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									                              AOH Division 61 SEPTEMBER                             VOLUME 5 ISSUE 13

                                      Newsletter                                    SEPTEMBER 2011
Division 61 Officers:                 Upcoming Events                         DIVISION 61 CLUB HOURS
Jack Gill President,
Chuck Payne Vice Presi-                                                       Sunday Noon-10PM
dent, John Joe Kelly Finan- AOH 61 Monthly Meeting September 9th 8:00 PM
cial Secretary, Tom Camp-                                                     Monday Noon-Midnight
bell Treasurer, Sean Camp-
bell Recording Secretary,
                                   Tir Na Nog September 11th 3:00 PM
                                                                              Tuesday Noon-Midnight
Jay Costello Chmn. Stndg.
Comm., Ed Rodriguez Mar-             Quiz-O September 23rd 8:00 PM
                                                                              Wednesday Noon-Midnight
shall, Shane Kelly Sentinel,
John Hagan Organizer, Joe     AOH 61 Monthly Meeting October 7th 8:00 PM
Beggin Historian, Mike                                                        Thursday Noon-Midnight
Kinney Steward, Marty         LAOH Golf Outing October 9th @ Juniata Golf
Prendergast Assistant Stew-                       Club                        Friday Noon- 2AM
ard, Bill Kuntz Past Presi-
dent, Chris Mullen, Mike     Crab Derby October 22nd @ St. Dominic’s Parish   Saturday Noon-2AM
McCrane, Sean Kearns
Trustees,                                                                      “There are no strangers here;
Fr Al Masluk & Rev.                                                            only friends you haven’t met.”
Michael Heim Chaplains.                Quiz-0 October 28th 8:00 PM                                   W.B Yeats

Ancient Order of Hibernians
PO Box 65576
Philadelphia, PA 19155

                    Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity!
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  President’s Letter

          As you read this, summer is almost over, and we start to get busy at Division 61. Monday Night Football starts on Septem-
ber 12th, Our Monday Night football Club is a great deal, there’s still time to join, more details in the newsletter. October 22nd is our
annual crab derby, we race live crabs and serve all the crabs you can eat, this is our major club fundraisers so don’t miss it.

         Hopefully, we will see each other at the next meeting on September 9th, remember September’s meeting is the second Fri-
day due to the Labor Day holiday, as always; I may be reached at 215-920-0910 or with any questions or concerns.

         Hopefully, we will see each other at the next meeting on September 9th @ 8pm, as always; I may be reached at 215-920-
0910 or with any questions or concerns.

Yours in our motto: Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity

                                           MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL
                                                 Monday Night Football is just around the corner and so is
                                                       Division 61’s Monday Night Football Club.
                                       You get Miller Lite, Coors Light, Bud, Yuengling & Bud Light. or $1 off
 other drinks, food and a chance to win prizes each quarter all for only $90 only 100 spots available Contact Jack Gill
                                     215-920-                              215-837-
                                  @ 215-920-0910 Or Mike Kinney @ 215-837-0888
                                                  for more information

                                                                              Notre Dame Football Club
                 Fans for
                                                                                You will get all you can eat and drink
                   Beer                                                         (draft beer) from whistle to whistle
     Well it’s that time of year again,                                         every ND game.
                 it's hot out.
  Many people don’t have the benefit of                          If you would like bottle or imported draft the
               air conditioning,                                 club will be a dollar and the remainder is a cash
    that’s why we’re collection fans and                         bar.
               extension cords.                                  You also get a nice polo shirt, jacket or some-
 Anyone who donates a new floor or table                         thing nice with the AOH 61 ND Club Logo on it.
fan, will receive the beer of their choice .                     Please see Mike McCrane, Jo-Jo, or Brian Sickel
All fans will be donated to St. Francis Inn.
                                                                 267-549-5999 if you are interested.
                                                                 Would like to be paid in full by the first game
                                                                 9/3/11 3:30 p.m.
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             2011-2012                                                  Quiz-What?....Quiz-O!!!
      AOH Division 61 Shuffleboard                                            Quiz-o for August will be
                League                                                         Friday, September 23rd
                                                                        beginning at 8:00 PM. Come out with
 The 2011 season will begin in early September and will run                         friends, wife,
             until approx the end of February                            Girlfriend, whom ever and impress
                  Minimum for team is 3 players
                                                                        them with your knowledge of nearly
                 Maximum number of players is 6                                  useless information.
       No female needed for teams but encouraged to have
                      female players on teams.
    $20 per player league fee, will go towards upkeep of table
                         and end of season party.                          Phillies Special
                  Must be paid in full by week 5.                        With summer brings the Phillies. So
     Fee’s to be collected by team captain and given to Marty             why not come on to AOH 61 and
                       Prendergast or Brian Sickel
       We are accepting new teams please notify us ASAP
                                                                         watch the boys of summer push for
                 with team captain and players names.                             another Pennant.
      Current teams please notify if will be in league and any               Sunday Through Thursday
                        changes to team members                                    Phillies Games:
    Game time for 2011 season will be 6:30 and 8:30 and will             $15 for domestic draft beer and hot
                            be 5 games to 15                                             dogs
      Marty Prendergast 267-210-066
                                                                         $20 for domestic bottle beer and hot
                                 or                                                      dogs
                 Brian Sickel        267-549-5999                            From first pitch to last out.

                                     Steward's Message
    The unofficial end of summer has pasted. Now football season is coming
 up. Please remember to come by to watch the Eagles match their way to a Super
Bowl victory and watch those Phighting Phillies come home with a World Cham-
pionship. As always if you bring a guest, have them sign in. Remember guys, this
                           is your home so come on in.
On behalf of AOH Division 61, we extend a warm welcome to                         DUES
             the newest members of our family:                  2011 dues are now being collected. Dues are
                                                                  now $50 Dues may be paid at meetings,
                     No new members
                                                                 dropped off to the club in an envelope with
 hope you enjoy everything this organization has to offer and   your name and the amount or mailed to AOH
     that you continue to live in Friendship, Unity, and                  Division 61 4131 Rhawn
                     Christian Charity.                               Street, Philadelphia, PA 19136.
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                                                       St. Baldrick’s Shave the Way
                                                 Through the generous donations from AOH/LAOH mem-
                                                 bers, family and friends, I was able to raise $ 1,200.00 for
                                                 St. Baldrick's Cancer Research for Children. This was
                                                 my second year shaving my head. I would like to thank
                                                 brother, Raymond Colman ,who donated his time and
                                                 talent and entertained for us. Thank you to all who partici-
                                                 pated in my head shaving especially my barbers: Tim
                                                 Murphy, Gary Thomas and Jay Hull. A great day was
                                                 had by all who stopped by the club that day.

                                                 Tom Byrne

  The Hibernian Digest is now on line, just click on the following link:
     as is the
            Wild Geese at

                          Saint Anne’s Convent Help Needed
Father Edward Bradley is the newly named pastor of St. Anne’s Parish and has asked for help
securing the convent:

I am looking to secure the convent for our nuns (Sisters of Saint Joseph) in several ways:

1. Change the windows into the basement to the thick block glass windows (13 all together). I am
   not too sure what it will take to get the old windows out and the new ones in.

2. 2. Need to replace two outer doors of the convent with solid wooden doors from the school.

3. 3. Need to take down three small trees in the back of the convent.

4. 4. Need to take down a trailer that is attached to the convent (still thinking about this one)

Even though we are not budgeted for it this year, I think I can get the bucks to purchase the materi-
als. It is being looked into. What I need to know is this: Do you know of anyone who is proficient in
these types of projects who has the tools and is willing to donate their time and talent?

Respectfully in our Lord, Rev. Edward Brady

Please reach out to Jim Lockhart (RIC) - cell# 267-226-8843 from
AOH 87 who is coordinating the volunteers for St. Anne's.
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                              Please remember to support our Patrons. Thank You!

            Wildwood Condo For Rent                                     Foley Funeral Home
                                                                    1132 Cottman Ave., Phila. PA 19111
3 Bedrooms 2 full Baths, 1.5 blocks from Beach and                        Francis X. Foley, Dir.
Boardwalk Watch the Friday Night Fireworks Right                              215-342-7380
Off Your Private Deck! Walking Distance to Bars &
                   Restaurants.                     Every family’s loss is important and painful - this we
Weekly/Monthly, May & Sept. Weekends Available.            Let us help you through a difficult time.
                                                    We are a family run, full service funeral home, assist-
 For Rates, Pictures and More Information Contact: ing families in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas.
          Tim Cawley 267-303-9113 or                Our services are personal, compassionate and digni-
                         fied, because every family deserves no less. We are
                                                    professional, yet caring and offer grief aftercare. Our
                                                   rates are reasonable and geared to each family’s needs.

                STAMPONE LAW
           Business Services Group
             500 Cottman Avenue
            Cheltenham, PA 19012
            (215) 663-0400 Phone
             (215) 663-9112 Fax
John Hagan (Division 61): Business Development
                     HouseMaster                            James H. Leonard,                     Hall Guys Catering
            “The Home Inspection Professionals”                                                 Catering for all occasions
                    Patrick J. Clerkin
                (Member of Division 61)                         Income Tax Returns
            Email:                    College Financial Aid            Breakfast, Dinner, Specialty
                                                                    Accounting                     Entrees, and Desserts
                                                               Phone (609) 458-5660             Special packages and pric-
Cell: 215-380-9163               Toll Free: 866-338-3840                ing are available for
And Montgomery County                  Fax: 215-338-3870            Treasurer &                     customized events.
                                                              Proud Member of AOH
              Dr. Francis McCaffery, IV, D.C.                       Division 61
                    Division 61 Member
Chiropractic Care* Massage Therapy* Rehabilitation/                Harrison Patrick                    Painting Service
Exercises                                                           Photographers                       Ed Rodriguez

Back Pain                                   Work Injuries
                                                            Specializing in Wedding Spe-              Interior &Exterior
Neck Pain                            Auto Accident Injuries cial Event and Portrait Photog-                 Quality
Headaches                                   Sports Injuries      raphy at your location.                Workmanship
                                                                     856-423-7367                    Phone: 215-725-1892
             Academy Injury and Health Center                                                         Cell: 267-228-0127
               10431 Academy Road Suite C
                  Philadelphia, PA 19114                     A.O.H. Division 61 member
                               Please remember to support our Patrons. Thank You!
               Southampton Pediatric Associates, P.C.                                EMERALD CONFECTIONS

                        Michael E. Clark, M.D.                          Gourmet Irish Potatoes Own make Irish Potatoes, Butter
                         AOH Div. 61 Member                             Creams, Peanut Butter Creams, Hand-Dipped Chocolate
                                                                                  Covered Pretzels made fresh daily
        Marcia M. Klein M.D.                   Craig R. Lem M.D.
                                                                            Jodi and Denny Boylan (Division 61 Members)
             Lakeside Office Park 207 Lakeside Drive
                     Southampton, PA 18966                                 
          Telephone: (215)-953-1020 Fax: (215)-953-8959
                                                                        A Full Line of Guinness Merchandise, Belleek, Irish Music
                                                                           CD'S and DVD's Phillies and Eagles Irish T-Shirts
Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine                 Office Hours By Appt.                  263 Marketplace Booth C3
                                                                         700 York Road, Warminster , PA 18974 (215)-290-5755

Thomas J. Kelleher, O.D.                           The Selzer Company
Optometry                                            Insurance Brokers                                  This spot is available.
  Proud Member of the AOH                        Michael P. Egan, LUTCF
                                                                                                             For purchasing
                                                Personal Insurance Specialist
 Office Hours by Appointment                      (Member of Division 61)                                  information please
                                                     Auto, Home, Life                                     contact Jack Gill at
         10431-D Academy Rd 975 Easton Road, Suite 100                                        or Sean
               Phila., PA 19114                                                    Campbell at
                 215-632-5955 Warrington, PA 18976                      215-491-1660 Ext. 116 

   Penguin Studios LLC.                    In Memory of                            Re/Max Eastern Realtors
  Banners, Stickers, Vehicle                Kevin Pierce                           Thinking of Buying or Selling??
  Graphics, Magnets, Signs &                (1955-2002)                              Call Michael J. Shields
      Window Graphics                                                              30 Years Experience
                                    Past President and Steward                      AOH 61 Member
    Owned & Operated by                         Of
         Ed Rooney                          Division 61        Offices                                  Tel: 215-961-6031
        856-829-2312                                           7908 Frankford Ave.                      Cell: 215-292-0007             Loving Husband, Father    Grant & Roosevelt Blvd.                  Fax: 215-961-6013                  and Friend                                    
Free Estimates                                 Office: 215-535-0190 215-708-1700                       Fax: 215-708-1785
Licensed & Insured                              Cell: 215-906-5620                   Infinity Jewelers
                                                 Fax: 215-535-1769             Diamonds * Watches * Jewelry

                                                                                 Kevin Ferguson, President
                  Kearns Electric Inc.                                              (Member of Division 61)
                                                                                        AOH Discount
                     President Sean Kearns                                     3528 Cottman Ave., Phila. PA 19149
                        AOH 61 Member                                       Large selection of Celtic./Irish Jewelry
                                                                          Custom Made: AOH Rings & Pins w/Division Number
                                                     (14Kt & White)

                                                                        Giannini & Son’s
               Hall Rentals                                                 Roofing                         Joe Beggin
                                                                                                          (215) 281-9680
        Kevin Pierce Hall can accommodate                                 4352 Paul St.
         your Parties from 10 to 60 people.                              Phila. PA 19124           Offering free help to members
               AOH Member Discount                                        215-288-5176             conducting Genealogical and
   For more info. contact Jack Gill at 215-920-0910                       856-786-0956                family history searches
       Mark Your Calendar
        AOH Division 61
          14th Annual
         CRAB NIGHT &
October 22, 2011
St. Dominic’s
Marian Hall
8532 Frankford Ave.

  Includes all   you can eat crabs
      Beer/Wine/Soda and Roast Beef
                   PLUS   5 LIVE CRAB
                   AND OTHER GAMES OF

                     CRAB NIGHT AND DERBY

                                             RACING FORM

                  CRAB’S NAME (PICKED BY BUYER)                           OWNER OF CRAB

  CRAB #    Please Print                                      Please Print
            Clearly                                           Cleary










                              Seller of Race: __________________________

 Racing Crabs are $5 each. Name your crab – be creative, but, like our crabs, please be “in good taste.” If
                               your crab wins its race, you’ll win $25!!

                                          Saturday, October 22, 2011
                                              St. Dominic’s Hall
                                            8532 Frankford Avenue

                                   Doors Open 7:00 pm / First Race 8:00 pm

                                         $30 Admission includes:
                                        All the Crabs you can eat
                                   Hot Roast Beef, Beer, Wine and Soda


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