OPAC C.B. LLC Project Funding in UAE

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            91 6368
           + 7 51922

Description: At OPAC C.B. LLC We Help You obtains financial commitments for loans, funds, proof of funds (POFs), bank guarantees (BGs), letters of credit (LCs), standby letters of credit (SBLCs), commodities, collateral enhancements, and credit enhancements from international financial institutions, banks, security firms, pension funds, insurance companies and investors for international business, governments, and corporations.
About OPAC C.B LLC. One of the leading commercial Brokerage company specializing in UAE & global Investment opportunities. Our specialty is that we identify these areas and present to clients a complete investment solution from commodities ,commercial and residential properties,import & export, wholesales, EU Citizenship by investments, bank instruments and project funding. Through our vast network of resources, and relationships, we can connect you to buyers and sellers to give you access to physical commodities such as oil, gold, diamonds and everything else you need to obtain a worry-free investment. At OPAC we also take great pride in assisting our clients with every part of the process. Because of our first-class reputation in the market, we have been able to forge relationships with a number of banks and Asset Management Companies, who trust us to present and sell their foreclosed stock. This means we are able to offer our clients an unrivaled array of choice and the best quality instruments available anywhere today. If you own a property,land,business,hotels,retails or commercial building in UAE or international that you’d like to sell you need to consider that targeting one single market today is not enough. It’s time to broaden your horizons and start to address potential investors all over the world! We are constantly reviewing investment development opportunities for our clients to invest into. Our company has an excellent track record in achieving above average returns for investors.