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Presentation Geothermal energy


									   AD Geothermal energy

By: Alegría Rosales and Dorothy Puga
 Geothermal energy
• Energy that comes from the beneath the Earth’s surface
  down where the temperatures are extremely high.
• It is the heat from the Earth that can be hot water or hot
• It is found about 3 miles down in the surface.
• This is a renewable source of energy.
• It is found as thermal energy.
• Hot water or hot rock.
• In Ecuador we will gather the geothermal energy in
  Baños near the Tungurahua active volcano.
• The Earth’s surface is hot making it a good location for
  the power plant.
History of Geothermal Energy
• The first use of geothermal energy occurred more than
  10,000 years ago in North America by American Paleo-
• People used water from hot springs for cooking, bathing
  and cleaning.
• Then in the 18th century people used it more.
• Now this energy source is not that used.
Use around the World
• Geothermal energy is used in the USA in reservoirs
  of hot water in the western states like Alaska and
  Hawaii to power up a turbine or generator with
  the steam of the reservoir.
• Iceland and New Zealand are using geothermal
• Geothermal energy produces about 13% of New
  Zealand's electricity supply.
Harnessing the energy source
• The energy source is found inside the Earth’s surface
• Tubes pump cold water into the Earth.
• Water comes out as steam.
• Steam moves turbines that generate electricity.
• To harness/recover the energy source, the electricity is
  used to power up houses.
• Heat from the Earth heats baths and pools.
Releasing the stored energy
•   The energy is stored inside the Earth’s surface.
•   To released it:
•   Tubes pump in cold water.
•   Water comes out as team into power plants.
•   Steam (thermal energy) moves the turbines (motion)
•   Turbines generate electricity.
Advantages and disadvantages
                  •   Only 80% of costs over
                      Savessuitable in places that
                      fossil hot rocks in the Earth
                      have fuels.
                  •   Doesn’t use fuels to create
                      that produce steam for long
                  •   Doesn’t release greenhouse
                      Hard to transport.
                  •   Not many locations available
                  •   Doesn’t make pollution, keeps
                      to use the energy.
                      the environment clean.
                  •   Not many locations adapt its
                      Safe, clean, simple, reliable
                      use. environment friendly.
Economic impacts
• Cost of installation f power plant is about 2 billion dollars.
• The cost of geothermal power is varies and dependent on rock
  formation geology,depth, temperature.
• Also water chemistry. site accessibility, and local weather
  conditions .
• Cost for the consumer:
• About 4$ monthly for MW installed.
• Saves from about 80% of costs over fossil fuels.
Environmental impacts
• Small amount of posinous gases are released to the atmosphere
  that are not considered to be harmful.
• It does not use fuels to create energy.
• Doesn’t release greenhouse gases.
• Doesn’t make pollution, keeps the environment clean.
• Reduces global warming.
• Safe.
• Clean.
• Environment friendly.
Future of the energy source
• In the world:
• More countries are starting to use it geothermal energy because:
• It is renewable.
• Doesn’t pollute.
• We are hoping that our company generates as much electricity
• Want it to be used in Ecuador.
• Many countries use it for heating and more are starting to.
• Not many use it for electricity but some countries like Ecuador are
  planning to create power plants.
Interesting facts about Geothermal energy
• Geothermal electricity generation is currently used in 24
• While geothermal heating is used in 70 countries.
• Geothermal energy uses less than 10 % of the world's energy.
• It is clean and safe energy for the environment that surround us.
• Geothermal energy is main energy source in Iceland.
• Very important and mostly used on volcanic areas.
Why is it even necessary for a business to be
offering your energy resource at this time?
• Fossil fuels are nonrenewable so they are running out.
• Geothermal energy is:
• Clean.
• Safe .
• Does not contribute to pollution (necessary because it
  reduces global warming).
• Saves 80% of costs over fossil fuels.
How will your energy source fulfill Ecuador’s
future energy needs?
• Hydroelectric companies generate more than 30% of
  Ecuador´s energy that vary from 170 MW to 1100
  MW approx.
• We are hoping to generate 250 MW in our
  geothermal power plant.
• It will also create jobs for more people.
• In the future fossil fuel are probably going to run out.
• Geothermal energy is not a fossil fuel so it is unlikely
  to run out.
Why should your company be chosen over
other businesses that utilize different energy
•   Geothermal energy is a renewable source of energy.
•   Not a fossil fuel.
•   Environmentally friendly.
•   Releases almost no poisonous gases.
•   Cheaper than other energy sources.
•   Helps the environment.
•   Our company will be effective.
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