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									Sabbatical Leave Policy
This Sabbatical Leave Policy can be distributed to the employees of a company to
outline a company’s stance on sabbatical leave. Sabbatical leave is when employees
take an extended absence from work without having their job position compromised.
Customize the information of the company, the length of time sabbaticals may last, the
percentage of salary employees on sabbatical will receive, and more. This policy is ideal
for small businesses or other entities that want to establish a uniform and consistent
Sabbatical Leave Policy for employees.
                                  SABBATICAL LEAVE POLICY

We at _________________________ [Instructions: Insert the Company’s name]
(“Company”) have established this Sabbatical Leave Policy to provide formal guidance to
employees regarding Company’s position with respect to employees taking sabbatical leaves.

1.     Sabbatical. Sabbatical leaves allow eligible employees to take leave from their jobs,
separate from vacation or personal leave and return to their same or comparable jobs. Eligible
employees on sabbatical leave can use their time as they choose, provided that they do not accept
paid employment from another employer. Notwithstanding the foregoing, sabbatical leave is not
intended to extend other leaves (including, without limitation, sick leave, disability leave,
parental leave, or vacation or personal leave) and requests to do so may be denied.

       a.     Duration. Employees can take a sabbatical leave of no less than __ [Instructions:
Insert the minimum number of months sabbaticals must last] months in duration and no
more than __ [Instructions: Insert the maximum number of months sabbaticals may last]
months in duration.

        b.       Pay. Employees on sabbatical leave shall receive __ percent [Instructions: Insert
the percentage of salary employees on sabbatical will receive] of their salary, subject to
federal, state, and local tax withholding.

       c.       Benefits. During the duration of the sabbatical leave, Company [Instructions:
Choose one] will // will not pay for the same health, dental, life, disability, retirement plan
contributions, and other benefits that employee received before the sabbatical leave.

       d.      Seniority. Employees on sabbatical leave [Instructions: Choose one] will // will
not continue to accrue seniority as if they were working.

2.      Eligible Employees. Full time employees become eligible for sabbatical leave after __
[Instructions: Insert the number of years employees must serve to be eligible for sabbatical]
years of full-time service and every __ [Instructions: Insert the number of years after
eligibility that employees can take additional sabbaticals] years thereafter. Part-time
employees are not eligible for sabbatical leaves.

3.     Scheduling. Eligible employees that desire to take sabbatical leave should notify their
supervisors at least __ [Instructions: Insert the number of months advance notice employees
must provide to take sabbatical] months in advance to allow Company time to review the
sabbatical request and prepare for the employee's absence. Company reserves the right to deny a
sabbatical request if the eligible employee's work is essential during the planned leave period.

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