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Summer 2013 - York Habitat for Humanity


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									                                                                                                                                    Summer 2013 Issue

                                                   Building on Faith 2013
                                         By: Jim Mummert, BOF Fundraising Committee Co-Chair

                          Building on Faith (BOF) Blitz Week begins on Tuesday, June 18 for the duplex unit
                          at 403 and 405 S. Albemarle St. on the east side of the City of York. Such a week
                          involves two shifts of volunteers led by volunteer foremen and Habitat Staff.
                         A new and exciting dimension for this project is the erecting of graffiti boards around
                         the structure and a picture-taking event on Saturday, June 22 at 8:00am. These             BOF families break ground with St. Mark’s
                         positive-themed works of art were created by youth throughout the county at three
locations last summer. In combination with the graffiti exhibit, there will be a brief ceremony of prayer and recognition of State Farm Insurance (a
major project sponsor) which will kick off the final day of Blitz Week. .
A new registration procedure for construction volunteers will allow easy access to workday availabilities. After Blitz Week, BOF volunteers will work
every Wednesday and every other Saturday in order to have the homes completed in time for the two families to celebrate Thanksgiving in their new
homes. For more information regarding construction registration, contact Beth Fives (600-2326 or bafives@yahoo.com)
The overall project goal is to raise $180,000 in cash and in-kind contributions. Thanks to St. Mark’s Lutheran Church’s tremendous generosity in the
sponsorship of one home and a matching gift of $25,000 for the other home, the fundraising challenge has been greatly assisted. However, addition-
al funds are needed to complete the two four-bedroom homes. The hope is that congregations from throughout York County will unite in this calling
to help God’s people in need and join in support of the project through special offerings, budget contributions and
unique fundraisers. In addition, several countywide fundraisers to support the costs of the build are planned. With
the wide array of planned events, there promises to be something for everyone so that all can play a role in helping
these families realize their homeownership dream!
The time to put faith in action is now! Rally your congregation around the 2013 Building on Faith project today!
There is no better way to unite all members of your faith community than to work together to provide a forever home
for two wonderful families!
                                                              Please visit the BOF 2013 website at www.tinyurl.com/           (L to R) Kim Ray from the York Quilters
     Building on Faith Fundraisers &                          bof2013 for all the details regarding how you can make         Guild presented Chip Hoover, BOF chair,
                 Events                                       a lifelong difference in the lives of the Cordero and          and Deb Clemons, BOF Planning Team
                                                                                                                                 member with a handmade coverlet
POSITIVE GRAFFITI EXHIBIT & STATE FARM                        Warfel families!
Saturday, June 22, 8:00am
403 & 405 South Albemarle St.                                                Women Build 2013 Officially Kicks Off
HISTORIC CHURCH TOUR                                           As part of Habitat for Humanity International’s Women Build initiative thousands of women
Sunday, September 29                                           gathered the week before Mother’s Day to participate in National Women
12:30- Lunch at St. John Episcopal Church, Beaver St.          Build Week (NWBW) activities where they built, learned and
1:00 - Prayer Service - World Day of Prayer for Habitat        gained new friends. Right here in York County women gath-
1:30 - Tour of Eight Downtown Historic Churches                ered at 37 W. Jackson St to help build, they attended classes
QUILT RAFFLE                                                   at Lowe’s, to learn construction skills. The week came to an
                                                               end with a fun-filled Kick Off Rally for Women Build 2013
Two Handmade Quilts, Two Handmade Coverlets,
                                                               where women gathered at Grace Fellowship Church in York
and one Antique Quilt will be raffled off .
                                                               New Salem to meet future homeowner, Laurie Hanline and
Tickets: $1 each, 6 for $5, 12 for $10, and 30 for $20.
                                                               her family. While there, they challenged themselves at five
Purchase tickets at the Habitat office (854-6168)                                                                                  Many women joined in the
                                                               wacky “construction” stations while enjoying some friendly         Women Build 2013 Kick Off
or from any of the following committee members:
Roxanne Price: 891-0989; Jim Mummert: 751-6006
Chip Hoover: 792-3153; Deb Clemons: 659-8973
                                                               The plans for Women Build 2013 are to build a handicapped home so that Laurie’s 13 year
Winners will be announced at October 20th Hymn Sing
                                                               old wheelchair-bound son, Allen, can become independently mobile through the use of
HYMN SING                                                      adaptive equipment that he currently can’t use in the house the family rents. Laurie shares
Sunday, October 20 - 3:00                                      that one of the things she is looking forward to the most with having an accessible home is
First Presbyterian Church, 225 E. Market St.                   the fact that for the first time, Allen will be able to look at the world on the same level as
Led Jim Spark and Burt Parry                                   others rather than always crawling on the floor. During NWBW, women became aware of
                                                               how they can get involved in making Laurie’s dream of homeownership come true.

                        33 South Seward Street * York, PA 17404 * (717)854-6168                                                                       Page 1
                             www.yorkhabitat.org * yhfh@yorkhabitat.org
                                                     Women Build Needs A Home
York Habitat is disappointed to announce that our Women Build 2013 project has hit a serious roadblock. After overwhelming opposition voiced by
the local residents of Sherwood Forrest at the YNS Borough Council meeting, YHFH has made a most difficult decision to secure another property for
the Hanline’s home where this most-deserving family will be embraced by the community rather than placing them in an unwelcoming environment.

This situation is devastating to all those involved from the Habitat organization including the hundreds of volunteers who have been working to make
this dream of homeownership a reality. But no one is affected more than Laurie Hanline who currently lives in a rental property that cannot be modi-
fied to accommodate the needs of her severely mentally and physically handicapped son, Allen. Laurie has been eagerly anticipating the August 4th
groundbreaking for her new home. Moving into her home is a dream come true in so many ways, but most
of all it was to be a miracle for her 13 year old son as it was to have given him the ability to maneuver from            Text 2 Build
room to room in his walker instead of having to crawl on the floor.

York Habitat is appealing to the community to rally around Laurie and her boys to help us keep her dream
of homeownership alive and on schedule!

At this point, York Habitat is hoping to have another building lot donated in the central to southern
area York County that will accommodate the specially designed, handicapped accessible home.
Another option would be to acquire a three bedroom rancher in the same areas of York County that
has public sewer and water and could be modified to meet the needs of the family. A donation of an ex-
                                                                                                              TEXT - TO – BUILD - “Using your cell
isting single story home would be ideal as it would allow the raised funds to be used for the renova-         phone to build a brighter tomorrow!”
tions of the home. Obtaining an existing home that can be renovated for handicap accessibility would
guarantee that the Women Build 2013 project would continue on time, but most importantly would transform      York Habitat for Humanity is almost en-
Laurie from a renter to a homeowner without the delay of the land development process.                        tirely dependent on private donations
                                                                                                              (both corporate and individual) to keep
Both the Hanline family and York Habitat look at this unfortunate situation as a blessing in disguise. “For   our office running and to continue build-
every door that closes, a new one opens” Anyone knowing of a suitable lot or existing house that could        ing homes for qualified families in need.
become the future home for the Hanline family is urged to contact Miles Fishel at (717)854-6168 ext. 102
                                                                                                              Our “Text To Build Program” is one of
                                                                                                              the unique programs that help fund our
                                                                                                              mission. With “Text to Build” you can
                Visitor Volunteers Building in Our Community                                                  easily donate to York Habitat from your
                                                                                                              cell phone -anytime, anywhere! It’s sim-
                                                                                                              ple, secure, and convenient!
    The work camp groups that come to York Habitat are very special to us! This spring we have had
                                                                                                              Here’s how it works:
    nine groups from all over the U.S. travel to York to volunteer to “build better lives, one home at a
                                                                                                              1. Text HOME to 41518
    time!” Two of these groups were from AmeriCorps NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps)
                                                                                                              2. Reply “YES” to confirm your dona-
    whose mission is to strengthen communities and develop leaders through direct, team-based na-
    tional and community service.
                                                                                                              3. A $10 donation will appear on your
    Groups come to us all year round to volunteer their time. As always, volunteers have to be 16                next cell phone bill. It’s that easy!
    years old or older to be on the work site. Not only do the participants work hard on the job site, they   (No credit card or third-party forms to fill out)
    have the opportunity to spend time in our community and visit local sites. During their stay, the         An exciting part of using mobile technol-
    work camps have the chance to attend a work camp supper that is hosted by various churches and            ogy lies in its ability to share information
    organizations in York County.                                                                             instantly. It gives us the chance to make
                                                                                                              a difference in the world in a matter of
    We are very blessed to have the ongoing use of the Trinity United Church of Christ Retreat                seconds!
    Center in the heart of downtown York. This facility provides the groups with a home away from
    home.                                                                                                     Another feature of this program that of-
                                                                                                              fers instant gratification is that special
    Again, we commend these groups for their hard work and determination. They come with positive             codes can be established so that you
    attitudes ready to work on any project they are given.                                                    can give directly to a specific Habitat
                                                                                                              project or program. We can even set it
    Thank you to all the groups who reached out with their hard work this spring!                             up to track giving by company, organiza-
                                                                                                              tion, etc. so friendly challenges and
                                                                                                              competitions can be established.
                                                                                                              So join in the Text To Build movement
                                                                                                              today. If each person reading this news-
                                                                                                              letter gives and gets 10 others to do the
                                                                                                              same, then those 10 get 10 more, etc.,
                                                                                                              in just a few hours, we would raise
                                                                                                              enough funds to build an entire Habitat
                                                                                                              home! For more information or to estab-
                                                                                                              lish giving codes, contact Jenna Markle
             University of WI Green Bay                             University of VA                          at (717)854-6168 ext 105 or market-

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                                                              Meet the Hanline Family
By: Stacey Sharland, Family Services/Faith Relations Manager
Everywhere you look, there are promotions for York Habitat’s upcoming Women Build 2013. It is truly a remarkable project that is coming
together for a family who is beyond remarkable!
                                 Laurie Hanline, the future homeowner of the Women Build 2013, exemplifies the spirit of Habitat in everything
                                 that she does. Currently she is attending school full time at York College, where she is studying Biology. She
                                 hopes to provide medical research for York County residents, as her way of giving back.
                                 In addition to meeting the challenges of a full time student, Laurie also manag-
                                 es to devote a large portion of her time to her sons, Jacob & Allen and the            St. Matthew Lutheran
                                 challenges that arise from day to day living. Laurie has a severely mentally and              Church
                                 physically disabled son, Allen, who is 13. Allen was the only surviving child of
                                 triplets and Laurie was told that Allen would never get out of bed, talk or even
                                 recognize his own mother. Allen has overcome many challenges and is a true
                                 survivor but desperately needs to be able to use special walking equipment that           Adopt-A-Mortgage
                                 will help him not only gain independence and mobility, but will also stop his
                                 bones and muscles from deteriorating any further.
                           Laurie currently rents a home that is not handicapped accessible with narrow                 York Habitat is honored to announce
      The Hanline Family
                           doorways that prevent her from being able to use Allen’s specialty equipment.                St. Mathew Lutheran Church as
                           Carrying him from room to room is the only way that she can transport him                    July’s Adopt -A-Mortgage Sponsor
throughout the house and bathroom. Laurie says, “Having a home that meets her family’s needs and                        St Mathew’s Church has been an
provides safety and security will be a true miracle!”                                                                   active and longtime partner to York
                                                                                                                        Habitat’s housing ministry.
                                                                                                                         In order to apply as many dollars as
                                                                                                                        we can to the actual construction or
                                                                                                                        rehabilitation of Habitat homes, the
Red Lion Area School District Pledges to Build a Habitat Home                                                           Adopt-A-Mortgage program was
                                                                                                                        created. The goal the program is to
On Monday, April 15th the Red Lion Area School District (RLASD) signed a                                                create a partnership involving twelve
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with York Habitat for Humanity, pledg-                                                organizations or individuals who
ing to fund and construct a new home at 101 Schoolhouse Lane in Windsor.                                                each commit to sponsoring one
                                                                                                                        month of a York Habitat mortgage
This will be the first time in their 27-year history that York Habitat has
                                                                                                                        payment. In the amount of $850.
partnered with a single, local school district to construct a home for a family in
need. No tax dollars will be used for the project; with all funds necessary for                                         It’s the idea that, if everyone gives a
the build being raised through private fundraising efforts.                                                             little bit, it will go a long way in mak-
                                                                                                                        ing a difference. We can’t thank St.
The project will not only create a new home for a qualified, lower income fami-
                                                                                                                        Matthew Lutheran Church enough
ly, but will breathe new life into a blighted property. Several years ago, a fire
                                                                                                                        for their generosity and for allowing
destroyed the doublewide trailer located at 101 Schoolhouse Lane, leaving
                                                                                                                        us to channel more our funds direct-
behind only a charred block foundation. York Habitat plans to use the same foundation for the construc-
                                                                                                                        ly to making a difference in the lives
tion of the new home; a cost saving, environmentally friendly measure.
                                                                                                                        of God’s people in need.
The RLASD plans to find a way to get all students involved with this community-uniting build from the
initial house plan design to the landscaping design and everything in between.
“Our staff and students are proud of the Red Lion community and wanted another way to give back to a
community that has been so supportive of the district. Like Habitat, the Red Lion Area School District is
interested in teaching life-long skills and improving the lives of our students and community members,”
says Dr. Scott Deisley, superintendent of Red Lion Area School District.
The Schoolhouse Lane project is set to kick off with a wall raising event in May 2014 and will conclude
with the completion of the home by June 2015. Prior to that time fundraising efforts will begin, the plans
                                      will be drawn and the walls will be pre-assembled by RLASD
                                                 Joining the RLASD in this project is River Rock Academy who
                                                 made the first donation to the project. Ms. Jill Crouse-Wolf, a
                                                 representative of River Rock Academy, presented a check for
                                                 $10,000 to members of the RLASD Board of Education, Dr.
                                                 Deisley and Habitat.
                                                 York Habitat is extremely proud to be partnering with the RLASD
                                                 for this project. “It is a remarkable testimony to the commitment of
                                                 the school district to improve its community. The RLASD Build is
 River Rock Academy presents first funds for
                                                 a pioneer project that should serve as a shining example as to the
 RLASD Build. L to R: James Clark, Mr. Chris     good that can be done by a school district and a community to
   Seitz, Jill Crouse-Wolf, Dr. Scott Deisley,   help those in need,” says Debbie Krout-Althoff, Executive Director
    Debbie Krout-Althoff & Edward Miller.
                                                                                                                              St. Matthew Lutheran Church

                                We’re on the web: www.yorkhabitat.org                   We’re on facebook and Twitter too!                         Page 3
               The YCP Build Leaves a Legacy for the Cruz Family
  The Senior class members of York College’s Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter along with the under-
  classmen club membersworked up until graduation day fulfilling their commitment to Leave a Legacy by providing
  a forever home for a family in need. Three years of conducting fundraisers and countless hours on the construc-
  tion site rehabbing the house at 37 West Jackson Street are coming to fruition as the project enters its final weeks
  of construction. By the end of June, the once blighted house will become a home for the Cruz family.
  Single mother, Ashley Cruz and her six year old son, Oundre, currently live in an unsafe area and he can't
  wait for them to have their own home. "Every day he asks when they are moving; he is so excited and
  cannot wait to turn the basement into his playroom," said Ashley. Ashley entered Habitat’s homeownership
  program in January 2013 after being encouraged to do so by a co-worker who is currently a Habitat
  homeowner. Having only six months to complete the program requirements while working full time at has
  been tremendously challenging but no doubt worth every minute of struggle as her dream of homeowner-
                                          ship will become a reality on June 25 th when the YCP Build sup-
                                          porters gather for a dual celebration of the graduation of the found-
                                          ing project leaders and the dedication of the Cruz home.
                                                                                                                                  York College Volunteers
                                                  Join Habitat, York College, and the Cruz family and friends on
                                                  Tuesday, June 25th at 5:30 at the Jackson Street home as Ashley
                                                  and Oundre become York Habitat’s 108th family and the York College Class of 2013 Leaves a Legacy
                                                  like no other!
                                                  Since early January, the West Jackson street build has been the sole site of volunteer efforts. The
                                                  campus Chapter members along with the general public have been diligently working on this exten-
                                                  sive rehab project. Thanks to the financial support from York College administration and alumni
                                                  and the Campus Chapter members combined with the donation of in-kind construction services and
                                                  materials, the Jackson Street home is nearing completion. Special thanks to Kinsley Construction
   Ashley and Oundre outside their future home    for assisting with securing in-kind donations from several of their subcontractors.

  Special thanks to the Jackson St. in-kind donors: James Craft & Sons, Inc; Frey Lutz Corp.; Gettle, Inc; Johnson Controls, Inc.
  Ream Roofing Assoc., Inc.; M & T Roofing; JC Snavely & Sons, Inc.; Secco, Inc.; Schaedler Yesco; The Hite Company;
  Colonial Electric; Schmuck Lumber; Lezzer Lumnber; Smucker Company; The Wolf Organization; embee & Sons, Inc.

                                         Meet the BOF 2013 Families
                                                                     From June through October, members of congregations
 York Habitat's 12@12 Luncheons                                      throughout York County will be putting their faith in action by
                                                                     building homes for two of God’s families in need. They will
Sponsored by RBC Wealth Management brings togeth-                    be building from the foundation to the roof and everything in
er people from any aspects of our business, non-profit               between so that two single mothers can provide the safety
and faith based communities to learn more about our                  and security that only a home can bring for their families.
organization and how our work makes York County so-                  Idelisse Cordero and her four children, aged 4-17, are one
cially and financially stronger. By forming partnerships             of Habitat's Building on Faith 2013 families! Idelisse, a sin-
with local businesses, churches and individuals, we can              gle mother who works at York College as a member of their
work together to make York a better place to live, work,             custodial staff, joined the program in February 2012. She
and play. These luncheons are NOT financial solicita-                and her children Alex, Yvette, Ariel, and Nevaeh are the
tions but merely an avenue to educate and advocate!                  proud future owners of a four bedroom home at 403 South              The Warfel Family
12@12 luncheons are held the fourth Thursday of every                Albemarle Street in York.
month at 12:00 at the Habitat office. A complimentary                Kristi Warfel and her two children, aged 5-7, is the other Building on Faith family.
lunch is provided so join us over your lunch break. We               Kristi, a single mother who works at Bickel’s Snacks joined the program in January
guarantee you will learn something about Habitat that                2013. She and her children Izea & Jayla are excited to the proud future homeowners
                                                                     of a beautiful home at 405 South Albemarle Street in York.
you didn’t previously know!
                                                                     York Habitat and the Building on Faith committee are continuing to seek cash and
 Visit www.yorkhabitat.volunteerhub.com to register for              material donations to keep this project flourishing with the goal being that both of
this monthly event.                                                  these families will celebrate this
                                                                     Thanksgiving in their new homes.
                                                                     Knowing that they will be fundrais-
                                                                     ing and building for two deserving,
                                                                     dedicated families will no doubt
                                                                     make the sore muscles less painful
                                                                     and the hours of solicitation less
                                                                     The power of faith in action is se-
                                                                          cond to none and will surely
                           12@12 participants hear Habitat’s story        bring these two families home!
                                                                                                                             The Cordero Family

      Page 4
                      Register to volunteer online at http://yorkhabitat.volunteerhub.com. It’s quick & easy!
          Johnson Controls Employees Move Closer to Sponsoring Their Habitat Home
By: Jill Woltkamp, Marketing Analyst, JCI
The York Habitat for Humanity Partnership Committee at Johnson Controls consists of a dedicated group of JCI
employees within the York, PA offices. Over the last few years this grassroots-organized team has been planning
and organizing various unique fund-raising efforts, with the final goal of raising enough to sponsor an entire York
Habitat for Humanity home. At this time, the committee has raised over $40,900. Some of the unique fund-raisers
include sub sales, handmade chocolate roses, an ice cream social, and Poker Walk. The team has success main-
ly selling to Johnson Controls' employees in the York offices, but also holds various fund-raisers with local busi-
nesses like Books A Million, Five Below, Yankee Candles, Cloisters, and Smittie’s Pretzels, just to name a few.
Looking towards the future, the Committee is already starting to plan its largest fund-raiser, The 4th Annual Golf
Tournament. The event is scheduled to be held Saturday, September 21, 2013 at Honey Run Golf Course. If
you are interested in golfing, sponsoring, donating, or overall helping out with the tournament, please contact
jill.h.woltkamp@jci.com. This tournament is a fun tradition that always includes a helicopter golf ball drop.
Aside from fund-raising, the committee also strives to support York Habitat for Humanity in other outlets too.
Currently Johnson Controls employees organizes build days every other month. These sessions are great op-
portunities for employees to work together as a team, but outside of the office in an unique format. If you are                        The infamous helicopter ball drop at
interested in learning more about Johnson Controls' build days, please contact spencer.g.fuller@jci.com.                                    last year’s JCI golf outing

The committee is most excited that the Johnson Controls home build is scheduled to break ground in 2014. The YHFH Family Services Commit-
tee is beginning the search for the future JCI Build homeowner. Five years of employee driven fundraising will culminate in the celebration of the
building of the JCI home for this deserving family!
York Habitat is so very grateful for the extraordinary efforts of the JCI Partnership Committee! The employees have tirelessly been raising funds
for the past four years so that a family in need will have a safe, affordable home. Their dedication serves as a stellar example as to what employ-
ees can do when they unite to make a difference in their community!

             St. Mark’s Lutheran Partnership                                                       Volunteer Needs
By: Barry Ashway, St. Mark’s Parishioner                                                 If you have a skill, talent, interest or hobby, we
                                                                                         will find a use for it! As you probably already
In October 2011, St. Mark's Lutheran Church, York developed an
                                                                                         know, we build year-round, so we are always
interest in York Habitat for Humanity as they looked for a way to reach
                                                                                         looking for help on the construction site. You
out and improve the community in which the church serves. After
                                                                                         do not need to have construction experience,
meeting with Habitat staff and volunteers, the decision was made and
                                                                                         just a willingness to lend a hand. You are guaranteed to have some fun
the church launched a response. We decided to put our faith in action
                                                                                         and come away with a feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment!
by sponsoring one of the Building on Faith 2013 homes that Habitat
will be building on South Albemarle Street.                                              You may contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 854-6168 ext. 106 or
                        th                                                               vc@yorkhabitat.org for more information or go to our Volunteer Hub.
On Sunday, May 19 , St. Mark’s joined in the celebration of the official                 Looking forward to hearing from you so that we can find out where YOU
Building on Faith 2013 project kick off through a Hymn Sing and                          can fit into our ministry!
Groundbreaking events. St. Mark’s members were able to meet the
Cordero family who will own the St. Mark’s House. They also met sev-                     Go to the Volunteer Hub at www.yorkhabitat.volunteerhub.com to
eral of the key volunteers that will build the home in St. Mark’s name.                  sign up for any of the following opportunities…
In addition to the generous house sponsorship that will provide a forev-                 •NRI (Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative) This is on-site exterior facade
er home for one of God’s families in need, St. Mark’s recently extend-                   improvement program that anyone 14 years old and older can participate
ed their support by agreeing to match all contributions raised for Build-                in! Basic repairs and exterior painting are completed under the guidance
ing On Faith 2013 after March 1st. So every dollar raised for the pro-                   of skilled volunteer supervisors. Work typically is done once a week with
ject from that point forward means that two dollars are actually raised                  groups of 5-8 volunteers. Also, the NRI Committee can use your help in
up to $25,000 . This matching gift is hoped to be an inspiration to other                planning and organizing our efforts to rehabilitate existing homes.
congregations knowing that their efforts to support this project will be                 •Skilled Construction Supervisors to teach and lead unskilled volunteers
doubled and go twice as far in helping families in need.                                 on the construction site.. This is an incredibly rewarding volunteer oppor-
This amazing matching gift to Habitat’s ministry is being given in                       tunity as volunteers learn skills that they never thought they would know.
memory of Janet Gibson, a long time servant to the church and a                          •Women Build 2013 The committee is looking for dedicated women to
strong advocate of the church involvement with Habitat for Humanity.                     help in the behind the scenes aspect of the build in addition to the con-
Janet’s legacy will now live on as a second Building on Faith family                     struction. This build takes about $90,000.00 in monetary and in-kind do-
has a chance to become a homeowner.                                                      nations to complete and hundreds of women are needed to get involved.
St Mark’s Church members are truly excited about the build and hav-                      We need your creativity and time to get this handicapped accessible
ing partnered with York Habitat for Humanity in such a meaningful and                    house built for a wonderful single mother of two.
spiritually uplifting way. Hopefully each and every congregation                         •We have several committees listed on Volunteer Hub with their descrip-
throughout York will decide to do the same for there is a place for all of               tions that could use your skills! Find the right fit by looking over the de-
God’s people in the Habitat ministry!                                                    scriptions or contacting us with ways you like to serve! All committees are
St Mark's contributes to the Evangelical Lutheran church in America’s mission program    in need of members but especially the Family Services Committee is look-
and Lutheran social services. The church supports the York County Council of churches,   ing for Family Partners to guide families on their road to home ownership
the local tutoring program and Bell shelter.                                             and Development Committee has a great need for members to assist
                                                                                         program and networking implementation.

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                                                                                                 Executive Director’s Corner
                              VolunteerHub Paves the Way to Instant
                              Registration & Involvement!                 Summertime…the time of year when eve-
                                                                          rything comes to life and all around us we
Volunteer Hub is our new volunteer management program that                are surrounded by the promise of growth
we launched this March. This new, innovative program allows               and new beginnings. We see tiny buds
York Habitat to communicate needs out to the public immediately blossom into magnificent flowers. It’s a
and gives volunteers the opportunity to sign up at THEIR conven- time when we plant a seed and marvel at
ience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!                                      what it becomes. As in nature, life at Habi-
                                                                          tat takes new meaning in the summer
Just go to http://yorkhabitat.volunteerhub.com and register as a bringing more activity than ever before;                  Christine Heinrich, mother of future
new user. As you complete the registration, you have our safety           giving hope and promise for a new begin- homeowner Laurie Hanline, and Debbie
video and waiver form at your fingertips to easily view and elec-         ning for Habitat families.                      show what it takes to get the job done!
tronically sign. Once you register it will say “Congratulations, You
are a NEW USER” please click through to “Events” to see the mul- In the spirit of summer, throughout this newsletter you will read about initia-
titude of events, meetings and activities that you can be involved        tives being launched, the continuation of revitalization efforts and the start of
in. Each listing will have a “Sign up” button to the left of the listing. new homes sprouting from the ground like seeds of nature. Activity on the
If you’re interested in special events like our 10 th Annual 5K Run/      construction site is more vigorous than ever with everyone involved knowing
Walk, you will find information here. If you’re interested in being       that the transformation from houses to homes is as amazing as the buds
on committees such as the Women Build, Neighborhood Revitali- becoming flowers. It is a wonderful time indeed!
zation Initiative (NRI), or Family Services, this is where you sign       As we implement the plans and projects for the remainder of this year, we
up! If you’re looking to volunteer on the construction site, you’ve       also look ahead to a future filled with almost limitless opportunities to build or
got it: this is the site for you!                                         renovate in new communities with developing partnerships that will allow us
Immediate access to information is what today’s society is all            to far extend the reaches of our ministry. Plans for the coming months and
about, and VolunteerHub gives both the volunteers and Habitat             years include building handicapped accessible homes; giving physically dis-
staff the opportunity for it all to be available to us. It is easy, con- abled children the ability to move freely throughout their homes. It involves
venient and quick to use. Volunteer Hub also sends you a re-              partnering with school districts and municipalities removing blight in their
minder email to let you know that your event or volunteer task is         communities and seeing the rewards of years of employee and corporate
coming up! If you’ve been volunteering with us for years, or if           fundraising coming to fruition through Habitat’s home ownership program.
you’re just itching to get started with us, take a moment and regis- It is promising to see the list of potential projects growing as we relish in the
ter and be on your way to helping York Habitat’s efforts to elimi-        fact that so many want Habitat to be part of their community. But with this
nate substandard housing!                                                 ever growing list also comes the realization that to carry out these life chang-
Thank you in advance for registering and utilizing VolunteerHub. If ing measures, we must drastically increase our resources. The need for vol-
you have any questions please contact our Volunteer Coordinator unteers in every aspect of the program is more crucial than ever. The two
at vc@yorkhabitat.org or (717) 854-6168 ext. 106.                         greatest areas of need for volunteers continue to be dedicated committee
                                                                          members and consistent, skilled supervisors. Without these loyal volunteers,
Note: Registration through VolunteerHub is required for construction      none of our current and future plans will be possible.
and for most events. Even if you have previously volunteered on site,
you still must create your account and sign up through VolunteerHub. So the time is now to get involved! The excitement of summer and the abun-
With everyone doing so, we will be able to improve our communication dance of Habitat activities should be just what is needed to inspire everyone!
with volunteers as well as more accurately track volunteer hours.

                       Enrichment Classes Provide Continuing Resources For Families
Last newsletter we told Habitat supporters about our newly expanded Family Enrichment Program. We are happy to say that the program has
continued with both social and educational activities. Most recently, several Habitat families attended a Fitness & Nutrition Class at the Habitat
office. Habitat homeowner Carrie Korkie led the class. She explained to all that fancy, expensive exercise equipment is not necessary. You can
simply use gallon jugs of water & bags with soup cans as your exercise equipment.
On May 4th, Habitat families learned about “Gardening in Small Spaces”. Master Gardener and Habitat Homeowner, Michelle Miller led this
hands-on class where families were taught how to plant and grow vegetables and fruits in limited spaces using raised bed gardens. Thanks to
Linda Gilgore and donations from Meadow Creek Organics each family took home herbs & vegetable plants to begin their own gardens.
In August, Habitat families will once again gather for our annual Summer Picnic. Thanks to York Traditions Bank, and the Family Services
committee, families will be treated to games, crafts and summer fun. Families who have been homeowners for many years are able to unite with
those new to our program. What a great support system the Habitat families provide for each other!
                                                         As we are mid-year 2013, we are planning many new sessions that we hope will provide important
                                                         resources for Habitat families as well as clients from other
                                                         local housing agencies. Upcoming events will include
                                                         Youth banking/finance, Fire Safety & Crime Prevention,
                                                         Settlement & Beyond, Home Maintenance & Housekeeping,
                                                         Inexpensive Interior Design and also Energy Efficiency and
                                                         The Family Enrichment Seminars were previously support-
                                                         ed by the United Way in 2012 but that funding is no longer
                                                         available to us, so we are seeking new sponsors. For 2013,
   Future homeowner, Idellise Cordero and Family         we are looking for additional support so that we can contin-
Service member, Mickie Heagy, receive fitness instruc-   ue to provide these services and opportunities for lower
         tion from homeowner, Carrie Korkie                                                                                 Habitat families attended a gardening class
                                                         income families.                                               instructed by homeowner, Michelle Miller (top left)

      Page 8                      We’re on the web: www.yorkhabitat.org                  We’re on facebook and Twitter too!
                                    Annual Gala - Groovin’ Our Way Home!                                                 Gala Pics
                         By Jenna Markel, Community Outreach Coordinator

                         York Habitat for Humanity extends its groovin’ gratitude to everyone in the com-
                         munity that made our fourth annual gala event, the Peace, Love & Home Gala, a
                         stellar success!
                         From the cool committee members and excellent event volunteers, to the super
                         sponsors and dynamite donors of awesome auction items, to the groovy guests,
                         this year’s event was mondo memorable!
Yorktowne Farms was again the venue for our annual gala, with its pristine landscaping, lush horse                      On the dance floor
pastures, and magnificently restored banquet barn. On Saturday, May 18 th, a retro 70’s theme was
the background for an evening of flashback festivities, which included a pinball machine tournament,
a “best 70’s outfit contest” judged by gala attendees, a photo station where guests could have their
picture taken as 70’s icons, silent and live auctions, and the funky music of Groove Jones.
Over $21,500 was raised to help us continue our mission of providing safe, decent, affordable hous-
ing for low-income homeowners, while improving our community!
For four remarkable women who helped with the festivities, this event was far more than a fundraiser.
All single mothers in the process of becoming Habitat Homeowners, Laurie, Rachelle, Kristi and
Ashley, had the opportunity to share this enjoyable evening with some of the generous folks who
helped make homeownership their reality. Years from now, as they are enjoying their homes or are
playing with their children in their backyards, they will think of you - the guests, volunteers, sponsors,              Paul G and buddies
and donors who participated in the Peace, Love & Home Gala - and smile knowing this event helped
make their dreams of home ownership come true.
Thank you again to everyone who was involved! We couldn’t have done it without you!

                                      What’s Happening on the Habitat Site?
                             The excitement is definitely building as current and future construction projects
                             take shape. At newsletter publication time, the following projects are in the
                              37 West Jackson Street: This project involved the extensive rehab of a two
                              bedroom home that includes the complete interior demolition as well as the              The Carters and friends
    37 W. Jackson St.
                              rebuilding of some exterior walls. With the roof repair completed, newly installed
                             mechanical systems in place, the walls are up and the kitchen cabinets set, all
                             that remains is the carpeting, lighting and a few minor touches and the house will
                             become a home with the dedication scheduled for the end of June.
                             403 & 405 South Albemarle Street: Thanks to recent volunteer efforts, the foun-
                             dation is laid and the decking is in place in preparation for the start of Building On
                             Faith 2013 project that will include the use of the Positive Graffiti boards as local
                             congregations unite with St. Mark’s Lutheran Church to build two new homes for
  Front elevation of 403 &   single mothers and their children. The new construction build kicks off in mid
   405 S. Albemarle St.      June with the goal of having the families into their new home by Thanksgiving.
                             Construction on this site will be held specific days for project volunteers that will
                             include Wednesdays and every other Saturday.                                                 Groovy couples

                             321 East Poplar Street: This project will allow York Habitat to continue our revi-
                             talization efforts in the Olde Towne East neighborhood . Through the use of NSP3
                             funds in partnership with York Housing Authority, this extremely large, blighted
                             and vacant property will be converted to a new home for a family who has a
                             household income at or below the 50% of median. With a March 2014 completion
                             date requirement, this project is on a very short timeframe so everyone’s help with
                             be needed.
                       Women Build : Looking to secure a suitable location for ADA home for the Han-
                       line family. After the overwhelming opposition voiced by local residents of Sher-
   321 East Poplar St. wood Forrest at the YNS Borough Council meeting, York Habitat has made a
                       most difficult decision and faced the reality that the best course of action is to se-               Habitat’s “Angels”
cure another property for the Hanline’s home where this most-deserving family will be embraced by the
community rather than placing them in such an unwelcoming environment.

Hard to believe, but all of this will be accomplished before the end of 2013! With three major builds planned for next year, we will have more on
our plate than ever before. York Habitat offers construction for the general public year-round, so it should be easy for everyone to find a time that
works to volunteer! Bring a friend or two or up to ten others and make a day of it. Just jump on VolunteerHub for a one time registration and sign
up for as many workdays as you want. Our construction staff looks forward to seeing you onsite!

                                                                                                                                             Page 9
  Register to volunteer online at http://yorkhabitat.volunteerhub.com. It’s quick & easy!
             Bequest Gifts                                         NRI Kicks Off with Façade Improvements
Joyce Ottemiller and Anna Steigleman             By: Miles Fishel, Associate Director
Leave a Gift that Will Keep on Giving
                                               Why Neighborhood Revitalization?
We are so grateful to Joyce Ottemiller and Government programs, scarcity of affordable building land, and
the Anna Steigelman for their support of       the need to serve more families while conserving assets and
Habitat's mission, shown not only during       revitalizing our cities' aging neighborhoods have all sparked a
their lives but also in their passing. Includ- newfound interest in rehabilitating existing homes. York Habitat
ing York Habitat in their wills is a priceless for Humanity has become part of Habitat for Humanity Interna-
gift to our housing ministry.                  tional’s Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative (NRI) that allows
                                               us to help existing non-Habitat homeowners to continue to
Our thoughts and prayers are with their        prosper in their homes. It enables Habitat to extend our ministry        Local youth kick off NRI program at
families as they cope with the loss of their   far beyond our homeownership program to truly making an                         616 W. Princess St.
loved ones, but we hope they find comfort in impact and a difference in blighted neighborhoods. By participat-
knowing that these legacy gifts will           ing in home rehabs, we will become part of a new movement to
continue to help families in need for          expand York Habitat's capacity to help those in need of a safe and decent
generations to come through Habitat’s life     place to live. Our light will shine brighter in the community as people see
changing mission.                              how our work serving those in need is restoring hope & dignity to their lives.
Whether you are writing your first will or     Our First Project
updating an existing one, we hope you will     Thanks to a Community Development Block Grant from the City of
consider including a gift to York Habitat for  York, York Habitat was able to begin our Façade Improvement Program
Humanity in your plans. Know that you don’t    as part of NRI in partnership with the Salem Square Neighborhood
have to be a millionaire to make a difference  Association. On Saturday, April 27th in conjunction with Global Youth
in the lives of others. A planned gift can be  Volunteer Day, community volunteers and youth began the exterior
made in many ways including charitable         improvements on the home at 616 West Princess St. owned by Gloria
trusts, bequests, and donor advised funds.     Ramos. Gloria has owned her home for many years and it became a safe
                                               haven for her children and grandchildren after a fire destroyed their
previous home leaving them homeless. When Gloria’s exterior home repairs are completed she will have a safe porch,
locking mailbox, porch lighting to reduce crime and a fresh coat of paint. Gloria says that the sweat equity and application
fee required to participate in the program were well worth having her home repairs made and her home beautified. Three
more owner occupied homes in the 600 block of West Princess Street will be targeted for repair work later this month with             Gloria Ramos’ beautiful
the goal of having ten repairs on owner occupied homes completed by year end.                                                         home after NRI exterior
How YOU Can Help
Consider joining our NRI committee. Committee members are needed to coordinate the logistics of the program and repairs.
Make a multiyear financial pledge that will help revitalize a neighborhood. Repairs for each home are anticipated to range from $1,500 - $5,000.
Help to solicit in-kind materials. The more materials that are donated; the lower the cost of the actual façade repair.
Volunteer to help at the NRI site. NRI volunteers can be as young as 14 and regular workdays for the NRI program can be scheduled online
through VolunteerHub.

                                 Volunteers of the Quarter
Volunteers of the Quarter - Ron and Joan Drayer
Ron and Joan Drayer have an amazing story. They are both actively involved in their church and in out-
reach through Grace Fellowship in Shrewsbury, Pa. As a hobby, Ron would buy, rehab and sell proper-
ties. Ron says that when he had trouble selling one property in York City, “God had other plans”. He says
that it was his wife’s idea to rent out their Shrewsbury home to their pastor and move into the house on W.
King St. in York City. One of their church’s ministries that they were involved in from the start was “Adopt-A-
Block”. The church adopted blocks in Shrewsbury, Glen Rock, and then in the Salem Square area of York           Bob Gifford & Ron Drayer lending a hand to
City. The purpose of the ministry is to bring a consistent presence of service and friendship to the area. In            Salem Square neighbors
their York City neighborhood, Ron and Joan go door to door asking their neighbors if they need anything.
Ron says that’s anything from clothing and diapers to household repairs. In working with other volunteers from the Salem Square neighbor-
hood and Grace Fellowship church, Ron has led the way in meeting many needs of those less fortunate in his surrounding neighborhood.

Through his contacts as a previous York Habitat Swingin’ Senior volunteer, Ron got involved in our Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative (NRI).
With Ron already being actively involved with the west end efforts, the NRI, program was a natural fit. Ron and his team of volunteers from
Grace Fellowship, Living Word Community Church and the Salem Square neighborhood work diligently on the prep work for each home
as part of the NRI movement while Joan assists with obtaining all of the necessary paperwork and explaining the program requirements to
participating homeowners. Once the site is ready for Habitat’s Façade Improvement Program, Ron is then one of the supervisors who lead
Habitat volunteers in completing the repairs. When asked about why he does what he does, Ron said, “I’ve done many things for myself over
the years, then I wanted to share myself with others. God was tugging at my heart and it’s all for His Glory.”

Many thanks to Ron and Joan for their outstanding commitment to serving their community and for their participation in the NRI program. It is
volunteers like Ron and Joan that drive our ministry and make it possible for lives to be changed!

   Page 10
                                               33 South Seward Street * York, PA 17404 * (717)854-6168
                                                    www.yorkhabitat.org * yhfh@yorkhabitat.org
                            State Farm Grant                                 Field of Dreams Hosts the 10th Annual 5K Run
               State Farm charitable resources are                                            York Habitat for Humanity will be holding its 10th Annual Run/
               focused on helping build safer, stronger,                                      Walk on Saturday, June 29th beginning at 8:30am. As part of
               and better educated communities with                                           the Wellspan Running Series, the rolling out and back course
               initiatives to build affordable housing, first                                 starts on Allen Lane in Dover Borough with the majority of the
time homeownership and neighborhood reinvestment in                                           course on Butter Road. Beginning the race in the cul-de-sac of
low-to-moderate income area.                                                                  York Habitat’s Spring Valley Manor II (also known as the “Dover
                                                                                              Field of Dreams project”) will allow runners the opportunity to
York Habitat is extremely proud to once again announce                                        admire the beautiful 16 home neighborhood that Habitat has
being the recipient of State Farm funding. During the                    created.
Building of Faith kick off State Farm representatives will               Prizes will be awarded to the top
proudly present York Habitat for Humanity with a $10,000                 three male and female finishers
State Farm Good Neighbor Citizenship Grant check for                     in each age group: under 16;
the Building on Faith project located at 403 & 405 S. Albe-              16-20; 21-30; 31-40; 41-50; 51-
marle St. The funding is in support of the Positive Graffiti             60; 60+. So youth up to senior
Program started last summer in which local youth created                 members of the community can
graffiti boards that will be used to build the exterior walls of         join in!
the Building on Faith homes. The project kicks off on June               Last year, a record 380 runners
18th with the erecting of the graffiti walls to be viewed and            raised $5,500 for York Habitat;
celebrated at the site on Saturday, June 22nd.                           our goal is to surpass that       Members of the Gruver Fitness Boot Camp participated in
State Farm has been a sponsor of Habitat for Humanity                    amount this year! However, one                    the 2012 5K Walk/Run
                                            International and Habitat    record that we are hoping not to
                                            affiliates for more than     surpass is the 90-plus degree weather from last year!
                                            13 years, contributing       Advance Registration (Postmarked by June 1st): $20 and guaranteed T-Shirt size;
                                            almost $2.5 million to       Registration (Postmarked after June 1st): $25 and T-Shirt while supplies last;
                                            the mission of building      Team Registration (5 or more runners from an organization; registrations bundled
                                            homes. Here in York,         and postmarked by June 1st): $15
                                            State Farm has been a        per runner.                          United Way Day of Action
                                            partial sponsor of           Huge thanks to chairperson                      Friday, June 21, 2013
                                            several Habitat projects,    Kathy Miller for organizing the
  (L to R) Steve Horning from State Farm                                 event! For more information,
                                            helping to provide our                                          As one of the largest volunteer events in York
 presents check to, Harry Glatfelter, Linda
                                            families with forever        contact her at (717) 718-2966 or   County, United Way’s Day of Action offers
Eisenhart, Deb Clemons,and Chip Hoover
                                            homes.                       kathym@yorkwater.com
                                                                                                            hundreds of volunteers the ability to engage
                                                                                                            with local agencies in various acts of service.
       Partner of the Quarter                                                                               Individuals, students, seniors, and employees
Habitat’s Partner of the Quarter is Northwest                                                               from local companies will “Be Someone’s
Savings Bank (NWSB). Their involvement with                                                                 Superhero” by participating in a wide range of
York Habitat’s ministry is far reaching indeed!                                                             community service projects.
Most recently, NWSB was a gala sponsor, se-
                                                                                                                  York Habitat for Humanity will once again
lected YHFH as the recipient of their United
                                                                                                                  proudly participate in the United Way Day of
Way designated corporate giving, presented
                                                                                                                  Action by offering volunteers from Glatfelter
Habitat with the proceeds from tax credits and
                                                                                                                  Insurance Co. the opportunity to improve
began providing cost-free servicing to Habitat
                                                                                                                  lives and beautify neighborhoods through our
held mortgages. Jill Bollinger, Doug Hall,
                                                                                                                  home ownership and NRI programs. As part
Denise Moscarell and Jay Wise, all NWSB           (L to R) Jill Bollinger, Debbie Krout-Althoff, Nancy May &
                                                Denise Moscarell present Habitat with a tax credit contribution   of this community wide day of volunteering, a
employees, serve in various volunteer
                                                                                                                  group of Glatfelter employees will complete
capacities for our organization. NWSB
                                                                                                                  façade improvements and continue work on
serves as an exemplary model of true support of Habitat’s mission!
                                                                                                                  one of Habitat’s extensive rehab projects.
                                                                                                                  Special thanks to these volunteers and all
                                       Company of the Quarter                                                     others participating in this day of service in
                                                                                                                  the York community!
                           Commercially Clean has been selected as Company of the Quar-
                           ter. For the past four years, they have been donating their cleaning
                           services to keep the Habitat offices looking great! Most recently,
                           Owner, Dan Grove, joined Habitat’s Development Committee as
  well as became involved with our upcoming Women Build project. He wants to lead by
  example and continue to increase both his involvement and that of his employees.

                  York Habitat is thrilled to announce that we have been approved for United
                  Way funding from this upcoming year’s campaign. The allocation of
                  $10,000 we will receive is to help support the start up of our NRI program.
                  This funding combined with designated contributions totals over $37,000.
                                            Thanks United Way!!!

           E-News Sign up: Interested in receiving our monthly e-news? Go to www.yorkhabitat.org                                                      Page 11
        33 South Seward Street
           York, PA 17404

                   Habitat Needs YOU!

               Seeking donation of
building lot or single story ranch style home for
     Women Build 2013 for Hanline Family

                   Habitat Happenings
                                                                                Board of Directors
 6/18- BOF Blitz Week            403 & 405 S. Albemarle St.    8:00am- 3:30pm
  6/22                                                                          President, Scott Sides – RBC Wealth Management
                                                                                Vice President - Michael Houska, Bank of America
 6/21 UW Day of Action           York City construction Sit     8:00am-2:00pm
                                                                                Treasurer - David Muehling, Kinsley Construction
 6/22 Graffiti Showing           403-405 S. Albemarle Street    8:00am          Secretary- currently vacant
                                                                                Jill Bollinger – Northwest Savings Bank
 6/25 YCP Home Dedication 37 W. Jackson St.                     5:30 pm
                                                                                Phillip Briddell – Susquehanna Real Estate
 6/27 12@12 Luncheon             Habitat Office                12:00 pm         Gary Jones – Retired
                                                                                Todd Lammert – Harley Davidson
 6/29     10th Annual 5K         Allen Lane, Dover              8:00 am         Gregory Monskie - Benn Law Firm
                                                                                Kimberly Plitsch – Memorial Hospital
  8/4     Women Build            4000 Sherwood Dr.             1:00 pm          Bradley Rohrbaugh – Bennett Williams Realty
                                                                                Arlene Schmitt – Retired
 9/9      Hanover Project        St. Matthew Church             6:00 pm
                                                                                Tracy Thompson – Goodwill Keystone Area
          Kick Off               Hanover
                                                                                Jeff Valentine – M & T Bank
 9/21     JCI Golf Tournament     Honey Run Golf Course         1:00 pm         Katie Fisher – Student, YCP Chapter

 9/24-    Women Build             TBD Need LOT                  8:00am-4:00pm
  9/28    Blitz Week              DONATION
                                                                                Debbie Krout-Althoff, Executive Director
 9/29     BOF Historic            St. John Episcopal            12:30pm         Miles Fishel, Associate Director
          Church Tour (Lunch)        Church Beaver St.                          Steve Munchel, Construction Manager
                                                                                Cheryl Buser, Office Manager
 10/5     County Cup Crochet      Sovereign Stadium             11:00am         Stacey Sharland, Family Services & Faith Relations Manager
            Tournament                                                          Bob Hinkle, Site Supervisor
                                                                                Bill Goodling, Site Supervisor
 10/17 Celebration of Service Aldersgate UMC                     5:30pm         Jenna Markle, Community Relations Coordinator
       and Hope Banquet        Tyler Run Rd.
                                                                                Kim Anthony, Volunteer Coordinator

                   HABITAT'S NEW HIRES!
                                                                                                                              Advisory Board
 Recently, two new members have become part of the York Habitat Team!                                                         Mayor Kim Bracey
Jenna Markle joined us as the new Community Relations Coordinator                                                             Tony Campisi
 and Kim Anthony came on board as our new Volunteer Coordinator.                                                              Ed Dunklebarger
                                                                                                                              Keith Eldredge
Jenna has experience as a patient advocate, working with volunteer organiza-                                                  Donald Gogniat
tions, and in sales and marketing. She enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for the                                                  Mike Jones
                                                                                      Jenna & Kim join Habitat’s team
Habitat Mission with others and inspiring them to get involved.                                                               Robert Myers III
                                                                                                                              Daniel Waltersdorff
Kim has several years of experience in the accounting with a passion for work with non-profits. Kim is currently              Senator Michael Waugh
enrolled as a part time student at HACC – York Campus studying Business Administration.

                                    We’re on the web: www.yorkhabitat.org          We’re on facebook and Twitter too!

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