insulin gene and bacteria
 genetic engineering
Sickle cell anemia is an example of
   a disorder that is caused by a
     genetic _______________.

 mutation
     The genetic make-up of an
       organisms is called its

 genotype
________ chromosomes are found
     in each human sex cell.

 23
  In pea plants, tallness is dominate
   over shortness. Create a Punnett
  Square that shows the crossing of
   two heterozygous tall pea plants.
  What are the possible genotypes?

 TT, Tt, Tt, tt
   ________ is the mathematical
    chance that something will

 probability
   A(n) _______ mutation is one
   where a base has been added.

 insertion
          Name the four bases.

 adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine
 Different forms of characteristics
            are _______.

 traits
     When an organism has two
 dominant or two recessive alleles,
it is said to be _________________.

 homozygous
 _________ is the passing of traits
    from parents to offspring.

 heredity
    Rosalind Franklin used x-ray
   diffraction to show that DNA’s
        shape is ___________.

 spiral
Create a Punnett Square that shows
 outcomes for gender. What is the
  probability of getting a male or a

 50/50
   __________ and ___________
   make up the sides of the DNA

 sugar, phosphates
        A base is left out in a
      _____________ mutation.

 deletion
___________ are used to organize
possible offspring combinations.

 Punnett squares
    Scientists and farmers use
 ___________ to create bigger and
  better offspring from crops and

 selective breeding
What is the complimentary strand of
 DNA for the following sequence:

   A __________ is a string of
 nucleotides that has instructions
        for a certain trait.

 gene
 ____________ make up the rungs
       of the DNA ladder.

 base pairs
In pigs, curly tails are dominant over
  short tails. How is it possible for
   parents with curly tails to have
      offspring with short tails?

 If both parents genotypes are heterzygous (Cc).
  A ___________ is the physical
  appearance of a characteristic.

 phenotype
A _________ is a diagram to trace
    a trait from generation to

 pedigree
Sex-linked traits occur most often
 in ________ because they have
    only one X chromosome.

 males
     ___________ is the study of
    heredity and inherited traits.

 genetics
   Each _______ consists of three
    different materials: sugars,
      phosphates, and bases.

 nucleotide
 When an organism has a pair of
 heterozygous alleles, it is called a

 hybrid

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