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Proposal for Exhibition - PDF by warwar123


									                                                      Proposal for Exhibition 2011

Haydon Art Center
335 N. 8th St. Suite A, Lincoln, NE 68508-1300 402/475-5421

Haydon Art Center is currently accepting proposals for exhibition in 2011. The Haydon Art
Center displays artwork from traditional to cutting edge, with the presentation of quality art at
its core. The exhibition schedule features the work of local, regional, national and
international mature and emerging artists. The Haydon attracts new artists with its
commitment to promoting, supporting and encouraging the fine arts. The Haydon is known
for high-quality exhibitions, educational outreach and community involvement.
The Haydon Art Center is a non-profit organization with a strong educational mission. All
exhibitions have an educational element and artists are encouraged to participate in outreach
Individuals and/or groups interested in exhibiting at the Haydon Art Center during the year
2010 should submit materials by January 31st, 2010.

Access Proposal information at
                                                       Proposal for Exhibition 2011

Haydon Art Center
335 N. 8th St. Suite A, Lincoln, NE 68508-1300 402/475-5421

                              Proposal for Exhibitions 2011

Individuals and/or groups interested in exhibiting at the Haydon Art Center during
the year 2011 should submit the following materials by January 31st, 2010:

   o 20 images (CD only)
             Must be viewable both on MAC and PC
                    Please No PowerPoint
             Jpg images 300dpi, no larger than 5” or 1500 pixels on a side
                     Label images: lastname.title.# (i.e. corresponding to image list
             Artist, Proposal Information, Numbered Image list on a labeled CD
                    Label CD: Artist or curator name and proposed exhibit.
   o Artist’s Resume(s) – Hard copy

   o Artist’s Statement(s) -Hard copy

   o Detailed description of the proposal including thematic connections when
     proposing a group exhibition.-Hard copy

   o $25 application fee (checks or money order only) to: Friends of Haydon Inc.

   o One signed copy of the Exhibition Proposal Agreement Form (which follows).

Note: The Haydon Art Center is an Educational Non-Profit organization. All exhibitions
are considered educational and all artists involved in exhibitions are invited to participate
in educational outreach where possible. Gallery introductions on opening night are
traditional. Please describe additional ideas you have for community outreach.
                                                    Proposal for Exhibition 2011
                         "Open Call for Exhibition"
                     Proposal Agreement Form for 2011
                                   Entry Fee $25
                             Deadline: January 31, 2010
                                       Haydon Art Center
                                     335 N. 8th St. Suite A,
                                    Lincoln, NE 68508-1300

This policy covers all exhibition situations including artist solo exhibitions, curated or invited
exhibition projects, juried exhibitions, and any other unforeseen exhibition project.

The Haydon Art Center Provides:
 Regular gallery hours are to be maintained, and a staff or volunteer are to be present during
   the open hours and will be provided by Friends of Haydon (FOH). Regular gallery hours are
   Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11 - 5 (subject to change).
 Installation will be done by the FOH volunteers and exhibiting artist(s) when necessary.
 Insurance coverage for art works in exhibitions will be provided by FOH.
 The announcements for all exhibitions will have a uniform design and high quality production.
   The FOH will be responsible for the costs of the exhibition announcement and postage.
 Food, wine and beverage for the opening reception will be provided by FOH volunteer hosts.
 A timeline for exhibition preparations will be provided upon the invitation to exhibit.
 Inquires for sales will be directed to the exhibiting artist, who makes any sales arrangements
   himself with the prospective client. The Haydon Art Center does not serve as a sales agent.
   The exhibitor is responsible for the collection and payment of state sales taxes due on any sales
   of their work from the show.

 The exhibitor provides a listing of all works, with insurance value for a loan agreement prior to
   delivery of works.
 The exhibitor(s) will provide the Haydon Art Center with professionally presented work that
   meets the quality of the proposal. All work must be ready for hanging, and delivered by the
   exhibitor. Conditions for shipping of work to the gallery will need to be arranged and will be at
   the exhibitor’s expense.
 The exhibitor provides the Haydon Art Center with high quality images suitable for
   reproduction for the announcement and press release. The Haydon reserves the right to use
   images for publicity and advertising for the exhibit, including but not limited to newspaper,
   television, radio and internet, including the Haydon Art Center website.
 The exhibitor will be required to install unusually presented or site specific work.
 In the event of sale, the Haydon Art Center/Friends of Haydon requests that the Artist donate
   30% of the proceeds to HAC/FOH. Such a gift is fully tax-deductable.
 The exhibitor agrees to meet the deadlines.
 The exhibitor is responsible for pick up of work at the conclusion of the exhibition. Conditions
   for shipping of work to be returned to exhibitor will need to be arranged and will be at the
   exhibitor’s expense.
                                                         Proposal for Exhibition 2011
Although the exhibitor is not expected to pay an Exhibition Fee they are encouraged to seek grant
funding, or seek support from their own sponsors and patrons, and include this funding
information as they consider an exhibition proposal. A sponsorship may also be paid by the solo
artist exhibitor, paid in shares by the group of exhibitors, paid by the proposed exhibition
organizers and/or sponsors. These alternative means of artist initiated sponsorship are always
welcome, and could greatly help the Friends of Haydon Board volunteer efforts.
We acknowledge that each exhibition represents the cost in actual cash plus extensive volunteer
hours by Friends of Haydon Board and members. Therefore the Friends of Haydon has an
ongoing, vigorous campaign to secure corporate or private sponsorships or project grants for each
exhibition in the schedule.

I agree to the exhibition policies set forth in this Exhibition Proposal Agreement between the
Friends of Haydon, Haydon Art Center and myself as an exhibiting artist or
sponsor/curator/organizer of an exhibition upon acceptance and selection of my proposal for
exhibition at the Haydon Art Center submitted to the Friends of Haydon. I agree to all the
conditions set forth, as indicated by my signature below:

signature of artist(s)/sponsor/curator/organizer                             date

Are you a Friends of Haydon-- Artist Member? Artist Fellow? Non Member? (Please circle)
(You do not need to be a Friends of Haydon member, Artist Member, Artist Fellow to make a
please include one signed agreement form for each proposal submitted, make a copy for your
Proposal for Exhibition 2011

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