2010 Registration Form

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					                                    North Delta Baseball Association
                                            2010 Registration Form
Please Print:
Players Last Name:                                        First Name:
Address:                                          City:                       Postal Code:
Date of Birth:                                                       Age: ______       Phone No.:
                         (Day/Month/Year)                                (As at Dec 31/09)
School Attended:                                          T-shirt Size: Adult S M L XL Youth S M L (circle one)
Dad’s Name:                   Tel No.                                      E-mail:
Mom’s Name:                      Tel No.                                   E-mail:

                                        We will be accepting registrations on the following dates (10:00am – 2:00pm):
             OPEN                       Sunday, November 22nd – Mackie Clubhouse
         REGISTRATION                   Sunday, November 29th – Mackie Clubhouse
                                        Sunday, January 10th – Mackie Clubhouse
                                        Sunday January 24th – Mackie Clubhouse

                                        Mackie Clubhouse: 82nd Avenue at 110th Street

                                        Registration from new players will be accepted on a “first-come, first-served” basis from North
                                        Delta catchment area only. Registrations from new players that do not reside in North Delta
                                        catchment area will not be accepted until February 15, 2010. Out-of-District players should
                                        make note of the acceptance requirements detailed on this registration form.
REGISTRATION Form:                      Parents and players can download registration forms, etc. All registration forms and any
                                        documentation that may be required by the Registrar (i.e. New players’ birth certificates, etc…)
Available Online:                       must either be mailed or dropped off to the Registrar at the address listed on the back of
(www.ndbaseball.com)                    this form.

REGISTRATION FEES:                          (Includes team & individual photos and “Property of NDBA” T-shirt)
DIVISIONS (Age as of Dec 31/09)                               AGE                        Registration
Blast ball                                                      4                            $25.00
T-Ball                                                         5-6                           $60.00
Tadpole                                                        7-8                           $125.00
Mosquito                                                      9-10                           $135.00
Peewee                                                        11-12                          $145.00
Bantam A, AA & AAA *                                          13-14                          $175.00
Midget AA & AAA*                                              15-17                          $185.00
Junior Premier/Premier                                        15-17                          $395.00

    •     * $100 Surcharge for Bantam AAA or Midget AAA
    •     Additional Fees are charged for the Summer Ball League ($50.00-$100.00 depending on division)
    •     Family Rate: Families with more than 2 children playing – pay $50.00 only for youngest third or more
          child playing

                                                          Please read the 2nd page and sign where indicated at the bottom
    As a Parent, I will help with:
    Team Manager:___ Team Coach:___ Team Parent: ___                                   Concession Coordinator:___
    NDBA Sponsor: ___ Umpire:___    Umpire Allocator:___                              Coach T-Shirt Size: S M L XL XXL


  Fundraising:                       A $30.00 cheque dated no later than February 01, 2010 MUST accompany this registration
                                     form. The registration form will be returned if fee is not included. Fundraising is not
                                     optional. (Fundraising Fees are waived for the Blastball Division)
  Concession Duty:                   The concessions are a very important part of our fundraising. Our concessions are open almost
                                     every day of the week during open season, tournaments and provincials. It is MANDATORY
                                     that parents serve their concession duties that are assigned at the beginning of the season,
  ** Separate CK                     during tournaments and provincials that your child participates in. To ensure this a separate
     Required                        post-dated cheque for June 1st, 2010 in the amount of $100.00 must be attached
                                     to each player's registration form. This cheque will not be cashed unless the
                                     concession duties are not performed.
  Uniform Deposit:                   Due to the rising cost of uniforms and the amount of uniforms not returned each year, each
                                     player is to provide a separate post-dated cheque for June 1st, 2010 in the amount of
                                     $100.00. This cheque must be attached to each player's registration form. This
  ** Separate CK                     cheque will only be cashed if your uniform is not returned at the end of the season.
     Required                        $25 fee will be charged for NSF Cheques.

                                                       ADDITIONAL INFO:

   Parent Participation:              Parents and guardians should be aware that when you sign this form, you
                                      understand that NDBA is a volunteer organization. Please be ready to pitch in and
                                      help out.
    Out of District                   Out of District players cannot be registered unless a signed release form from your
      Players:                        previous association’s president and NDBA president’s accompanies your registration
                                      form. Please contact your association’s president to obtain this form.
    Registrar:                        Please mail the form or drop it off at the registrar’s home:
                                      Jana Prasad 11759 – 86th Ave, Delta BC V4C 2X5 Tel: 604-805-3720

    Please include the following with completed Registration form:
    Cheque for:   Registration Fee plus $30.00 Fundraising fee.                             Registration Fee    $
                  Concession Duty ($100.00 post-dated for June 1, 2010)                       Fundraising Fee   $ 30.00
                  Uniform Deposit ($100.00 post-dated for June 1, 2010)   Cheques Included 1) Total Cheque      $
                   Copy of Birth Certificate (new players)                                 2) Concession Duty    $ 100.00
                                                                                           3) Uniform Deposit   $ 100.00

                                Office Use ONLY                                         DIVISION
Cash: ________    Cheque:                                                               TO BE PLAYED:
Deposit Cheques
Concession:    Uniform:   Fundraising      B/C:

Other Business
T-Shirt Rec’d ______

How did you hear about NDBA?     School Flyer _____ Leader Flyer ______
Friend ____Returning Player ____Lawn Sign ______ other _____________

    I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators waive and release any and all rights, claims and causes of action
    that I may have or that might arise against the Corporation of the District of Delta, Delta Leisure Services, North Delta
    Baseball Association and their affiliated committees, sponsors, agents, assigns and representatives for any and all injuries,
    losses, and expenses suffered by me or my child while engaging in activities associated with the North Delta Baseball
    Association, including but not limited to all practices and games.

     ________________________________________                                 ________________________________
    Signature of Parent / Guardian                                            Date Signed