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					We are a solution provider that focuses on delivering quality products and services to our
customers with business management solutions focusing on customer relationship management
(CRM), enterprise application integration (EAI), collaboration, portals and content management
and enterprise infrastructure services.

We recognise the gap - one that exists between the two distinct worlds of Business and
Information Technology.

The Business world focuses on key priority          The IT world provides software which:
such as:
Increase Pipeline, Reduce Cost                     Streamline business operations
Pipeline and Opportunity Management                Increase employees productivity and efficiency
Time to Market                                     Automate processes with workflows

Competition                                        Enterprise Content management
Staff Turnover                                      Business Intelligence
Financial Management                               Management Reporting
Production Efficiency                              Collaboration and Communication
All these form business processes.                 All these support business processes.

As many businesses learned (sometimes by the hard way) that the successful go ‘Live’ of a
software implementation does not always deliver the benefits that businesses had hoped for.

Given our proven experience in the business management applications arena, 3P Solutions is
thus well positioned to be able to help businesses bridge this critical gap – one that makes a
difference between a successful implementation which delivers the benefits against a failure.

Leveraging on its three founders with more than 40 years of combined experience in the business
applications world, 3P Solutions is strongly positioned to provide in-depth product knowledge &
capability to support our customers deliver desirable results and drive business successes.
Having worked in companies like Microsoft, SAP, Hewlett Packard, now Lawson, IBM in three
key areas: product management and solutioning, sales & marketing and development, we believe
we have the 3 key pillars which are important to our customers.

With our extensive experience in delivering product and services to customers in various
industries such as retail, distribution, professional services and healthcare, we are confident that
we are in the best position to deliver what we promise — bridge the gap between business and IT
world. It is our ambition to bring our customers across to a new world where IT supports and
accelerates their business success.

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