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Year 3 parents meeting - Fronter


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									             Minutes of Meeting 16th November 2012
                         Year 3 Parents
               Meeting Held in Hall - 9.15 – 10am

Present:                     Mr Yearley, Miss Penn & Mrs MacAskill

Parents Present:             23 (twenty three)

The Headteacher explained that a weekly meeting will take place on a rolling basis for
each Year Group to keep parents informed of general issues and anything pertaining
to that Year Group. A text and leaflet will be sent each week to the relevant Year
Group. These meetings will always be between 9.15 – 10am. on Fridays in the
School Hall. A Feedback sheet will be available each week for parents who wish to
raise any issues they may have or if they have a suggestion a subject addressed at
the next meeting.

Ofsted attended Park Hill Junior School this week and commented on how impressed
they were with the new website and how informative it was. Miss Penn gave a brief
outline and tour on the white board of some of functions available on the website:

The following can be found on the website:
   Newsletters (no hard copies available anymore)
   School Policies – principals of the school
   School Policies – Curriculum : this has the school’s curriculum for each Year
      Group on a termly basis
   Information – covers many headings ie school menu, staff and parent pay to
      name a few
   Fronter – online learning website for the children
            Username :       phjs
            Password:        phjs
   Fronter has different rooms ie E Learning Suite, Library, Maths Tutorial Videos,
      Merit Room, Parent/Carer Room, PHJS Video Archive, PHJS Website and
   Children have access to a virtual classroom eg trips, videos, homework,
      timetables and teachers add information.

  The Head teacher encouraged parents to become familiar with the website and to
  use on a regular basis to access information and the latest news.

  Merit Book
  PHJS has four team houses – Coleridge-Taylor, Latham, Johnson and Flower who
  have associations with Croydon. More information in the Hall is available.
Children are encouraged to earn house points; this can vary for work done in class,
attitude, approach, kindness etc. Then each half term the points are collated and
children can be awarded a Merit Trip – which could be a trip to the seaside, ICT
day at Blue Water, a London museum / art gallery, London Zoo. A child can be
awarded a Merit Trip on various occassions throughout their time at PHJS.

A letter recently went out to parents of children whose attendance was below
90%. Educational Welfare Officers from Croydon monitor this information.
The School’s Target for attendance this year is 96%.
If a child gets less than 90% this results in ½ day per week being lost, 80% 1 day
per week being lost – this has an effect on their educational progress so we
emphasise the importance of their attendance

The school currently has an overall attendance rate of 95.7% over the last three

Lost property is located in the Atrium – all labelled lost property is returned to the
pupil. Other items are disposed of. The Head teacher stressed the importance of
labelling clothes. Dress Code / Uniform - please refer to the School Prospectus on
the School website. At no time should pupils be wearing false nails to school.

We encourage all children to wear watches to help with their learning and
independence. Please mark your child’s watch with their initials. Any watches
found unmarked are put in a box located in front of Mrs Egan’s office for collection.

This information is available each term on the website under Newsletters and
children are informed at Assemblies. If a child wishes to sign up for a club their
parent must complete a consent form slip.

The school offers over 30 clubs each term. The teachers run some of the clubs
free of charge and others are run by coaches/tutors from outside of the school
where a charge is made for this activity. Some Clubs are in high demand and if
your child has been unable to get preferred club of their choice, the school will
endeavour to offer children the opportunity in the following terms. We try to be
fair on all clubs and children’s choices.

Mandarin has proved to be a very popular club and due to the demand additional
classes have been made available and if the demand is there this should continue
over the future terms.

Future Year Group meetings will cover certain aspects of their child’s curriculum
and discuss the way teachers teach certain topics, and how the school encourages
   that you help your child using the school methods (as we know many topics are
   now taught differently from generation to generation). A brief outline and analysis
   of the way teachers teach certain aspects will be incorporated into future meetings
   – giving the parent a better understanding. The schools look for the continued
   support with homework from the parents.

   PHJS started as a two form entry school. Over the 5 years the demand across the
   country and particularly Croydon has grown. The LA is legally obliged to provide
   places to children in their area.

   The LA asked schools to take on additional classes and the Head teacher and the
   Governors have managed to hold off on the portable classroom demand - and
   eventually the Council agreed to fund a 3.5 million pound new build for PHJS.

   The following will be available:
      Playspace – located on the top field. A multi-use all weather flood lit pitch
         for the use of netball, football, basketball and tennis. This is also available
         to the local community.
      Classrooms – land at the back of school where previously the greenhouse
         and gardening club were held, is being developed to provide state of art
         classrooms which will have a green roof.
      Second stairwell – for safety allow better mobility around the school
      Security
      Cloakrooms
      Learning support room
      Refurbishment of all toilets and wash basins – using the latest green method
         where a child puts their hands under the taps and the water comes on.
      Car Park – to accommodate the growing staff.
      New front entrance – offering better security and a reception area.
      New staff room – presently not enough room for staff
The work is broken down into 3 phases and the final phase will be complete in 2014
(18 month project).

Thank you for attending the meeting today and please feel free to complete the slips
and return them to the school if you have any issues you wish to raise.

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