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									Texting Policy
This Texting Policy can be used by a company to establish a uniform and consistent
policy regarding texting on cell phones by employees. This policy prohibits employees’
texting and using their cell phone during work hours. In addition, this policy prohibits
employees from texting and driving on a company provided phone or to conduct
company business. This policy can be used by small businesses or other entities that
want to maximize employee productivity and safety by establishing a Texting Policy.
                                             TEXTING POLICY

We at _____________________ [Instructions: Insert the Company’s name] (hereinafter
referred to as the “Company”) have established this Texting Policy to provide formal guidance to
employees regarding Company’s position with respect to employees reading and/or responding
to text message while at work.

1.     Company Provided Devices. Company owns, leases or rents cellular telephones or
mobile electronic devices (each a “Device”) and provides such Devices to certain employees
(each a “Company Provided Device”) for work purposes. Company encourages Employees to
use the Company Provided Devices for any business-related activities and prohibits Employees
from using Company Provided Devices for personal use. Employees should use the Company
Provided Device to create, send, receive, and store work-related text messages only. Employees
should not expect any privacy when texting on the Company Provided Device and are expected
to abide by Company's code of professional conduct when sending text messages on the
Company Provided Device.

2.      Employee Devices. Company recognizes that employees might own, lease or rent their
own Device (each an “Employee Device”). Company generally prohibits use of an Employee
Devices during employees' workday, but, if required, allows employees to use their Employee
Device during lunch or other permitted break times. Employees must not create, send, receive,
or store text messages on any Employee Device any time during the workday except during such
permitted times.

3.     Prohibited Texting. Employees may not at any time knowingly create, send, receive, or
store any text message that is discriminatory, harassing, fraudulent, defamatory, or otherwise
prohibited by federal or state law; reveals company trade secrets, development plans, or other
information that could harm Company; or otherwise violates Company policies.

4.      Texting While Driving. Company deeply values the safety and well-being of its
employees and is committed to eliminating unnecessary risks behind the wheel. Due to the
increasing number of accidents resulting from the practice of text messaging while driving,
Company employees may not use any Device for the purpose of reading or responding to text
messages while operating a motor vehicle (“Vehicle”), regardless of whether the Vehicle is in
motion or stopped at a traffic light or stop sign, under any of the following situations, regardless
of whether the Device is used hands-free:

                 When employee is operating a Vehicle owned, leased or rented by the Company.
                 When the employee is operating a Vehicle in connection with Company business.
                 When the employee is operating a Vehicle during Company work hours.
                 When the Vehicle is on Company property.
                 When the Device is a Company Provided Device.
                 When the employee is using the Device to conduct Company business.
                 When federal, state, or local rules and regulations prohibit use of the Device.

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Should the employees need to read or respond to text message while operating the Vehicle, the
Employee must pull off to the side of the road and safely stop the vehicle before reading or
responding to the text message.

5.     Violation of Policy. Frequent violation of this policy will be grounds for discipline, up to
and including termination from Company.

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