Newsletter for the Week of February 24 - 28_ 2014 by JenBatte


									                                                                                         Ms. Batte’s
                                                                               For the Week of February 24 - 28,

   Important Dates                                           Classroom News
  Wednesday, February 26th – Items
   for Dr. Seuss Celebration due!
                                                             Don’t forget to help your child study for this week’s
    Thursday, February       27th   – Dr.                     Spelling Test! The words are listed at the bottom of
                                                              this page!
     Seuss Night; 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
                                                             The students will be taking part in our 2nd Study Island
  Friday, February 28th – Dr. Seuss                           Benchmark Assessment this week! Make sure they are
     Celebration in Kindergarten                              getting plenty of rest and eating a good breakfast each
                                                              morning so that they will be ready to do their best! 
    Monday, March 24th – Friday,
                                                             Go ahead and mark your calendars! We will be taking a
   March 28th – Spring Break, NO
                                                              field trip to the Nashville Zoo on Thursday, April 17th
                SCHOOL!                                       (the day before Good Friday). We would love for you to
                                                              join us! The cost will be $9—be on the lookout for
         Thursday, April 17th –                               permission slips and more info to come home soon!
   Kindergarten Field Trip to the
                    Zoo!                                     Be sure to check the weather before school each day
                                                              and dress your child accordingly, especially knowing how
                                                              crazy this Tennessee weather can be!  If/When we go
                                                              outside for recess this winter, it will be at my discretion.
                                                              If your child does not have a jacket and/or is dressed in
                                                              short-sleeves and sandals, they will not be joining us
                                                              outside. (If we do not go outside, it does not mean the
                                                              children will not get recess. It just means that our
            Birthdays                                         recess time will be spent inside doing either Fun
                                                              Centers, Lego and Puzzle rotations, or watching a
        Lilliauna – February 17th                             movie.)

          Jada – February 20th

Spelling Words: This week’s words are you, this, who, log, sat. Feel free to get a headstart on studying for next week!
Remember that 2 points are awarded for each word: 1 point for spelling it correctly, and the other for proper use of
handwriting lines/punctuation/capitalization skills. 

 Ms. Jen Batte                                 E-mail:
 Watt Hardison Elem.                           Webpage:
 300 Gibson Street
 Portland, TN 37148 (615) 325-3233
      Lunch Menu                                           What We’re Learning
Monday: Hot Dog or Shrimp & Fish Basket;     Reading:         Our Focus Stories this week will help us to answer the
coleslaw, Ranch-style baked beans, oven      question: What do scientists do when they discover something new? Both
fries, sliced peaches, and apple slices      stories fall under the genre of Fantasy. Our first story will be Duck & Goose,
Tuesday: Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce or          written and illustrated by Tad Hills. Duck and Goose have to work at getting
Macaroni & Cheese; green beans, breaded      along - Duck doesn’t much care for Goose at first, and Goose isn’t fond of
okra, pear halves, and orange wedges         Duck. Both, however, want the egg that each claims to be his. As the two
                                             tend to their egg, and make plans for the future, they come to appreciate one
Wednesday: Chicken Fajita w/ Orange
                                             another’s strengths.
Sauce or Beef Dippers; Tuscan-blend
                                                Our second story this week will be Curious George's Dinosaur
vegetables, mashed baby red potatoes,
                                             Discovery by Margret and H.R. Rey. Curious George loves dinosaurs, so he’s
tangerines, and grapes                       excited to visit a dig to look for real dinosaur bones. Will the curious little
Thursday: Chicken Sandwich or Grilled        monkey help make a big discovery?
Cheese Sandwich; veggie tortilla soup,          This is a Review Week--we will be reviewing the following skills: Blending,
tossed salad, sandwich toppings, steamed     Word Building, Segmenting Phonemes, Reading Rate, Synonyms, Sequence of
broccoli & carrots, blueberry & kiwi cup,    Events, Drawing Conclusions, and Visualizing. We will also be reviewing the
and bananas                                  letter Ii and its corresponding long vowel sound.
Friday: Hamburger/Cheeseburger or Pork
BBQ on a Bun; Potato Smiles, carrot sticks   Letter: Ii
w/ Ranch dressing, sandwich toppings,
assorted fruit cup, and pineapple tidbits    High-Frequency Words (Review): of, so, many, where, from, came, but, is, how,
                                             find, this, on, into, that, your, who, here, they, will, be, go, for, soon, up

                                             Oral Vocabulary (Duck & Goose): apologized, attention, confusion, notice,
                                             snooze, and webbed

                                             Selection Vocabulary (Curious George): expected, display, museum, and

                                             Math:        This week in Math we will continue
                                             our work with Topic 10—Addition. We will
      Related Arts                           learn to join to groups together to make one
                                             sumand will really stress vocabulary and
           Schedule                          understanding. Please review the following
                                             vocabulary with your child each evening: add,
                                             addend, sum, join together, and equals. 
              Week B

Monday: Art                                           ATTENTION PARENTS!!!
Tuesday: Music                                         Please make sure that your child keeps up
                                                  with this Library book and takes good care of it
Wednesday: Library                                at home! Also, help to remind your child to pack
                                                  it in their backpack for Library days. If your
Thursday: P.E.
                                                  child does not return their book, they will not be
                                                  allowed to check out a new one. If your child
Friday: Art
                                                  has any outstanding books that have not been
                                                  turned in at the end of the school year, their
                                                  report card will be withheld until the book is
**Please make sure that your                        either turned in or paid for! 
child wears tennis shoes on P.E.

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