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  March, April, May                                                                                      Spring 2014| Volume 15 Issue 1

  FRC Staff                                 From the Executive Director
  Deborah McNelis | Executive                                When you think of a baby or child, what is it that they want to do
  Director                                                   most? They want to play! Children are born ready to learn. They want                                          to move, explore, touch, taste, smell, spin, wiggle, climb, poke,
                                                             pound, and experiment with everything they can get their hands on.
                                                             This is learning and this is what their developing brain needs. This is
  Lisa Hood | Operations Manager                             what the Family Resource Center promotes and provides through all                                            kinds of experiences!

  Melissa Lokken | Parent Educator                            Through “hands on” experiences children are learning about their                         environment and how things work. They need to use all of their senses and try things
                                            out in various ways. Through play children find out they can make things happen and
  Lita Prorok | MATCh Specialist            they have an effect on their world! A developing brain is making important connections
                                            through all of these experiences.

  Amanda Shilts | Parent Educator           To create optimal learning these connections need to be made through interactions
                                            with real objects. Children do not learn how the world works and their part in it through                          a picture on a flash card, watching a video, or an app, or a television show. When chil-
                                            dren are using electronics this is a missed opportunity for real learning and healthy
  Board of Directors                        strong connections being made in the brain.

  President Brook Steele | Sacred           Play also provides the opportunity for the development of a child’s muscles. Essential
  Heart Hospital                            wiring in a child’s brain takes place through the repeated movements of physical activi-
                                            ties. Scientific research demonstrates interaction creates much more brain activity
  Vice President Dave Swan | Retired,       than observing.
  Treasurer Dr. Emily Smith-Nguyen |        Play is natural. It is what children want to do. (It is actually what adults love to do as
                                            well) It is how our brain learns best and it is where learning begins. Play is critical to
  Smith & Prissel Chiropractic
                                            healthy overall development and learning.
  Secretary Dr. Jennifer Eddy | Family
  Physician                                 Family Resource Center provides numerous opportunities for all of this through drop in
                                            and play, play groups, homevisiting, and the toy lending library! We also provide sup-
                                            port and information for you as a caring parent to reinforce all the great things you are
  Jeff Sauter | GTP & Associates            doing toward the optimal development of your child(ren).

  Kathy Attermeier | Community              Feel good about all you are doing for the healthy development of your child! Come
  Member                                    play or contact us for more information on all the ways you can benefit!

                                            With enthusiasm and appreciation,
  Wendy Sue Johnson | Attorney
  Cray, Asher & Raihle Law Office           Deborah McNelis

  Katy LoRusso | Create a World
                                             Stop in and visit the FRC
  Ann Kaiser | Sacred Heart Hospital         playroom,
                                            Brook Berg sponsored by

              Center Hours | Monday through Thursday 9 am—3 pm, and Friday 9 am—1 pm
Drop In and Play Hours | Monday 9 am –3:00 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11:30 am—3:00 pm
                                                    Friday, 9 am —1 pm
   Center Closed | Tuesday, March 4, Good Friday, April 18, and Memorial Day, Monday, May 26
                                                                            The Celebration Continues!
                                                                          The Family Resource Center is Thrilled to
                                                                       Celebrate 15 Years of Supporting Caring Families
                                                                     In 2013 we reached approximately 5,000 families!!
                                                                        It is with the sincerest gratitude that we say,
                                                                 THANK YOU to the companies, organizations and individuals
                                                                 donating to make this incredibly valuable center available to
                                                                                     all families in the area!
                                                        With this financial support we are able to provide a wealth of services, classes,
  Grandparents and Others as Parents (GAP)                      resources and programs as you see throughout this newsletter!
Our mission is to help any family raising relative’s
            children for any reason.                        However, we have not yet met our goal to reach $10,000 in donations!!
                                                         It will happen through people like you who care about children! Every dollar
   Meetings held at FRC from 6:30-7:30 pm                                                   counts!
                                                         To assist us in celebrating 15 years and continuing to support this community
           March 18, April 15, May 20
                                                           in this extremely positive way, there are several very easy ways you can
                                                            A donation box is located on the check-in desk at the center. Drop it off!
                                                          Donation forms are available at FRC, can be downloaded from the website
                                                    , or can be requested by email at
                                                                              Your check can simply be mailed to :
                                                                           4800 Golf Road, Suite 450 Eau Claire, WI 54701

                                                           With your generosity we could possibly even exceed our goal and reach
                                                        $15,000 in celebration of the 15 years! Let’s make it happen for the benefit of

                                                                        We Couldn’t Do it Without You!
                                                                     Thank you to our volunteers & donors!
                                                       Donald & Kathern Axelsen, Melany Bartig, Gregg Bohlig, James Breen, Robin &
                                                       Robert Burch, Kathy Cooper, Brian Doxie, Eau Claire Academy, Jennifer Eddy,
                                                       Dr Melissa Emmerich, Alice Hanson, Rachel Hart Brinson, Kayla Hayes, Ralph &
                                                       Peggy Hudson, Naghma Husain, Ann Kaiser, Sue Kishel, Melanie Koehler, Teresa
                                                       Kriese, William Krimpelbein, Julia Kyle, LaLeche League of Eau Claire, LE Phillips
                                                       Memorial Library, Mayo Clinic Health Systems Red Cedar, Laura Miller, Benda Moe,
                                                       Kathleen Mullins, Michael O'Halloran, Saint Olaf Catholic Church, Anna & Jon
                                                       Palm, Alla Parks, Francie Peardon, Realityworks Inc, Dave & Sue Rowe, Susan
                                                       Rusboldt, Scheels, Sunrise Exchange Club of Eau Claire, Sarah Szymanski, The
                                                       Children's Place, Becky Wood

                                                       Rebecca Struck, Colton Hegwood, Carly Hood, Kaitlyn Risen, and the FRC Board

                                           by Deborah McNelis, MS.ed

I frequently write and speak about the fact that early relationships have an enormous im-
pact on a child’s success in life. Consistently and lovingly meeting the needs of a baby has a
dramatic, positive and long lasting influence on a child’s brain development. Children that
become securely attached to their parent (or primary caregiver) as a result of repeated and responsive inter-
actions, are going to be most successful in learning and relationships throughout life.

Making it a priority to provide what a growing brain needs most is essential. When an infant learns that a
caregiver is “there for them”, this creates a secure base of trust for the child. With this security wired in their
brain, a child is then best ready to learn, explore and experience the world!

Your Baby Says:
“Realize that loving does not spoil me. Show the love you feel for me through all of the interactions we have
                                                                                                                      ©2008, Brain Insights,LLC

                           La Leche League
                                                                                         BRAIN INSIGHT
             Are you breastfeeding or considering it? This group
           offers mother-to-mother support through a series of            "Loving interaction with people and play with
   monthly meetings based upon various topics. Evening Meet-               real objects is as necessary to a child's brain
   ings are at 6:30pm on the first Monday of the month at FRC.
                                                                                     development as food!"

                                     Spring Play n’ Learn Playgroups!
     A fun, interactive time for you and your child! Experience creative learning activities, learn
     about your child’s development and connect with other parents. Play n’ Learn sessions run
               for 6 weeks at a time. We will skip the week of Spring Break March 18-20.
Registration: You can now register for Play n’ Learn groups online! The registration forms will be active starting at 10:00 am on the day
 of pre-registration, or you can call FRC to pre-register your child for Play n‘ Learn. Please indicate your first and second choices when
              pre-registering. You will be notified which group your child is in two weeks prior to the start date of the group.

  Play n’ Learn Playgroup Spring Session 1                Play n’ Learn Playgroup Spring Session 2

  February 25 – April 10                                  April 22 – May 29

  Registration begins February 3 at 10:00 am              Registration begins April 7 at 10:00 am                  Returning in
  Tuesday 9-10:30                                         Tuesdays 9-10:30
  Wednesdays 9-10:15                                      Wednesdays 9-10:15
                                                                                                                     Play ‘N Learn
  Wednesdays 10:30-11:30                                  Wednesdays 10:30-11:30                                     DISCOVERY
  Thursdays 9-10:15                                       Thursdays 9-10:15

  Thursdays 10:30-11:30                                   Thursdays 10:30-11:30

 Upcoming FRC Events
 Please call 715-833-1735 or visit our online registration page at Just click on “Sign Up for Classes!” and complete the form.
 Registration is required and free child care will be provided if requested. {All classes will take place at the Family Resource Center in the Oakwood

Tuesday, March 4                                                 Co-Parenting: Little Children, Big Challenges
                                                                          Melissa Lokken, FRC Parent Educator
6:00—7:30 pm
                                                           Brook Berg, Family Living Educator EC County UW-Extension
                                                    Whether you’re divorced, separated or are looking for guidance in co-parenting,
                                               “Co-Parenting: Little Children, Big Challenges” is the place for you. While you learn about
                                              seeing through your child’s eyes and practical solutions for co-parenting—your child will be
                                                   engaging in fun activities, learning about regulating emotions and ‘two-hug days’.

Thursday, March 13                                                         RESCHEDULED
                                                        New Year, New You Cooking Class / Dr. Austin Erickson, DC
11:30—12:30 pm
                                                 This fun, informative class will teach you how to make easy, healthy and delicious
FRC                                                     foods. In addition to samples of each dish, recipes will be provided.
Friday, March 21                               MOMS Club of Eau Claire, South invites you to join us for our annual member-
                                                  ship drive. Bring your kids to enjoy a snack and a craft and learn more about the
10:00—11:00 am                                   MOMS Club group and what it has to offer. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom,
                                                have a home based business or work part time, we offer you the chance to socialize
                                                with other adults, build lasting friendships with other moms, and share in the joy of
                                                   being able be at home and to raise your family. No commitments or pressure!

Tuesday, March 25                                                         Introduction to Visual Schedules
                                                      Krista Johnson, Early Childhood Teacher, Eau Claire Area School District
11:30—12:30 pm                                 Lauri Malnory, Parent Facilitator, ECASD, Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District
                                               Visual Schedules are a great way to make your day easier. They help with bedtime,
                                               mealtime, getting ready for school, anytime throughout the routines of the day. Make
                                                            and Takes will be available and lots of resources to share.
Tuesday, April 1                                                     Introduction to Special Education
                                                 Lauri Malnory, Parent Facilitator, ECASD, Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District
6:00—7:30 pm
                                                 Terri Goettl, Early Childhood Program Support Teacher, Eau Claire Area School District
                                                Do you have concerns about your child or a child you know? Do you have concerns
                                                 about how a child walks, talks, listens, hears, sees, learns, plays, gets along with
                                                 others? This session will talk about what schools do to support the learning of all
                                                 children; from academic interventions to behavior to special education and what
                                                                    parents can do to be a part of the process.
Wednesday, April 9                                        The Parenting Class / Melissa Lokken, FRC Parent Educator
1:00—3:00 pm                                  The Parenting Class will cover various general parenting topics such as anger manage-
                                               ment, communication, responsibility, co–parenting, discipline and routines. The class
FRC | Fee $10                                                     is also available online; see page 2 for details!

Thursday, April 10                                     Building Baby’s Brain / Sandi Stanton, EC County BRAIN Team
6:30—8:00 pm                                      Learn how positive interactions with your baby enhance social and emotional
                                               development, creativity, and even IQ. Activities for specific ages will be shared and
FRC | Fee $10                                 demonstrated. Class content will be geared towards development from birth to age 3.
                                                                      Sponsored by the Eau Claire County Brain Team
Wednesday, April 16                                       Indoor Sensory Fun/ Melissa Lokken, FRC Parent Educator
                                               Come and get messy at the Family Resource Center. Sensory fun for all ages; sand,
10:00—11:30 am
                                                    water, clean mud and more! Wear play clothes and plan to get messy!
FRC                                                                                     (Ages 18 months and up.)

To sign up for classes or receive class updates, visit our website or our Facebook page or call 715.833.1735. {All classes will take place at the Family Resource Center in Oakwood
Mall unless otherwise noted.}

Friday, May 2                       Feeding your Family on a Budget / Susan Krahn, Public Health Nutritionist
10:00—11:30 am                        Do you think healthy foods are too expensive for your family? Come to learn about
                                    ways to feed your family healthy foods, and stick to your budget! We will share tips and
FRC                                            tools for smart shopping, meal planning, and reading food labels.

Tuesday, May 6                             Communicating Emotions / Amanda Shilts, FRC Parent Educator
2:30—4:00 pm                         Learn about how parenting and emotions work together! We will discuss the difference
                                      between primary and secondary emotions, emotional honesty, and effective ways to
FRC                                                               communicate emotions.

Tuesday, May 13                                        Co-Parenting: Little Children, Big Challenges
                                                              Melissa Lokken, FRC Parent Educator
6:00—7:30 pm
                                                   Brook Berg, Family Living Educator EC County UW-Extension
                                        Whether you’re divorced, separated or are looking for guidance in co-parenting,
                                      “Co-Parenting: Little Children, Big Challenges” is the place for you. While you learn
                                     about seeing through your child’s eyes and practical solutions for co-parenting—your
                                    child will be engaging in fun activities, learning about regulating emotions and ‘two-hug

                              Postage Stamps          Construction Paper    Windex              Small Paper Cups
                              AA & AAA Batteries      Paper Towel           Toilet Cleaner      Bissell Rug Shampoo
                              Colored Cardstock       Vacuum                Hand Sanitizer      Toilet Paper
                              Clorox Wipes            Hand Soap             Gift Cards          Tri-Fold Paper Towels
                              Copy Paper              Address Labels        Paper Towels        Manila File Folders

 Play is the way the brain learns best. When a child is using several senses, exploring, paying attention, and is trying
 things out in different ways, brain cells are changing and the child is learning. A child needs to get involved, not just
 watching an activity for learning to take place. The brain also needs opportunities for trial and error and a lot of repetition
 in fun and interesting ways. All of this is provided through play.

 Play also provides the opportunity to learn how to get along with other people. When children play with parents or other
 children a lot is learned about how relationships work. In addition, playing with others can lead to laughter.

 Laughter is wonderful for the brain. Play and laughter activates the care and thinking areas of the brain. Laughing light-
 ens our mood through reducing the level of stress hormones affecting our brains. It provides a physical and emotional
 release. Laughter can also lead to creating closer connections with other people.

 Imaginative play additionally provides many benefits to the brain. It positively influences the activity in the thinking part of
 the brain. Research shows that providing opportunities for pretending through dramatic play helps a child develop self-
 regulation skills.
 Family Resource Center is proud to provide all of these valuable experiences for all families! Come and have fun togeth-
 er, and enjoy knowing you are doing something very valuable for your child’s development!

Additional FRC Programs

MATCh Moment:
  Family traditions tend to circulate
around the holidays, but what about cre-
ating some new traditions this spring? Not only will your
children take these memories with them as they grow up,
but new traditions will benefit your child in many other
ways. Their feeling of importance within the family will
increase, leading to increased self-esteem. Your bond
with your child with heighten, improving the communica-
tion between you. Their mood will grow more positive,
leading to a more positive outlook on life. No matter
what the new tradition is, take some time to implement               Parents As Teachers
something new into your family's life in the upcoming
months.                                                      “I love FRC because I can make sure my babies
                                                              are on track and get ideas to do with them.”

         Contact the MATCh program at 715-552-1365
                                                                “I love the home visiting girls; they are always
                                                                    there to help when I am feeling down.”

                                                            Parents As Teachers is designed to
                                                            provide guidance and support to
                                                            families of all configurations and life
                                                            circumstances. We provide timely
                                                            information on child development,
                                                            intellectual growth, social develop-
                                                            ment, motor skills, and help parents understand
                                                            and have appropriate expectations for each
                                                            stage of their child's development. We offer practi-
                                                            cal ideas on ways to encourage learning and to
                                                            gain new insights and share their experiences,
                                                            common concerns and successes.
                                                                         To give your child a
                                                                      great start, register today!
                                                                       (715) 833-1735 |

                                                                          Coming June 24 2014…


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