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									                                                                                        by Lecia parks Langston, economist

                                   Working from
     Working from home—it seems to             offers some ideas on selling for some      the time you spend. Don’t expect to
     be many people’s dream. Women are         of the larger companies: http://home.      make lots of money unless you put
     especially enticed by the opportunity           in lots of hours—especially in the
     to earn money so they can take care       topics/0,,4tn1,00.html                     beginning. Also, it is a rare home
     of family responsibilities at the same       To do this kind of work, you must       business that doesn’t require you to
     time.                                     love to sell and be very self-motivat-     spend some time away from home.
        But, don’t think that you will get     ed. No one is going to come knocking       Work at Home Scams
     rich quick! In Utah, only 4 percent       on your door to buy your product.          Beware! The National Consumer
     of those who worked at home made          You must know yourself and whether         League lists work-at-home offers
     $100,000 or more, according to            you will be able to arrange “parties”      number seven on its Top 10 list of
     a Census Bureau survey. Most (55          and do the other work involved to          Internet frauds. In addition, the
     percent) made less than $15,000 a         make a profit. If you are the shy,         Council of Better Business Bureaus
     year—even though 65 percent of            retiring type, this isn’t the job for      last year fielded more than one mil-
     them worked full-time.                    you. Often you must do a whole lot of      lion inquiries about such schemes.
        There are basically three ways to      work to earn your commission.              The most common scams include
     work from home:                           Running your own business                  medical billing, envelope stuffing
      •	 Direct Marketing—selling                Starting your own business al-           and “unclaimed funds” processing.
           Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay,         lows you to pace your work and do          The advertisements usually leave
           Pampered Chef, etc.                 something you love. Since you’re the       out the fact you may have to work
      •	 Running your own business             boss, you can decide when to work          many hours without pay or they
      •	 As a regular employee of a            and when not to work. Taking care          don’t disclose all the costs that you
           company                             of family matters may be easier. The       will have to pay. Many work-at-home
     Direct Marketing                          resources at the end on this article       scams require you to spend your own
     Selling products to your friends, and     can provide you with some ideas of         money. There are legiti-
     their friends, and their friends is one   manageable home businesses.                mate opportunities,
     way to make money working out of            Remember the returns to a home           but they are very
     your home. The following web site         business will be commensurate with         difficult to find.

                     Working at home is
                    not for everyone; be
                      sure to check the
                   pros and cons before
                     making a decision.

   The Utah Better Business Bureau         working from home will allow little      •	   Not bothering to do their
advises that work-at home companies        time for family responsibilities.             homework. Research is
should be willing to offer details of      Your employer will expect you to be           important for making your job
their programs in writing. Some ques-      working for the time that he’s paying         or business work.
tions you might ask include:               you—not changing diapers and nurs-       •	   Failing to get the support of
   When will I get my first paycheck?      ing booboos.                                  their family.
   Who will pay me?                        Tips for Working from Home               •	   Having insufficient savings to
   Will I be paid a salary or will my      Regardless of what type of work               bolster cash flow before they get
pay be based on commission?                you’re doing at home, Doreen Nagle            their business running.
   What tasks will I have to perform?      offers some suggestions to make it       •	   Neglecting to write a mission
   What is the total cost of the pro-      work.                                         statement.
gram, including supplies and fees?          •	 Balance priorities at both ends.     •	   Thinking it’s not necessary to
                                                 Sometimes, in order to get the          set a schedule.
Working at Home for a “Real”
                                                 work done or meet a client’s       •	   Not carving out a work space
                                                 needs, work must come first.            exclusively for your job or
There are opportunities to work at
                                            •	 Keep work and family                      business.
home as a “normal” employee. The
                                                 commitments separate.              •	   Being too timid about
Internet has made telecommuting
                                            •	 Make a schedule and stick to it.          negotiating fees for a home
possible for many workers. However,
                                            •	 Find shortcuts and bundle work/           business.
typically before a company will let
                                                 home chores.                       •	   Getting backlogged on
its workers work from home, that
                                            •	 Choose the kind of job that               bookkeeping.
employee must have an established
work history. If a company knows the             makes sense to do out of your      •	   Remaining glued to the
worker is reliable and it is possible to         home—writing, artwork,                  computer day in and day out.
do the work from home, some em-                  freelance, data entry, phone       •	   Believing working from home
ployers will permit telecommuting.               sales, etc.                             means having it all.
Nevertheless, most telecommuting is         •	 If you aren’t organized, hire a        Working from home is not as easy
still done on a part-time basis.                 professional.                     as it appears on the surface. If you’ve
   The few-and-far-between oppor-           •	 Be aware that working at home       worked outside the home before, you
tunities to work from home typically             isn’t usually a picnic.           may miss the interaction of co-work-
involve workload that can be easily        The Mistakes                            ers. Also, it isn’t for those with low
monitored. The important part is to        Ellen Parlapian and Pat Cobe, au-       motivation. Balancing work and child
establish a great working record with      thors of the Mompreneurs, Online,       care will be difficult. Of course, it is
an employer in an occupation that          suggest there are 10 top mistakes       possible to manage the work-at-home
can be transferred home.                   that women make when they first         dream. Just be sure you’ve got what it
   Keep in mind that, in this case,        start out working from home.            takes and do your homework! 

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