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Dear Web Marketer'

Are you frustrated with your current marketing results? Are you finding that getting results from your
advertising is not as easy as the gurus make it seem to be? Are you spending top dollar for little or
no return?

What would you say if I told you that YOU could market your website on a shoe string budget and
gain profit easily..on your own? What would you say if I told you that you have the opportunity to
learn more about how to do this right here..right now? If you want to learn how ordinary webmasters
are INCREASING their website traffic on shoe-string budgets' then I urge you to read through this
information very carefully.


This all new eProduct will begin to teach you how to become a creative and effective guerrilla
marketer. It will teach you the in's and out's of marketing on your own and how to maximize your
profits. This new ebook is the 2ND of 3 total volumes that are being released in November'
December' and January of 2004-05. What a great time to learn how to market your web sites'

So what is guerrilla marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is the use of unconventional tactics to achieve a very conventional goal. That
goal is always increasing profits. Profits is the only goal of guerrilla marketing. Everything you do
must be geared toward profits.

For most of you' marketing means those things that you do to promote your business: things like
submitting to search engines' doing ezine advertising' giving away free stuff' etc. But marketing is
actually much more than that to a guerrilla marketer.

Marketing Is Any And Every Contact You Have With Anyone About Your Business.....

It doesn't matter If you are a one person operation or if you are a multi-million dollar corporation.
Every time you pick up your business phone' every business message you send' every issue of your
newsletter' (with or without advertising) is marketing. Even a casual conversation with the waitress
at the coffee shop or the telemarketer who calls persistently is a possible opportunity for you to
market your business' You never know' so be a good Scout and be prepared.

Learn this and just watch the changes that will happen! You cannot succeed as a marketer' guerrilla
or otherwise' until you learn this. What this means is that marketing is not an event' something that
happens linearly in time. Marketing is a circle. It's a never ending process' like Life itself. A great
guerrilla marketer makes marketing a major part of his life.

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But great guerrilla marketers are not necessarily born great guerrilla marketers. Most of the
guerrillas I know learned how to market after they were born. Many of them of them started out as
something else' a musician' a web designer' or even a theologian.

What they all had in common was they had a product or service they wanted to sell. They started
their own small business on a shoestring budget. Budgets like that do not have room for a marketing
manager. They had to be their own marketing manager. So they learned guerrilla marketing because
guerrilla marketing is designed specifically for businesses with little or no marketing money to speak

Today you can discover the rewards of GUERRILLA MARKETING!

You can discover how to use this form of marketing to advertise your products online' and to do it on
a shoe string budget! There are webmasters online TODAY who are maximizing their sales by using
creative strategies' unique programs' and by learning how to be guerrilla marketers.

Have you ever used Guerrilla Marketing Strategies to pull in more visitors for you web site? If not'
take a look at what the Guerrilla Marketing Series can show you:


II. Guerrilla Psychology - this book covers in depth the most important difference between guerrilla
marketing and traditional marketing - the use of psychology.

 A. Introduction

 B. Basic Psychological Theory
 1. Freud
 2. Jung
 3. Maslow's Theory of Self Actualization

 C. Guerrilla Mind Types
 1. Amoral
 2. Ego
 3. Pleaser
 4. Authority
 5. Principle
 6. Responsible
 7. Universal

 D. Using Psychology in Your Marketing - Overview

Isn't It about time to lay down the high cost of advertising' and pick up creative marketing strategies
that you can do yourself on a shoe string budget?

        Created especially for small businesses with limited marketing budgets.

        Created for the do-it-yourself business owner who is willing to invest his time and energy
       rather than his money.

        Guerrilla marketing is based on psychology rather than expensive trial and error.

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                                           Guerrilla marketing is geared to making profits while keeping expenses to a minimum.

                                           Guerrilla marketing is perfect for small online businesses because it embraces the creative
                                          use of technology.

                                   Guerrilla Marketing Volume 2 was created to introduce the Internet Business Community to new
                                   marketing strategies' the same strategies that many of the gurus are now using. With the decline of
                                   eMail marketing' we've been forced to venture out and to use NEW strategies in order to get
                                   responsive advertising.

                                   Guerrilla Marketing is being used by an increasing number of online marketers and publishers
                                   because it is unique'affordable' and it works!

                                   Guerrilla Marketing - Guerrilla Psychology is delivered in EXE format and is viewable on any PC
                                   with Windows.

                                   More detail in http://www.terabooks.net/buy/1536

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