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					     A Brief History of
Western Michigan University
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        How about a little info…
•   Now celebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding, Western
    Michigan University is a vibrant, nationally recognized student-
    centered research institution with an enrollment of nearly
    30,000. WMU is focused on delivering high-quality
    undergraduate instruction, advancing its growing graduate
    division and fostering significant research activities.
•   WMU is one of only 102 public universities placed in the highest
    category of doctoral-research universities by the Carnegie
    Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching --
    "Doctoral/Research Universities-Extensive." WMU also has
    been named one of the nation's top 100 public universities in
    U.S. News & World Report's annual ranking of American
    colleges and universities.
   WMU History as they celebrate their
 Following the successful effort to have Michigan's fourth and final normal school
 located in their city, hundreds of Kalamazoo residents sign a petition calling for a
special election to help fund it. The drive pays off on Oct. 19 when, by nearly an 8-1
  margin, voters authorize the city to borrow $70,000 to build and operate the new
             Western State Normal School is dedicated on May 27, 1903.
 As additional facilities are built on and near Prospect Hill, East Campus takes on the
 look of a bustling small town. Notable dedications in 1925 include the Library, now
named North Hall, and the Men's Gymnasium. The gymnasium was later renamed the
Oakland Gym and in 2001 demolished, except for the Oakland Drive facade, to make
             way for the Seelye Athletic Center now under construction.
    WMU History as they celebrate their
 With the advent of World War II, life at WMU dramatically changes. Most on-campus
 housing is soon reserved for the 900 men stationed at the school during the war as part
of the V-5 program (for naval cadets receiving ground and flight instruction) and the V-
 12 program (for Navy men and Marines preparing to become officers). The last naval
 contingents leave in October 1945, but were quickly followed by veterans returning to
                     complete their interrupted college educations.
   Western State Teacher College changes it's name to Western Michigan College of
    Figures show enrollment has more than doubled during President Miller's tenure,
jumping from 9,000 to 22,000 students. The increase signals a new period of growth for
    WMU, but one it's prepared for given the introduction of scores of new academic
   programs and the completion of 37 construction projects during "the Miller years."
   How about a little sports history?
                             Athletic Logos 1940 - 2000
The current logo has several variations, but the key features are a stylized horse with
text set in a complimentary typeface. Adopted in 1998, it was part of a new athletics
   image program designed to better communicate the speed, aggressiveness and
determination of the Broncos. Some versions of the logo, which was developed by a
New York sports marketing firm, depict a horse's head while others show a full horse.
                    There also are versions with and without text.

  The logo now being used replaced a more traditional looking mark that featured a
block "W" behind a horse rearing up on its hind legs. That logo was extensively used
 during much of the 1980s and 1990s, with the original version featuring a bucking
   rather than rearing horse. But it was in 1940 that WMU adopted its first official
 Bronco emblem—a sketch from a photograph of the Wyoming license plate bronco
How about a little sports history?

  LOGO cir. 1940        LOGO cir. 1982 -

 LOGO cir. 1988 -       LOGO cir. 1998 -
     1998                  Present
        Time for a little tradition
                     Traditions : Songs
Early in WMU's history, numerous songs were written and
 sung in honor of the institution. Many of these needed to
be updated as the years progressed and WMU changed its
             name or broadened its mission.

 The current "Alma Mater" and "WMU Fight Song" are the
result of a 1959 contest to replace existing songs. Open to
the University community, the two-stage contest solicited
 first lyrics and then music. Alumnus James H. Bull won in
 the lyrics category for the "Alma Mater." Alumnus Walter
Gilbert took the remaining honors for fight song lyrics and
       music for both the fight song and "Alma Mater."
Time for a little tradition
                   Alma Mater
     Western we sing to you, Brown and Gold,
      Western we bring to you, faith untold.
           You challenge and inspire;
             your hope is our desire.
         We sing to you our Alma Mater,
                Brown and Gold.
                 WMU Fight Song
           Fight on, fight on for Western;
    Take the ball, make a score, win the game.
          Onward for the Brown and Gold;
   Push 'em back, push 'em back, bring us fame.

          Fight on, fight on for Western;
         Over one, over all, we will reign.
               Fight, Broncos fight!
             Fight with all your might.
             Western win this game!
Traditions: School Nicknames
          Hilltoppers ORIGINAL NICKNAME
 WMU's athletic teams initially went by the nickname
    "Hilltoppers," reflecting the institution's original
    Prospect Hill campus. The moniker often led to
     confusion with other schools that had a similar
 nickname and became outdated when the University
 expanded beyond its hilltop confines. The nickname
"Hilltoppers" was resurrected in 2001 to identify a new
    volunteer group that is clearing and cleaning up
                      Prospect Hill.
 Traditions: School Nicknames

                       Broncos 1939
  The name "Broncos" was the winning entry in a 1939
   contest to select a new nickname for WMU. It was
   submitted by John W. Gill, an outstanding student-
athlete who went on to become a successful WMU coach
 and administrator. He earned a $10 check for his efforts
    and promptly turned it over to the Waldo Stadium
                       building fund

Do you think your WMU knowledge is up for a little quiz????
  WMU Trivia!!!
Western Michigan University recently made
  a list of the top _____ national public
  universities, according to U.S. News &
  World Report.

A) 10
B) 50                            A          B

C) 100
D) 500
                                 C          D
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 WMU also has been named one of the
nation's top 100 public universities in U.S.
News & World Report's annual ranking of
   American colleges and universities.
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