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									Energy Conservation Policy
This Energy Conservation Policy can be distributed to the employees of a company to
outline the company’s stance on energy conservation. This policy states that the
company is devoted to environmental sustainability, reducing energy consumption and
minimizing global warming emissions. In addition, energy conservation can maximize
profitability by reducing the company’s utility bills. This policy is ideal for small
businesses or other entities that want to establish a consistent and uniform Energy
Conservation Policy.
                              ENERGY CONSERVATION POLICY

We at _______________________, [Instructions: Insert the Company’s name] (hereinafter
referred to as the “Company”) have established this Energy Conservation Policy to provide
formal guidance to employees regarding Company’s position with respect to conservation of
energy. Company is committed to environmental sustainability, reducing energy consumption
and minimizing global warming emissions and our carbon footprint. Accordingly, Company and
its employees shall use best efforts to conserve energy in the workplace as set forth herein.

1.      Company’s Commitment. Company facilities shall, to the extent possible, be designed,
constructed, renovated, operated and maintained in accordance with the latest energy and water
efficiency standards. Specifically, Company shall:

         a.       Develop and implement energy and water efficiency and conservation strategies.

        b.     Ensure energy and water efficiency, conservation and environmental impact is a
central consideration for all construction made by Company.

        c.     Increase fuel efficiency for transportation and reduce energy consumption for
travel requirements

     d.      Reduce the consumption of paper products and disposable supplies, and increase
Company’s recycling rate.

2.     Company’s Employees. Company’s employees shall assist Company in its goal to
conservation energy in the workplace, by:

      a.     Heating the building to no warmer than at __° F [Instructions: Insert
temperature] in the winter and cooling the building to no less than __° F [Instructions: Insert
temperature] in the summer.

         b.       If possible, turning off lights and using natural lighting.

         c.       Turning off office equipment when not in use.

         d.       If feasible, unplugging office equipment at night and on weekends.

         e.       Keeping windows closed when the air conditioner is on.

         f.       Using hot water sparingly.

         g.       Becoming knowledgeable about energy conservation.

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