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             Microsoft Office 2010 Introductory
             Word Lesson 2: Basic Editing Review Questions

Lesson Objectives
    Students will have mastered the material in Lesson 2 when they can:
    Show and hide formatting marks.                      Use the Office Clipboard.
    Select text.                                         Find and replace text, and use the Go
    Create paragraphs without blank space                   To command.
       between them.                                      Identify the number of words in a
    Undo, redo, and repeat recent actions.                  document or a selection.
    Move and copy text using drag-and-
       drop and the Clipboard.



   1. True or False? You can hide formatting marks.
   2. True or False? You can undo more than one action at a time.
   3. True or False? You can remove the extra space that normally appears after a paragraph.
   4. True or False? The Office Clipboard can store up to 48 items.
   5. True or False? The only way to find out how many words are in a document or selection is to
       open the Word Count dialog box.

Written Questions

   1. How do you use the keyboard to select text?
   2. How do the Cut and Copy commands differ?
   3. Describe how to move and copy text using drag-and-drop.
   4. Describe the Paste Options button and how to use it, including how to preview the effects.
   5. Which dialog box contains the Go To tab?
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Fill in the Blank

    1. The _______________ is a special clipboard on which you can collect up to 24 selections.
    2. The ________________ opens when you click the Find button in the Editing group on the
        Home tab.
    3. To jump to a specific part of a document, use the _______________ command.
    4. Commands that turn a feature on or off are known as _______________commands.
    5. To automatically replace a word or phrase with another one, use the ______________

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