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AAIA Conference Keeping up to date - Ofqual Activity.ppt


									AAIA Conference:
Keeping up to date - Ofqual Activity

Stephen Anwyll, Head of National Assessment, Ofqual
4th October 2012
EYFS Assessment

2-3 year Progress Check
• How will parents perceive it?

New EYFS Profile
• Are ‘expected’ levels of a similar pitch?
• How useful is the exemplification?
• What training will be provided for teachers and for
• How helpful will Y1 teachers find Profile outcomes?
• How will a ‘good level of progress’ be defined?
• How will Ofsted expect to see progress in EYFS?
Phonics Screening Check

• How are results interpreted and explained to
• Is the Check identifying the children who really
  need additional support?
• What’s the correlation between performance in the
  Phonics threshold and in KS1 Reading (or EYFS
• How will Ofsted interpret and use the outcomes?
• What are the pressures on Y1 (and Y2) teachers?
Phonics Screening Check 2012
End of Key Stage 1

• Low profile – what’s happening on the ground?
• How are different schools now making use of the
  tests to inform their TA judgements?
• What’s the impact of KS1 being used as a
  baseline for a primary Progress Measure?
• How is moderation working – what differences
  with the models for EYFS and KS2?
• Are LAs able to meet minimum requirements and
  are they acknowledging conflicts of interest?
End of Key Stage 2

• Strong improvements in results this year
• How did schools respond to external moderation
  of Writing TA in 2012?
• What were the key issues for LAs in organising
  and running moderation?
• National training, exemplification, appeal
• Differences with the models for EYFS and KS1
  and conflicts of interest?
End of Key Stage 2

• Selection of schools for external moderation in
• What difference will the earlier submission of TA
  outcomes (in June) have?
• What will be the impact of 2012 results on entry
  levels for Level 6 in 2013?
• How will schools respond to the new G,P&S test?
• How will G,P&S outcomes be reported and
  contribute to any accountability measure?
End of Key Stage 3 and overall

• When is the ‘end of KS3’?
• How are KS3 teacher assessments now used?
• What is the impact of the Ebacc?
• How is KS2 attainment used on entry to Y7?
• Do secondary schools know about early TA in
  2013 and externally marked level 6 tests?

• What about assessment in the era of the new
  National Curriculum?

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