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The program is a HCG dietary regimen
 created by Dr. ATW Simeons. The
 program consists of two factors: the
 combination of a specific low calorie diet
 and a certain dose of a hormone that
 occurs naturally in humans.

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The HCG program has 3 phases that can
 be completed in just 30 days. Average
 weight loss show 1 to 2 pounds per day.
Certain restrictions and rules that the
 person should follow for best results.
This diet is not for everyone. There are
 certain contraindications in which a
 person should not take the hormone.
Human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG is
 a hormone composed of 244 amino
 acids. Small traces of the hormone found
 in men and women, but large quantities
 are produced by pregnant women. After
 the embryo has attached to the uterine
 wall, HCG is what feeds the embryo body
 releasing abnormal fat.
Unfortunately or fortunately, depending
 on how you look at it, HCG is the reason
 why poor countries with a population
 hungry still be reproduce. If not for the
 hormone HCG, the embryo will not get
 enough nutrition to grow. This calorie
 nutrition comes from the abnormal fat
 stored in the body.
In clinical studies in the 1950s, Dr. ATW
 Simeons, a British endocrinologist,
 pioneered the theory of using HCG to
 help obese people lose weight and
 abnormal fat. Dr. Simeons found that
 patients lost fat instead of muscle when
 used HCG as an adjunct to a low calorie
Blood tests or urine are conducted to find
 the HCG. Scientists extracted the
 hormone to distribute in various forms of
 administration. This may be by injection,
 tablets, granules, but most popular are
 the drops.
 During exercise or restriction of food
 intake, the body consumes normal fat
 reserves. The body can not access the
 abnormal fat accumulations. The HCG
 hormone releases abnormal fat deposits
 and makes it available for consumption
 by the body. By using stored fat instead
 of normal fat, you will see an increase in
 reducing pounds faster.
Patients in the HCG program can lose an
 average of one pound per day. Because
 the HCG hormone makes the abnormal
 fat available, the body begins to use fat
 as a source of energy, like food. Patients
 need to reduce food to 500 calories per
 day, however, hunger is not noticed
 because 3,500 calories are consumed
 each day by the body. Results: Patients
 lost an average of 30 pounds in 30 days
 while using the hormone HCG.
 The very low calorie diet (VLCD) begins
 the second phase of the HCG. At this
 stage the patient will lose most of its
 weight. The average results for a normal
 patient is 1-2 pounds (half kilo) per day.
The VLCD is limited to only 500 calories,
 a quarter of calories that a normal
 person should eat every day.
If you try to eat only 500 calories a day
 can lose weight, but lose it where you do
 not want. You will lose structural fat and
 muscle mass. In addition, you will be
 tired and hungry. How long do you think
 that will last?
 The maintenance phase is the 3 week
 period after you finish your drops. Dr.
 Simeons describes some rules here:
• must weigh yourself every day
 • must remain within 2 pounds of weight
 that the last day of taking the drops
 • you can not eat sugars and starches
 (which are carbohydrates minus fiber)
It is very important to eat lots of protein
 during this period, around 400 grams per
 day of actual meat. If you go over 2
 pounds, you should immediately make a
 day of steak (this is explained in the
 protocol). We want to make clear that
 this 3 week period is crucial for the
 success of the diet. The process is
 explained in Pounds and Inches.
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