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									Understanding Intestacy – Part 1
     Term, Questions, and Answers

    By The Deason Garner Law Firm

What is intestacy?
Every capable adult in the state of Arizona has the right to create a last will
and testament in which they can make inheritance choices. If you don’t write
a will you are said to have died intestate.
                             Intestate Estates

What is my estate?
Your estate is the collection of property you leave behind after you die. That property
must be distributed to new owners. An intestate estate is one that is distributed in
accordance with Arizona’s pre-determined inheritance laws, instead of through the
choices you could have made in your will.

Who inherits from my intestate estate?
Your closest relatives will usually inherit your property should you die intestate. If
you’re married, your spouse will keep a lot of property automatically, while the rest
will be distributed between your spouse and other living relatives, such as your
children, siblings, or parents. (We explain more about this in our next Intestacy
                           Probate Court

What does it mean for an estate to be probated?
The probate court is responsible for overseeing the distribution of intestate
estates. The court will name a personal representative, also called an estate
administrator, who will be responsible for identifying what property you left
behind, and then determining who is legally entitled to inherit it.

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