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									Cruise Vacation!
 Day 1:
Ø 4:00 p.m. Ship Departs

Day 2:

At Sea

Day 3:

Ø10:00 p.m. Arrived at hotel
(Juneau Hotel) $79.00
Each Person. Total: $316

Ø12:00 a.m. Sleep

Ø8:00 a.m. shopping-
Dimond Shopping Center-

Ø11:00 a.m. Return to Ship

Ø2:00 p.m. Arrive at
Skagway, Alaska

ØTotal Money Spent: $516

Day 4:
 2:00 p.m. Arrived at Skagway, Alaska
12:30 p.m. Relaxing Spa $100 Each Person Total: $400
5:00 p.m. Live Music – Copper River Wild
Student, Senior, children under 12 = $6 Total : $24
7:00 p.m. Return to Ship
9:30 p.m. Arrive at Cruise Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska

Total Money Spent: $424

Day 5:

6:00 p.m. Arrive at Cruise
Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska

7:00 p.m. Indoor movie
theater Ramada Inn
Anchorage Downtown
AK (theater in hotel) $209.

9:30 p.m. Pool- Club Swim

9:00 a.m. Return to ship

1:00 p.m. At Sea

Total: $298

                              Ramada Inn Anchorage Downtown AK
  Day 6

At Sea…
               Day 7:

Stopped at : Victoria, British Columbia
Returned Back to Seattle, Washington
                                     Cruise Information

                                              Family # 3
 7 Night Alaska Sawyer Glacier
 Cruise Name: Royal Caribbean International
 Sailing Dates: August 7, 14, 21, 28, 2009
 Rooms: 2 rooms, each room includes 2 beds
 1 Seattle, Washington
 2 At Sea
 3 Juneau, Alaska
 4 Skagway, Alaska .
 5 Cruise Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska
 6 At Sea
 7 Victoria, British Columbia
 8 Seattle, Washington

 Date Leaving: August 28, 09
 Date Returning: September 4, 09
 Cruise Subtotal: $2776.00
 Tax: $703.08
 Total: $3479.08
 Money Left to Spend:$4520.92
 Money Spent: $1238
 Money Left: $3282.92
ØFree food
ØOcean Transportation
   Activity         Location       Total Price

Relaxing Spa    Skagway, Alaska      $400

 Live Music     Skagway, Alaska       $24

    Pool        Tracy Arm Fjord,      $89
Movie Theater   Tracy Arm Fjord,
                   Description of Family

          From this project I made many opinions about family number 3. I
could tell that the grandparents like to do things with not so much physical
activity. Like for example the grandmother wanted to go shopping and
needs a non smoking spa. The grandfather needed to go to Live Music and
wants to go fishing, as you can tell all these activities don’t include too
much physical activity. The children on the other hand like to do things that
includes a lot of energy and is fun. The grandparents like activities that
don’t involve too much pressure and is relaxing.
                 Why I Created This Cruise!

I created this family vacation because I thought that me and my grandparents needed
some more time together. To show appreciation for them, I planned out this whole
cruise vacation. My grandparents deserve the best out of me and I’m going to prove
I Hope You Enjoyed Your Trip to Alaska! 

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