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     Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Certificate IV in TESOL
(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
The Shafston TESOL Institute (STI) is located on the main campus of
Shafston College in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane. Since commencing
                                                                                  For many, studying at Shafston is a
operations in 1996, Shafston has hosted more than 50,000 students                 life changing experience. We provide
from 40 nations, and are proud to have one of the most diverse student
populations in Australia. Shafston’s Elicos Centres in Australia and expansive    educational experiences of the highest
global network ensure students have every opportunity to fulfill their career
aspirations in TESOL.
                                                                                  quality in first-class facilities.

Shafston is accredited by the National ELT Accreditation Scheme (NEAS)
and a member of English Australia. The College is a Public Testing Centre
for TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) and TOEFL
Testing Centre (Test of English as a Foreign Language), and a preparation
centre for University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations.

The Certificate IV in TESOL is an Accredited Course, recognised and
approved by National Vocational Education Accreditation Authorities in
Australia. It takes a competency-based approach to training, which ensures
that it is clearly focused on the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for
teaching English to speakers of other languages.

The Certificate IV in TESOL consists of Core and Elective Units. Participants   To complete the Certificate IV in TESOL Course you are required to
must complete all 12 Core Units and 2 of the 11 Elective Units to be            complete two (2) elective units. These units will often be selected after you
awarded the TESOL Certificate IV qualification.                                 begin completing the Core Units.

Each unit addresses a different topic and introduces students to the            The Certificate IV in TESOL is a competency-based course, therefore the
knowledge and understanding related to the practical and theoretical skills     assessment items all require a practical demonstration of the ability to
required to achieve the Certificate IV in TESOL Course. These skills are        complete the tasks involved in teaching ESL. All of the assessment therefore
further developed during the actual practice teaching hours.                    revolves around your practice teaching: preparing lesson plans, materials
                                                                                and resources, implementing and evaluating lessons. At the end of the
                                                                                course, you and your supervisor want to be sure that you can enter an ESL
                                                                                classroom and teach a class.

Core Units
 TEL001               Teach students from diverse language, culture and educational backgrounds
 TEL002               Analyse language
 TEL003               Teach speaking
 TEL004               Teach listening
 TEL005               Teach reading
 TEL006               Teach writing
 TEL007               Teach English grammar
 TEL008               Teach spelling and pronunciation
 TAADEL401A           Plan and organise group-based delivery
 TAADEL402A           Assess competence
 TAADEL403A           Develop assessment tools
 TEL012               Develop resource files

ELECTIVE UNITS (Students should select two (2) electives)
 TEL013               Approaches and Methods in TESOL
 TEL014               Teaching English for academic purposes
 TEL015               Teach ESL to early childhood learners
 TEL016               TESOL with primary school-aged children
 TEL017               Teaching ESL to teenage learners
 TEL018               Use music, art and drama in TESOL
 TEL019               Facilitate experiential learning programs
 TAADEL403A           Facilitate individual learning programs
 TEL021               Work with volunteers
 TEL022               Setting up community-based English classes
 TEL023               Using computers in TESOL

                        Shafston Avenue, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane Queensland 4169 Australia
                        Telephone: 07 3249 4101 Facsimile: 07 3391 0943 Email: admissions@shafston.edu

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