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					Investment Proposal
Blackhawk     is    an    entertainment    Blackhawk has acquired the rights
company that will develop two              to the premier Muay Thai (Thai
complementary activities:                  Boxing) event, known as the King’s
(a) the production of low budget
    movies                                 The market for such sport events is
                                           growing as the distribution channels
(b) the development of a sports            develop.    It  offers   the    following
    entertainment business.                opportunities that can be exploited:

The investment opportunity is based on
the combination of the more stable and
predictable earnings deriving from the
sports events, with significant upside
potential of the investment in film
production.    The    company      was
established under the laws of Nevada
and is an independent company now
based in Los Angeles.

  The Sports Entertainment Market
                                              Television Rights both for the
The sports entertainment market is             transmission of events and for the
exploited with the acquisition of              establishment of shows such as TV
marketing, event promotion and video           reality shows. (Note: Thai boxing is
rights connected to a particular sport.        practiced by both men and women,
These are niche markets that offer             thus     increasing   the    audience
great opportunities, not only for the          significantly).
promoter of the local events in               Video      production    and     other
stadiums or theatres, but also for those       synergies with the film industry.
that organise merchandising and in            Merchandising.
particular for those who distribute the       Computer games.
videos and television images.                 Interactive internet games.
                                              Event promotion.
An example of such an approach to the         Betting.
market is the acquisition by Las Vegas        Tourism related to the main events
casino moguls of the rights connected          in conjunction with airlines or travel
to Ultimate Fighting for just over two         agents.
million US$ [Los Angeles Times – July         Sponsorship and joint advertising
2009]. This enterprise was to generate         targeted at the international Muay
a reality TV series called “the Ultimate       Thai audience.
Fighter” with revenues of over US$ 500

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The King’s Cup is one of the sport’s
premier events, well known all over the
world. Teams from the US and many
other countries have been training to
compete every year.
A short feature on the US Thai Boxing
team training in Utah is available on
Youtube at the address

Attraction    of    the             sports
entertainment market

There is an increasing number of
channels for the distribution of sports
media initiatives. Television channels
(satellite, cable, free to air TV, etc),
Internet distribution, Video content for
telephones. The increase in the number
of channels and the feedback provided
by     these    very    channels   (e.g.
pinpointing internet viewership by IP
Address) allows for clear profiling and
consequently targeted advertising.

                                     The result is:

     Well established industry.
     Better earnings predictability.
     Ability to enhance brand/franchise value of the King’s
      Cup and other events.
     Stable earnings with upside potential

Page 3 of 11                                          Los Angeles / Zurich 30/09/09
     Independent Film Production             German owned motion picture              and
                                             television content provider in           Los
Low Budget movies are an increasing          Angeles.
component of the array of films being
produced by Hollywood and elsewhere.         Demand for movies remains strong and
On the other side, the demand for wide       several low budget films have been
range movie-products with no age-            resilient and successful even with
limit, such as comedy, is increasing by      reduced marketing and promotion
Internet, Airlines, Hotel as well as the     budgets, for example:
mobile phone industry.
                                                Four Weddings and a Funeral
The basic product                               Slumdog Millionaires
                                                The Full Monty
The     strongest    segment    of   the        My Big Fat Greek Wedding
independent film production industry is
romantic and slapstick comedy, which
has the highest repeat value and shelf-
life. These films are durable and
timeless, they can be cross-cultural and
generally acceptable on a variety of
channels (TV, Video, internet, Airline
films, Hotel channels, etc.). Blackhawk
will focus on this segment.

Supply and Demand issues.

The supply can be increased by keeping
costs down and the quality of
production high:

   Digital technology allows for the use
    of lightweight and more efficient
    camera equipment that increases
    the productivity of the film sessions;
   Digital technologies reduce the cost
    of transport significantly;
   The number of available talents is
    still increasing as many young
    people have the dream of becoming
    a filmmaker or an actor (TopModel,
    Superstar, etc.). This allows for
    significant choice of talents
   Public Funds are now available in
    France and increasingly in other
    countries to make it possible to
    produce elsewhere at very reduced

Production of films will be done in
partnership      with     independent
production houses. The first such
partnership has been established with
Wicke Hollywood Entertainment Corp, a

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                                  World Entertainment
                                   Corporation, USA
                                  Chairman and CEO
                                       Rolf Hess

         BLACKHAWK                      Movie I                     Movie . . . n
          Contest AG              Limited Partnership            Limited Partnership

Timing and requirement
                                              Use of funds
New Equity
                                                 Establishment of the contracts with
   2009 Q4 : One million US$                     the promoters of Thai Boxing events
   2010 Q1 : Three million US$                   in the USA, Europe, the Middle East
                                                  and Asia.
                                                 Development of the first events to
                                                  promote the brand and increase the
                                                  franchise value.
                                                 Commence production of the first
                                                  two films.

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Board of Directors

Rolf Hess             Swiss citizen, with 30 years of professional experience as a CPA and
Chairman & CEO.       business consultant, as well as board member and as an investor. In
                      his previous career as a CPA, he gained experience mainly in US
                      multinational corporations, as a board member and investor mainly in
                      the sector of small and medium size corporations (SME), not only in
                      Switzerland and Germany, but also in Asian-, American-, and Eastern
                      European markets. Rolf Hess has joined the entertainment sector in
                      2005. Apart from acting as Chairman & CEO of Blackhawk World
                      Entertainment Corp., at present he is also Chairman of Redhawk
                      Industries Corp., domiciled in Los Angeles, Green River Energy Corp,
                      domiciled in Salt Lake City, Utah/ USA, Witty Water Corp. in Los
                      Angeles and California International Fight Club Corp. in Los Angeles.
                      Rolf Hess has also written several books and acts as visiting professor
                      at Hungarian Universities in Györ and Budapest.

Mary L. Kelly         US citizen. President of SJ Property Management, Inc. (Private).
Director & CFO        Provides consultations to commercial property owners and
                      commercial real estate developers, specializing in cash flow and
                      investment analysis, property valuation and budgeting.

                      Independent accountant and audit assistant for companies located in
                      the U.S., Switzerland and Dubai.

Garry Miller          Garry Miller was born in 1948 and is a US citizen. He began an
Director              investment career in 1978 with the New York Stock Exchange firm of
                      PaineWebber, in crude oil futures, stock portfolios, public oil
                      companies and client relations. From this he began to develop a
                      sincere interest in oil & gas production. He went on to exploration
                      projects in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. From this experience, and
                      with a desire to continue on in a more prolific region, he joined Chasel
                      Energy in 1984. Garry Miller also serves as Director of Green River
                      Energy Salt Lake City, Utah/ USA.

Renato Heldner        Renato Heldner (Swiss citizen) involved in different projects as CFO,
Director and Member   CEO and investor, is now engaged as Director and Member of the
of the Audit          Audit Committee of Blackhawk World Entertainment Corp. and in
Committee.            charge of the financial business plan. Before his engagement as an
                      independent business consultant, he was in charge of Controlling at
                      the Headquarter of Siemens Security Systems. Between 1989 and
                      2000 he held a management position within Swiss Casinos Group, the
                      market leader in the casino business in Switzerland, responsible for
                      the financial management (incl. IAS consolidation for 25 companies),
                      taxes, human resources and legal affairs. Renato Heldner has
                      extensive experience in setting up company structures, organizations
                      and financial services. He also acts as CFO of Green River Group, CEO
                      of Value Alliance Turicum AG and Vipasa GmbH.

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Samir Jarallah        Managing Partner of Al Zarooni Tureva. The firm currently employs
Director and Member   ten professionals and is also advising clients in the fields of acquisition
of the Audit          and corporate governance including Sarbanes-Oxley. B. S. degree
Committee             (Accounting) Farleigh Dickinson University (New Jersey, USA). Former
                      Managing Auditor with Price Waterhouse, USA and Switzerland.
                      Principal in Tureva Treuhand, AG, Zurich. Fellow Member A.C.C.A. and
                      Registered Auditor in the U. K. and Ireland. Authorized Public Auditor
                      in the U.A.E. Languages spoken and written: Arabic, English, German,
                      Swiss German, French and Spanish. Swiss citizen.

Incorporation         Incorporated under the laws of Nevada, October 18th, 2007.

Issued shares         10,500,000

Listing               NASDAQ OTC Bulletin Board planned for the end of 2009.
                      Vienna Stock Exchange planned for 2010.

Auditors              HJ & Associates, LLC
                      50 West Bradway, Suite 600
                      Salt Lake City, UT 84101

                      Peter Wicke has established Wicke Hollywood Entertainment Corp.
Wicke Hollywood       within the Hollywood motion picture & television entertainment in-
Entertainment         dustry     for     the     U.S.     &      worldwide       market.
                      Peter Wicke is a writer and producer and has developed and produced
Peter Wicke           with WHE Corp. his own high quality motion pictures and TV enter-
CEO, Writer &         tainment productions in the US & Hollywood environment for the US &
Producer              international market (low budget – movies). He has a wide range of
                      experience, has lived in Los Angeles for several years and, therefore,
                      has an excellent knowledge of the movie and TV entertainment in-
                      dustry and the market in the USA. During his 20+ years in the
                      industry, he has been involved and has realized different movie & TV
                      productions together with his U.S. partners (writers, creative
                      directors, producers, talents, broadcasters and distributors). The
                      focus of his projects is in comedies, romance and love stories, family
                      movies, children and young adult genre movies and television series.
                      His productions are of a high quality standard, commercial and
                      ethically correct.

                      He has worked in various freelance functions and has been involved in
                      different projects as story developer, script-doctor, writer, license
                      coach, co-producer, coordinator and 2nd Unit Director / Stunt-
                      Coordinator which contributed to his wide knowledge of the enter-
                      tainment market and the film industry in Hollywood. In the early
                      years of his career Peter Wicke was a well-recognized stuntman and
                      was involved in several productions in Germany (e.g. Tatort,
                      Küstenwache) as well as in the USA.

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(The following forecasts have been made by the management and should not be taken as a guarantee of performance. The assumptions and
methods of calculation constitute a hypothesis. Actual results may be significantly different from those displayed. Readers should consult
their trusted financial adviser before investing on the basis of the data shown in this document).

The Consolidated Figures

Blackhawk World Entertainement Corp.
Forecast in USD $
                                          2008             2009             2010                  2011          2012             2013

Movie                                        0                0                 0            1,178,000     5,873,000        15,125,000
Investment                                   0           60,000                 0                    0             0                 0
Thai-Box - Kings Cup                         0                0         1,665,000            3,226,000     6,775,000        10,162,000

Total Revenue                                0           60,000         1,665,000            4,404,000    12,648,000        25,287,000
Cost - Thaiboxing events                     0                0          -120,000             -240,000      -360,000          -396,000

Management Cost                              0          -234,600         -480,000             -650,000      -660,000          -726,000
Administration                               0           -80,000          -90,000             -120,000      -140,000          -160,000
Audit & other consulting cost                0          -125,000         -360,000             -375,000      -395,000          -430,000
Telephone, postage & freight                 0           -20,000          -40,000              -40,000       -40,000           -44,000
Cost - International BHC                     0           -80,000         -300,000             -300,000      -300,000          -330,000
PR & Marketing & Investor Relations          0          -450,000         -350,000             -370,000      -390,000          -420,000
Travel & representation                      0           -60,000         -150,000             -150,000      -150,000          -165,000
Other operating expenses                     0           -30,000          -40,000              -50,000       -60,000           -60,000
Total Operating Expenses                     0        -1,079,600       -1,810,000           -2,055,000    -2,135,000        -2,335,000
EBITDA                                       0        -1,019,600         -265,000            2,109,000    10,153,000        22,556,000
EBIT                                         0        -1,019,600         -265,000            2,109,000    10,153,000        22,556,000
Net income before taxes                      0        -1,019,600         -265,000            2,109,000    10,153,000        22,556,000

In this scenario the combined effect of steady growth of the Thai Boxing and the income from cinema combine to produce a steady growth

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Income derived from the Thai Boxing activity

Thaiboxing - Kings Cup
Forecast in USD $
                                          2008           2009             2010                  2011         2012             2013

Thai-Box - Kings Cup (Licenses &
Sponsorship)                                   0            0         1,665,000            3,226,000    6,775,000        10,162,000

Total Revenue                                  0            0         1,665,000            3,226,000    6,775,000        10,162,000
Cost - Thaiboxing events                       0            0          -120,000             -240,000     -360,000          -396,000

Management cost                                0      -54,600          -300,000             -360,000      -360,000         -396,000
Audit & other consulting cost                  0     -105,000          -320,000             -300,000      -300,000         -330,000
Telephone, postage & freight                   0      -20,000           -40,000              -40,000       -40,000          -44,000
Cost - International BHC                       0      -80,000          -300,000             -300,000      -300,000         -330,000
PR & Marketing & Investor-Relations            0     -420,000          -300,000             -300,000      -300,000         -330,000
Travel & representation                        0      -60,000          -150,000             -150,000      -150,000         -165,000
Total Operating Expenses                       0     -739,600        -1,410,000           -1,450,000    -1,450,000       -1,595,000
EBITDA                                         0     -739,600           135,000            1,536,000     4,965,000        8,171,000
EBIT                                           0     -739,600           135,000            1,536,000     4,965,000        8,171,000
Net income before taxes                        0     -739,600           135,000            1,536,000     4,965,000        8,171,000

The increasing income from licensing and sponsorship is forecast to be based on the growth of the franchise as an increasing number of
people are becoming aware of the sport especially via the internet.

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Movie and Group
Forecast in USD $
                                         2008             2009             2010                  2011          2012             2013

Project Movie                               0                0                 0            1,178,000      5,873,000       15,125,000
Investment                                  0           60,000                 0                    0              0                0

Total Revenue                               0           60,000                 0            1,178,000      5,873,000       15,125,000

Management cost                             0          -180,000         -180,000             -290,000       -300,000         -330,000
Administration                              0           -80,000          -90,000             -120,000       -140,000         -160,000
Audit & other consulting cost               0           -20,000          -40,000              -75,000        -95,000         -100,000
PR & Marketing & Investor Relations         0           -30,000          -50,000              -70,000        -90,000          -90,000
Other operating expenses                    0           -30,000          -40,000              -50,000        -60,000          -60,000
Total Operating Expenses                    0          -340,000         -400,000             -605,000       -685,000         -740,000
EBITDA                                      0          -280,000         -400,000              573,000      5,188,000       14,385,000
EBIT                                        0          -280,000         -400,000              573,000      5,188,000       14,385,000
Net income before taxes                     0          -280,000         -400,000              573,000      5,188,000       14,385,000

Movies have a more significant time lag between investment and flow of income. However the flow lasts over a longer period of time whilst
the Thai Boxing income is linked to each single event.

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This document is for informational purposes only and do not constitute advertising, a
solicitation, or legal advice. Transmission of such materials and information
contained herein is not intended to create, and receipt thereof does not constitute
formation of, an adviser-client relationship. Readers should not rely upon this
information for any purpose without seeking legal advice from a licensed attorney or
financial adviser in the reader’s state. The information contained in this document is
provided as general information and may or may not reflect the most current legal
developments; accordingly, information on this document is not promised or
guaranteed to be correct or complete. The management of Blackhawk World
Entertainment Corporation expressly disclaims all liability in respect to actions
taken or not taken based on any or all the contents of this document. Further, the
management of Blackhawk World Entertainment Corporation does not necessarily
endorse, and is not responsible for, any third-party content that is referred to in this

Los Angeles / Zurich, September 30th, 2009

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