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									            SHOP FOR YOUR SCHOOL Contest
                                      November 18 – December 6, 2013
Don’t miss the chance to earn free money for Farallone View! Last year, the Shop for Your School
programs contributed over $30,000 to Farallone View. This money is used to fund art, science, K-3
PE, library, classroom aides, and more. Here’s how you can help:

Safeway Cards: Just by signing up your SAFEWAY Club Card, the groceries you buy will earn
money for Farallone View. Go to to register your card, or write your Club Card
number on the attached form. Sign up your relatives, neighbors and friends, too!
      IMPORTANT : Credit card purchases at Safeway no longer earn money for the school. Please
       use your debit card, check, or cash at Safeway.
      Out-of-town relatives? There are other participating grocery chains: Vons, Pavilions, Dominic's,
       Shoprite, Schunck’s, Pathmark (A&P), Piggy Wiggly, and more!

Gift Cards: Buy Safeway, Target or CVS gift cards at school on Friday mornings from Jenny Zarate.
With each card you purchase, the school earns a percentage. For example, Safeway gift cards return
4% to the school. Please contact Jenny if you need a card -

New Leaf eCard: This is a reloadable gift card for New Leaf Market. Each time you reload it, the
school earns 4% (for reloads of $50) or 5% (for reloads of $100, $250 or $500). Contact Kim
Ferguson (650) 919-3480 text/phone or at for more info.

AMAZON: will give 4-10% of your purchases to the school, if you enter Amazon’s site
through Please shop through this portal. Bookmark it to remember!

E-Scrip and autoEARN: Register at and earn money when you shop online.
Downloading the autoEARN program from eScrip makes it very easy. Sign up today!

THE CONTEST: Teams of classes are competing to get 60 points; each team that reaches 60 points
will get an automatic ice cream party!! The progress of all the teams will be tracked on a banner in
front of the school.

              How does your team earn points? 4 ways:
               1 point = 1 NEW grocery club signup (at or on attached form)
               1 point = $100 Gift Card purchase of Safeway, Target or New Leaf
               1 point = Pledge to purchase at Amazon through website
               1 point = Download AutoEARN from and pledge to use it.

       And the TEAMS are…
                            Saturn                      Jupiter                  Mars
                 Mrs. Sherri Hall           Ms. Linda Herbert         Ms. Peggy Rothenberg
                 Ms. Diana Purucker         Mrs. Annie Blair          Ms. Thea Wallach
                 Mrs. Kelly Paar            Mrs. Sue Kavanagh         Ms. Jan McFarland-Brown
                 Ms. Leah Murray            Ms. Kathy Rippberger      Mrs. Amy Rhodes
                 Mr. Eric Denault           Mrs. Jenny Scarpaci       Ms. Diana Purucker (shared)

                         Any questions? Please call/text Jen Collins at (415) 595-3573,
                                       or email

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