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					Once upon a time there was a Brave warrior. named svenm, he lived a lazzy life. He tried
to live the laziest life he could even if it runins it. Cause the fact was if he became
stronger he surely would awaken the gods and the demigods. That where destiny to fight
take the world as there battle ground where all man women and child would suffer untill
svenm could find the strength. To fight Said gods into a battle that would save his loved
ones, svenm is a adhd child to become stronger is one thing thats almost imposable to
avoid yet svenm tries, one day svenm was tricked to going to the gym and though to him
self one day wouldnt kill us He was wrong! his aura explodes in a burst with that burst he
distroys half the building and go's insaine with a crackle of the ground the gods and
demigods come crashing to the ground Yet there still not able to fight so they fly raceing
to the tombs of egypt they run and run with the burst that stops the world in its tracks as
they fly fast past the 3 tombs and they both blow there whistle and the demigod gits his in
first "whistle" so The legenday sword excalbur comes flying to him with quick hast they
beguin fighting demigods wining with a haste while svenms training his body hard and
fast he tries to get stronger as fast as posable Gods and demigods wrcking the world like
a pluag among pluags the gods and demigods use humans to fuil there weapons they fast
take out there souls and there wepons strikes in comes svenm attacking with a furius
effert to save them all they all stop in dead tracks and come after him he stops and prays
and trows a punch down goes 20 demigods alas they want them on there side does he
chose new world order or save his love ones+ chose!

New world order or save family\

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