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									 On the Move
              Chris                            Connie Lee
              Dolezalek,                       Schiefer,
              Twitch                           Simply
             The San                           Hired
             Francisco                       The Sunny-
             video plat-                     vale com-
             form and                        pany that
             community                       operates job
for gamers named Chris          search engines named
Dolezalek vice president        Connie Lee Schiefer senior
of engineering. Previously,     vice president of product
he was senior director of       management. Recently,
engineering at IMVU.            she was vice president of
                                product management at
              Susan             Yahoo.
              Natera                           Carey
              The San Car-                     Weather-
              los provider                     holt,
              of prenatal                      Santa Clara
              genetic                          County Den-
              testing ap-                      tal Society
pointed Susan Gross chief                     The San
medical officer. She is the     Jose provider of referral
founding director of the        services to dentists and
Albert Einstein College of      education about good oral
Medicine’s Program for          health practices elected
Jewish Genetic Health and       Carey Weatherholt presi-
the founder of the Human        dent of the board of direc-
Genetics Laboratory at          tors. He has a practice in
Jacobi Medical Center.          Willow Glen.
              Andy                             Jim Wilson,
              Johnson,                         Sumo Logic
                                             The Red-
             The San Ma-                     wood City
             teo security                    cloud-based
             information                     service
             platform                        provider
             provider                        appointed
appointed Andy Johnson          Jim Wilson vice president
vice president of business      of worldwide sales. He is a
development. Previously,        former senior vice presi-
he was vice president of        dent at NICE Systems.
corporate development at

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 at the vice president level or higher. Send notices to
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 1 megabyte in size, to http://mediafm.mercurynews.
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