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									 On the Move
              Osama                             Amy Love,
              Bedier,                           Appirio
              WePay                            The San
               The Palo Alto                   Francisco
               payments                        global cloud
               company                         consultancy
               powering                        named Amy
               platform                        Love chief
businesses named Osama           marketing officer. Previ-
Bedier to its board of di-       ously, she held positions
rectors. He held an execu-       at NetApp.
tive position at Google.
              Michele                           Smulders,
              Bell,                             AtHoc
              Retrofit                          The San
               The data-                        Mateo
               driven weight                    provider of
               loss program                     network-cen-
               for busy                         tric interac-
               profession-       tive crisis communication
als appointed Michele Bell       systems named Mary-Lou
regional vice president of       Smulders vice president
business development             of marketing. Previously,
and will work in the Palo        she served as senior vice
Alto office. Previously,         president of global ap-
she worked extensively           plications and services
in the health and fitness        marketing at Oracle.
              Matthew                           Winsberg,
              Gloss,                            RMS
              AtHoc                            The Newark
               The San                         provider of
               Mateo                           software,
               provider of                     services and
               network-cen-                    expertise
               tric interac-     for the quantification and
tive crisis communication        management of catas-
systems named Matthew            trophe risk appointed
Gloss as general counsel.        Paul Winsberg senior vice
Recently, he served as           president of software
general counsel at Mel-          development. He is former
lanox Technologies.              vice president of product
                                 engineering at OpenTex.

 Bay Area News Group reports promotions of executives at
 the vice president level or higher. Send notices to svpeople@
 mercurynews.com. With each announcement, we require a
 photograph in JPEG format. Please upload the image, which
 should be a head shot about 1 megabyte in size, to http://me-
 diafm.mercurynews.com. If this is your first time uploading
 the images, you’ll need to contact the newspaper at 408-920-
 5088 to obtain a pass code.

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