Making Your Corporate Party Awesome by darreljefferson


									Making Your Corporate Party Awesome
You have been given the unfortunate task of organizing the company’s work party. Take this opportunity
to prove how seriously you take all assignments given you and how much of a good time you can have.
Here are a few tips to make your corporate party the best.

Work parties are the last place that people want to
be uptight and formal. If you’re not in the office,
it’s time to let loose. Get food that does not involve
a knife, or even sitting down. It is possible to keep it
casual while also being delicious and giving it
variety. No one cares if it is from a gourmet
restaurant, as long as it quenches their appetite.
Keep in mind that some employees may have
dietary restrictions.

No Alcohol
Not all parties need to have alcohol. There are appropriate times and places for it and work parties are
not one of them. Even if you set a limit, chances are that something wrong can happen and even if you
aren’t the one that makes a fool of yourself in front of the boss, the blame will be put on you for offering
the drinks. Keep it simple with punch or sparkling beverages.

Stay Within Budget
Hopefully you are working within the confines of a budget for this party and not paying out of pocket.
Maximize this budget as much as possible by paying attention to the details and prices of everything.
Budget management is a good reflection on you as a person and as an employee within the company. If
your budget is small, it is even more impressive to employers when you are still able to provide a good
time. Going over budget will not be appreciated.

As much as you may enjoy simply sitting and talking to your fellow employees, that will not be able to
keep everyone entertained for very long. Think of something that can provide entertainment for
                                             everyone throughout the night. Keep it appropriate by
                                             avoiding comedians that may tell awkward jokes or bands
                                             and dancers that may perform even more awkward songs
                                             and dance moves. It is recommended to use something
                                             unconventional, such as a rental inflatable bounce house
                                             in Utah. Adults rarely have the chance to play games like
                                             they did as children. Give them the opportunity to do
                                             something they normally wouldn’t be able to. Offer game
                                             prizes and have a DJ playing appropriate music throughout
the night to avoid any awkward silences.

These are just a few of the tips that you can use for a workplace party. Keep in mind to also find a venue
that will be able to provide for your entertainment needs while still being within your budget constraints
and within a reasonable distance. Get the necessary management approval for everything, even if they
don’t ask you to. Find people that may be interested in helping you get it all done so you don’t have to
do it by yourself. If you are able to accomplish all of these things, your party will be a success.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia, Merlijn Hoek

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