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					    C EDAR  B AND 
E NTERPRISES,  LLC   600 North, 100 East
                     Cedar City, UT 84721

Past Performance
Advisory Services/Cost Analysis

         Financial Analysis Support: Work for the
         Bureau of Land Management’s Information
         Resource Management activities included cost,
         overall financial, and contract analysis.

         Chief Information Officer Advisory Services:
         Included IT capital planning and investment
         control, business case leadership, and Capital
         Planning and Investment Control Guide creation
         and coordination.

         Acquisition and Financial Advisory Services:
         Activities associated with the American Recovery
         and Reinvestment Act, including management,
         analysis, and administrative support.
Computer Facilities Management Services/
           System Security

 CBE companies have provided computer facilities management services and/or
 systems security planning, testing, and verification for:
Fiber Cabling

   Wireless and Fiber Cabling: Part of this $8 million
   contract included Engineering, Furnishing, Installing
   and Testing (EFI&T) fiber and wireless
   communications at the U.S. Army’s Dugway Proving
   Ground (DPG). Work was in several phases,
   supporting various technologies over 16 task orders.

   Copper and Fiber Cabling: Terminated, spliced, and
   installed 900 pair copper cable and 96 pair fiber
   cable at various locations for the U.S. Army at Fort

   Copper and Fiber Optic Cabling: Installed-- at the
   Tinker AFB Aerospace Complex (AC)—the copper and
   fiber optic cables between the appropriate buildings
   and installed all station wiring at Cat. 5E or better.
Information Assurance, Planning, and Data Entry

             Information Planning: For the U.S. Pacific Command (PACCOM),
             conducted effects-based planning, maintained day-to-day situational
             awareness, and fully leveraged the collaborative information
             environment to enhance Command & Control (C2) capabilities.

             DIACAP : As part of the Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) contract for
             the Tinker AFB AC, provided the services required to complete the DoD
             Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP)
             Certification & Accreditation (C&A) of the proposed configuration.

             Data Entry and Assurance : Since 2007, have maintained a staff that
             processes handwritten catalog orders into an electronic format (96%
             accuracy or better). Also develop software programs and security
             measures to ensure secure and virus-free information transmittal.

             Information Assurance : For the University of South Florida’s (USF’s)
             Program Management Office (PMO), analyzed, mitigated, and managed
             the risks of their Student Information System, transcripts, admissions,
             academic, and financial data.
IT Management, Security, and Support

      IT Security and Support : For this 5-year, $6.1 million contract, created
      and maintained user accounts, troubleshot software issues, and
      responded to system outages for the U.S. Census Bureau’s Integrated
      Development Environment of the Corporate Metadata Repository (CMR).

      IT Management, Security, and Help Desk Support: Managed and
      maintained the USF PMO networks—including Oracle, Banner, Network
      Management, EDI (electronic data interchange), and PeopleSoft General
      and Financial Systems—for USF’s 42,000 students and staff. Also
      managed the help desk for these services.

      Certification & Accreditation Support: For the Department of the
      Interior’s Office of the Solicitor, work included system security review
      and verification, creating a Security, Testing, and Evaluation Plan (ST&E),
      risk assessment, and incident response planning.

      IT Security and Support: Provided material and services—design, planning,
      and hardware/software (HW/SW) acquisition—to ensure the security,
      flexibility, and efficiency across the Storage Area Network (SAN).
                                  IT Staffing

Among the CBE family of companies is Suh’dutsing Staffing Services , a company dedicated to providing
mid (3-5 years) to senior-level (6-10+) experienced IT professionals. CBE staffing support has included:

                                 Staff Augmentation : For various contracts ($22.3 million total)—in
                                 HW/SW, SANs, data communications infrastructure, tech product
                                 acquisition, etc.—provided 25 staff over multiple TOs in Kansas City,
                                 Seattle, Silver Spring (MD), Boulder (CO), and three Virginia locations.

                                 Full-Time Staffing : Over a three-year, $2.4 million contract, provided
                                 six full-time Help Desk employees to deploy, upgrade, set accounts,
                                 troubleshoot, and resolve hardware and software issues related to
                                 PCs, printers, and network access.

  Other Suh’dutsing Staffing Services clients have included:
                           Operations Support

 Base Operations : For this current $14 million project serving the U.S. Army at Fort Belvoir,
 we provide all services, materials, plant supervision, labor, and equipment to operate, maintain,
 repair, and construct real property facilities.

Exercise Operations: Provided USARSO Program Management, Computer-Aided Command Post
Exercises and Analysis, Seminar Game Support and Analysis. Command, Control, Communications,
Computers, and Intelligence (C4I) Systems Support and Analysis.

                       Network Operations, Defense Logistics Agency: Maintenance of the
                       network, computers, training rooms, as well as the software and
                       hardware for all servers and computers at their Ogden, Utah location.
                       Program Management

CBE companies have provided multiple, simultaneous project oversight for several clients, including:
Systems Integration, Maintenance, and

            Systems Integration, Maintenance, and Security : After
            design/build of a USCENTCOM War Room, was responsible
            for integrating audio, video, video teleconferencing, control
            and communications systems, as well as for planning,
            testing, and verification.

            Systems Integration Testing : After installation of VoIP
            Phone System at the Tinker Aerospace Complex,
            conducted pre-shakedown, shakedown, operational,
            endurance, failover, and installation testing.

            Systems Maintenance: For the Census Bureau’s CMR
            applications, was responsible for accepting change reports,
            then creating impact analyses or effort assessments,
            scheduling change activities, and executing system changes.

            Systems Administration and Integration : Setup,
            configuration, and testing of new software; setup and
            integration of web sites into the existing structure; and
            migration of physical machines into virtualized platforms.

CBE established Suh’dutsing Telecom in 2008 to build on the telecommunications work of
Suh’dutsing Technologies. Our companies have provided:

  Telephony/Telecom: For this current project –with $100 million of potential task orders—we
  provide telephony and telecommunications system maintenance and support throughout the
  contiguous U.S. (70%); military installations in Southwest Asia (20%); and other government
  stations worldwide (10%).

                                                                    Telecom System
                                                                    Integration : Ensured
                                                                    that the VoIP system
                                                                    conforms to Air Force
                                                                    Instruction (AFI 33-111)
          Wireless Telecom : On                                     standards for voice
          this 5-year, contract,                                    systems management.
          performed cabling,
          telecom infrastructure
          Other Services

             Computer Systems Installation (Humvee): For U.S.
             Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command,
             headquartered in Warren, Michigan,

             Control Systems : For Space and Warfare Systems
             Command (Charleston, SC), services included
             access, phone circuits, web portal, and telephony.

                Data Cleansing (Product Lifecycle Management):     This current
             involves analyzing all drawings for weapon systems to ensure the correct
             part number(s) for the highest-level assembly.

             Data Migration : For the Commander Navy
             Installations Command.
Other Services (cont’d)

         Enterprise Strategy : For the Ninth Air Force U.S.
         Central Command Air Forces (CENTAF), Shaw AFB,
         planning, strategy & support of IT architecture

         Land Mobile Radio: For seven locations at Voyageurs
         National Park, MN, and Buffalo River, AK,
         rehabilitated and upgraded of the existing radio
         systems to a narrow band digital systems.

         Technical Advisory Services: For Unmanned
         Aircraft Systems (UAS) for the Office of the
         Secretary of Defense.

         Web Portal Design: Work included site
         requirements & specs, information architecture,
         development, testing, deployment, and post-design
         support. Work for the VA involved developing a web-
         based e-Portal allowing users to browse or search
         service and benefits information.
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